Updates from The Uganda Skateboard Union in Kitintale, Uganda.


The Africa Skateboarding Magazine, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania! The three Countries are the representative of the East African Countries in that Magazine and so far, Uganda has the best Skateboarders since they started the game in 2005! Right know, they have young Skateboarders (Up coming Skateboarders) the first young Skateboarder is Bashiri who is on the first page of The Uganda Skateboard Union, Duckx the brother of Douglas, Cedric, Morris are some of the young Skateboarders in the Union.

Jack is so proud of the Skateboarding! The game now is going on growing slowly by slowly like his dream use to be at the begging. He could not believe that even the Skateboard Magazine contest can happen in East Africa! Yeah, we love also other Countries to come and participate in this contest.

Enjoyment and life of Skateboarding in the Capital City of Uganda! Kampala is so great on the weekends when no traffics. Security Officers in City also love the game and some time, we train with them on the streets! We Skate while also our selves getting coverage of street movies!

Problem of the Union is the Skateboards, Protective gears, bearing, wheels and others. More tricks and skills, Skateboards get broken! So Skateboards is the major point to the Union.

Replacement of Skateboard! Jack always trains how to assembling of new Skateboard to the guys and Kids. To replace a Skateboard, you first bring the broken one or the one with the Crack and get another one to save life of the Skateboarders.African Morning

People in Europe,Asia and so other Continents in the whole world, they know Africa as a Dark Continent! But we are not!!!!! Check out what you are not expected in the Dark Continent at the side of East Africa!Bashiri 7Bashiri is Back! A young Skateboarder, who is on the first page of the Union blog on the quoter pipe dropping, He is training for that Contest of Africa Skateboarding Magazine Bashiri 9Bashiri is well determined on what is doing and the same time to compete with any one who is ready to challenge him.Duckx 4Anther super tough is Duckx! These are the young ones which the Union has been training since and every days!Duckx 7Duckx is the challenger of the young ones, in fact, he likes even to challenge the brother  Douglas!  Douglas and Brother DuckxThe two brothers who are the Monsters in Skateboarding! the reason is because, they train a lot!!!Duckx's JDuckx enjoy the life style on Streets of Kampala and other Skateboarders!Duckx and SedricCediric  is anther virus up coming Skateboarder! he is also well determined guy who love the game! he is a closed friend of Duckx.Sedric 4Another Young virus is Morise! he very nice and he likes that contest which is soon to happen!Morise 4In more three years coming, Morise and fellow young Skateboarders, they will be more super tough in these game!Morise 3Morise likes the pipes and also to jump the pot holes in the streets of Kampala!Morise,Duckx,Sedric and JeffMorise,Douckx,Cedric and Jeff busy replacing the broken Skateboard at the Skate park!Amusa's D.C ShoesThe Skateboard Shoes of D.C Company, one of the young Skateboarder in the Union used it when it was new up to that level! Even Skateboards, are getting broken as these guys make tricks at the Skate Park!Jack and the Kids 1Jack,Cedric,Duckx,Morse and other kids at the Skateboard Park, trying to fix and replacing back the broken Skateboards.Gilbert and FaruqGilbert and Faruq, Wondering how these Contest of Africa Skateboarding Magazine is going to be happen! They are totally ready to challenge those Counties in Skateboarding!!Gilbert 5Grinding on the pipe, Gilbert is more perfect and skilled in it.Gilbetr 3Kymuhendo Peter! These are the big Super Tough of the Union in fact, the one holding the Union!Kyomuhendo PeterPeter always enjoy the Street and the Skate Park!Peter 4Peter, he waiting for Communication that Uganda is going to face anther Country! He is ready to Challenge any one in that game!Peter 6The Union’s Producer John Lay!! Our producer, Skateboarder. These guy help us a lot! he always Skate both on the Park and Street!The Producer John LayThe Camera man John-Lay when is on the Streets busy getting coverage of the Skateboarders in Uganda. The Crew of SkateboardersGuys site and plan for place to go and get nice Coverage in the Capital City of Uganda-Kampala.John Lay 4Not only getting Coverage, he is Skateboarder! he do both like you can see him! He is a Ugandan!!Jeff 3Jeff! He is also anther supper tough in the Union! he is wonderful on the Park.Jeff 1Douglas trains and very,very ready for that tournament of Africa Skateboard Magazine! He trains the Upcoming young Skateboarders to have a nice tricks like him self.Douglas 5All these tricks you see, you will meet them in that Magazine tournament which they are expecting very soon.Douglas'Filp 2Flips on the streets of Kampala every Sunday. we enjoy the city of Uganda.Jumps of DouglasCheck it out how Ugandan Skateboarders enjoy Skateboards in the Capital City of Uganda.The security guards in Uganda, love the game so much and some time we skate with them at the place where they guard from! The city has freedom to Skateboarders.Group of SkateboardersEvery body on street admire us how we are doing it on the streets!Life 2 on Streets of SkateboardersLife on Street Skateboarding is Waahow!! Easy and cool! Skateboarding is not A crime!!! Enjoy your life on the board!Morise and John LayNext virus is David Katerega! He is super skilled in 360’s in the air! Check him out and he is well confident that Uganda is willing to be on top of these tournament of Africa Skateboarding Magazine.David 3These picture is not a camera tricks! its a real shoot and i pray not to miss to come and watch the super co-founder Skateboarders of the Uganda Skateboard Union.David 5David is anther monster in Uganda! he so good in Air. so do not miss to see these guys live.David 6What a nice dropping! David has a tough confidence in these sport.David 4Gerald Nsubuga, is back to skate again! remember he was very sick and admitted to the hospital! Brain-lye help so much for Gerald and we thank him for what he did to our fellow Skateboarder Gerald!Gerlad in HospitalGerald was in the hospital! Gerald is back in Skateboarding! We appreciate a lot Brian-Lye to help us and support our friend Gerald!   Gerlad 2Gerald now, His is back in the system of the game! he is also ready for the contest of Africa Skateboarding Magazine.Gerlad and DavidHe makes him self busy recovering what he was missing during when admitted to the hospital.GerladYoung ones are also very serious after they had the big ones are soon to have a tournament, they decided to train had so that even them, they may have that chance to be in that tournament. Isma, Mbiru Jounior and JeffThese kids, they are also very soon to become nice and good.SilagyNice Boy Nico! The Super Disease of the Virus! is the next one!Nico 10 Nico is very strong and perfect in the training.Nico 9He is very ready for any tournament which can happen with Ugandan!Nico 8Nik’s Mom Jean,Jack’s daughter Jackie and Helen Jack’s girl friend at new red chill comping hide out in K Kampala!Nik's Mom,Jackie and Hellen 2Skateboard is the major problem here in Uganda we are facing! Yeah, we have tried since we started the sport and we have been getting them through donation and please, if you can help to donate to the Uganda Skateboard Union, we appreciate and we welcomes them please! Skateboards,Guards, helmets,Bearings are the problem which the Union is facing right now!Peter,Gerlad and IsaPeter,Gerald,Isa trying to fix back and replacing the broken Skateboard.Repairing Boards 1The young Skateboarders, trying to fix back the bearing to their Skateboards and enjoy the life!Bell and Group 1Jack always trains with guys during their tough training at the Skate Park every evening after working ours finished.Jack and Skateboarders like GilbertJack also help them to teach them how to make a Skateboard! even to put a grip on the a board!Jeff,Duckx,Morise and Jack


Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, These Countries have managed to introduce the game of Skateboarding. The East Africa Skateboard project is going forward through Skate-Aid which is sponsoring it. Uganda Skateboard Union was the first to introduce this game in Uganda. It’s been transfer to Tanzania and now is in Kenya Nairobi. They opened it on 20th/10/2013.  The City of Nairobi in place called SHANGILIA School of the orphans. Its Located next to MEXICAN-Embassy and back Side of Nairobi School.

Jackson Mubiru, President of the East Africa Skateboarding in these three Countries, was invited to represent Uganda on that date of ground opening of Nairobi Skate Park. People in Kenya where so proud to have that Chance to have a First Skate-Park in their Country. So far it’s the Biggest in E.Africa!

Next years programs are to start Competing with in East African Countries! Skate-Aid played a big roll to help Kids in East Africa through Constructing Skate Parks and makes kids Combat the development of Negative habits among Uganda, Tanzania and Kenyan youth. And also to a new window for fun, Positive and healthy activity to idol E.African youth.

Ugandan Skateboarders are now on the Posters and Bill-Boards on the Streets of Kampala, Small towns in Uganda. Brian-Lye is Busy with Ugandan Movie of Skateboarding Documentary!

Skateboarders in Uganda, they are so proud to have anther Skate Park in Kenya.   Image

Mwesigwa Douglus,Gilbert,Isa and Ken-man are on the Streets and the City of Kampala and small towns in Uganda!Image

Brian Lye and Jackson Mubiru very proud of the Ugandan Skateboard documentary Movie!Image

Uganda Skateboarders welcomes Kenyans in the System of Skateboarding! Ready to compete with them!Image

The Uganda Skateboard Union is so proud that now the game is going on growing and right now Kenya is in the system!Image

Gerald,Morse,Douglas,Peter and Musa! These guys are so proud to have brotherhood of Skateboarding in Kenya! They need the Kenyan attention in the game and also to have a team spirit with friends!Image

Africans wake up!! Its time now to get up from the bed! Remember these Skateboarding started in Uganda at first in East Africa, It went to Tanzania and its now in Kenya so what about your Country?Image

Skate-Aid Organization, Have played a big roll to introduce and construct the Skate park in the Countries of East-Africa. The project helps the children of Africa to Combat them from bad behaviors and also to make them physically in Health! The Uganda Skateboard Union appreciate for that!


THE SKATEBOARDING SOCIETY OF KENYA (S.S.K) Have entered the system of Skateboarding and Skate-Aid helped a lot in the Construction of the Skate Park in Nairobi Kenya! They have Joined Uganda and Tanzania!Image

The City of Nairobi where the Skate park was built!


Castral,Daniel,Jack With the Skateboarders at his arrival in Nairobi- Kenya! Image

Daniel, Jack and Engine in the Studio Plus Skate-Aid office in Nairobi! Skate-Aid Sponsor Jack to go to the ground opening of the Skate Park in Kenya!


Skate Aid did a great work in Kenya! The park has all the Skating Staff!Image

Basket ball court is also on the Park and other items as you can see!Image

Jack, Titus, and Daniel at the greatest Skate park in Nairobi-Kenya!Image

Kids in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are so happy to have these kind of Skate park in East-Africa!Image

Ground Opening at Shangilia School of Orphan were the Skate-Park was built!Image

The Kenyan Skateboard Park is located at the Embassy of Mexico, Germany-Radio and T.V plus the Nigeria High Commissioner’s Residence. So Do not get lost in Kenya looking for the Skate Park!Image

Entertainment by the Shangilia School was Fun and enjoying to watch the young kids!Image

Daniel, Kenneth, Jack and Engine getting lunch in the City.Image

Jack is looking forward where the game is going! he thought that it will end in Uganda but its now in Kenya!Image

People where so many and happy to have that chance to get a Skate Park in Kenya.Image

Titus, Ali, Leo and other Skateboarders of Kenya at the Party!Image

Young Kids at the park were surprise to have a nice park in Kenya!Image

Ali was happy! And he was one of the people who helped the Skate park to Happen!Image

Leo Kilel is one of the best Kenyan Skateboarders! he was dropping into the pull-Bowel!Image

A lot of the People who had about the Sport, brought kids to Skateboard at the new First Skate park in Kenya.Image

Kenyan’s are also good and once they are used with their park, they will be like those ones in Uganda!Image

These guys are so busy now days because they had about tournaments which may likely to happen next year!Image

Shangilia Students were entertaining people on that day!Image

Some of the Skateboarders in Nairobi listening to the speech to the head of Shangilia School of Orphan!Image

Up coming young Skateboarder in Kenya! He love the game and feel so nice when his Skating!Image

Parents brought their kids to join the Sport!


Nairobi City is great! the streets are so nice and fantastic compared to Kampala City!Image

So far now, Kenya is the only Country in East Africa with the biggest Skate Park!Image

Daniel, Jack, Titus and Engine! Discussing about the game in East African Countries and the vision of the game in Africa!Image

Douglas, Brian, Peace and young Jackie! Brian is now back to Canada!Image

Gilbert says bye bye to Brian!





We are about to go into production on the first feature documentary film about skateboarding in Uganda, and it will be made together with the skaters.  We are very close but need your support in collecting the remaining funds to make the movie happen, please visit our campaign for all the information :


Please donate whatever you can, any amount is a big help in reaching the goal!




Uganda is back know on what we call Skateboarding. After Skate-Aid sponsored them and renovate the Skate Park, it looks good and super to skate on it. Ugandan Skateboarders are back in the systems of making a lot of tricks and hope soon to start organizing International Competition between East-African Countries.

Kids are so proud of the Park, They training every evening after School plus Saturday and Sundays around 4:00 PM evening hours at Ugandan time. Determination on these game is needed in order to learn more tricks from anther Skateboarders, the same time to share ideas and so on. Skate-Aid in Africa, has managed a lot to help East African Countries through Constructing Skate Parks in deep villages were by kids of East Africa can be helped,Stopping bad behaviors, being idol and so on. The out come is to introduce Skateboarding. Check out what is in Uganda Know!!!Image

Every kid need to be a Skateboarder! But it depends on the Guardian responsible for the kid to enter the Club.Image  

Not only those kids a round the Community of Kitintale Skate-Park! We have kids who comes from very far like Jinja Town,Entebbe Air-port Community,Mukono Town and so on.Image

 Douglas ever is in air as usual, He is the first priority in Uganda’s best Skateboarders!Image  

He is a super monster!  When he is on training, he is so good as you can see him!Image

He normally makes double flip on the pipe and make it perfect!!!!!Image

Remember Skate-Aid Sponsored Douglas and went up to Germany because of his Talent!!Image

Motion of hand plant, Made by Douglas during his free training time in the evening hours.Image

These guy has a lot of Sweet photographs! But Photographer do not come for him. we Hate Camera men and we need Skateboarders!!Image

Gilbert and Douglas on top of the Kitintale Skateboard Park standing during training.Image

We need know serious Tournaments! Douglas said so!!!!Image

Very nice to see even other Skateboarders like Gilbert! He is also becoming anther wolf in the club of Skateboarding!!!


Grinding on the pipe, Gilbert is now a simple wolf! Image

More training, more experiences! these guys they share ideas during exercise of the board.Image

Gilbert is perfect on the pipe grinding until  it ends! Image

Norse Brant and so on with these guy is cool for him.Image

Next is David Katerenga. He is also nice and he is good to make 360s in air. Image

Air twist, David is super! I understand Uganda also coming to be having super star in young generation of Skateboarding.Image

Deadly grinding on the pipe!! David is a crazy guy!! He very determine on the board.Image

These guys watch Skateboard movies and they train the tricks.Image

Peter!! He is the next chapter! He is nice too!!Image

He like both Street Skating and ramp! Weekends, we normally enjoy the City’s pavements and pot holes of Kampala jumping them double flips.Image

He is anther guy who likes to grind every where on the park and also jumping higher!!Image 

Jumping the humps on the Park and on streets is easily as you can see him!!Image

 We are very soon to organize a tournament and see who is the best of them.Image

  Kyomuhendo Peter is faster in his tricks and jumps! He is nice too!!Image

Fun with the Skateboarders during Jack’s daughter birthday party!Image          

John,Gilbert,Cedric,Douglas,Ken-man and anthers at jack’s place after Skating, they enjoyed the birth-day party fun!!!!! Image

The Skate- Park is cool and fine! Good idea to visit these guys!Image 


Skate aid, this project has Dane the most important things in East-African Countries! Where by, they have managed to help these Countries through Constructing Skate parks in slams where most of the people stays with their families and kids benefits out of these parks by leaning how to Skate and also not to be idol and disorderly in most of the City. For example here in Kampala, That is what we are fighting for to stop bad Conduct of behavior.

People in Germany,Canada,Switzerland,U.S.A and other Countries helped but Skate aid project which is based in Germany, helped a lot to renovate the Skate park of The Uganda Skateboard Union to come back in the system. People in Uganda, Appreciated a lot to the People in Germany and also the Committee members Governing Skate Aid Project.

Kids in Uganda, they are very very proud of their Skate park to be renovated and the sometime to Skate again! Enjoy the pictures how the old Skate Park was Started to renovate by the help of Skate Aid Project and up to now is looking like!DSCF9528      This is how the Skate Park was looking like before Skate aid started in to help the Union!DSCF0035Demarcations of the Surface areas Starts for a New Smoothing of the Skate Park.DSCF0032 Tough work was at the park during renovation of the Skate Park.DSCF0005These type of smoothing, has so many precocious to fallow up. Because is the best one of all.DSCF0057    The Name of the Skate Park where designed by those Engineers as you can see those words.DSCF0230The Systems of Smoothing starts by mixing Cement and Stones all together.DSCF0170The builders started to Construct and so many things were changed on these park.DSCF0079Humps and Curves were designed by different colors on these Park.DSCF0177Words of The Uganda Skateboard Union, were also designed and looks good.DSCF0218After that process, anther step 3 came in when the park looks like these.DSCF1188Smoothing these Park using Electricity Machines to Grinding the all part of the Skate park Starts.DSCF1164The Carves were not easy to be worked on! Because it was sliding and also needed a radar to smooth them. Like the ways how you can see them fighting.DSCF1211Every where dust was covered and neighbors were not feeling good.  Yet they need what those people they are doing to Complete the Skate Park for Kids.DSCF1282All the Carves plus the hump, and the Pipe. where smoothed good.DSCF1160Jack was over seeing how the work is going on at the Skate Park until they finish it.DSCF1313         Funny guys with their Machines busy working, hiding their faces as if they are in Jungle fighting rebels!DSCF1301After these Part of smoothing, the all place looked so good and perfect as you can see it.DSCF1202The sides of the pipe all so looked fantastic!DSCF1196Then the next step was to was all the dust on the park. here was not yet washed!DSCF1256When these park was washed clearly , the next process was is to Vanish it with the Polish of different types. To make it shining and easily to wash it during Cleaning it. So, right now, the Kitintale Skate Park, look like these by the help of Skate Aid to Renovate it!DSCF1432The down floor looks nice and good like these!DSCF1456Carves and Humps are so nice! You understand what am saying!DSCF1453The Uganda Skateboard Union, Would like to thank all those people who managed to work with Skate Aid project to fund rise the money which brought back the Union on line. We thank also Germany people for being helped us! Keep that good heart Please!!!DSCF1462We need skateboarders!!  We are not interested in photographers,Video makers and so on!! DSCF1477Kids are so proud of their park!!DSCF1472

The Skate Park Is Out Of Use!! Can You Help?????

Since the Uganda Skateboard Union started, The Skate Park floor was very rough texture on the ground floor when boards,wheels friction and also at the side parts of the park was in bad conditions where by Skateboards hit sides of the walls.

So we started renovating the Skate Park and right now its out of Use until get finished. We are looking for donors for help to finish the renovation at Kitintale Skate Park. So far we hard already started but the money is not enough to finish. And right now, we are looking for more help to continue from were we stopped. We welcome anything small you can donate!!!!

Kids were getting better in their talents like the way you can see them on the Park. And right now,They are training on streets of Kampala City. On weekends only. Enjoy some snaps of the kids in the Union.The renovation started already! We removed all the first layer so that we replace a new surface. Extension of the carves plus the surface layer to make it smooth for the boards speed.Kids are so happy for these high for the airs and grinding on the pipes.  The renovation automatically has changed the size high of the Park.  The park will be enjoyable after completing it. Kids will enjoy it well.We are now on these stage! Were the money stopped.So we need to start from here!! When we get help from well-wishers.Kids now, they trains in Kampala City during weekends on the sides of Upper Nakasere road and even at parliament Avenue streets in Uganda. Kyomuhendo Peter on Streets of Kampala near Crested Tower in Uganda.(Nice Boy)!  Nicolas Mugenyi  in action. Trying to jump the channel trench of water along industrial area in Kampala.Peter is so good on street. Because he is a rough- rider on Skateboards tricks.Remember-less of some tricks to be train on the new fashion of the Skate Park.David is ready for new design Skate Park  after renovation it.Douglas is ready too! Airs and 360’s are soon to be made. He he is fantastic in air.Gerald is also great! he training hard to be like a brother David Katerega. Mwebe- Gilbert is thinking how is goner dropping in at the new Shape of the Park. Mubiru Junior is also proud to see changes since he started Skateboarding.

Mubiru, Trever and Derrick  are the upcoming Ugandan Skateboarders in few years coming.Repair your Skateboard before entering the battle of the new shape!Charity begins at home! Young kids love to stand on boards. but age limit is accepted here!Service of the board is needed! Never skate before you check up your Skateboard. Get serious!!NDONGOLE. Chicken To Night at any time! Dreaming when repairing a board!! Skateboarding is a new sens Talent in Uganda!       Pipe is cool while grinding on it. Gerald is practicing it to be perfect.

The PayPal account, to help The Uganda Skateboard Union, please use Ugandaskateboarduniondonate@gmail.com


The Uganda skateboard Union and Skate Aid in Uganda!

Skate Aid had the contests in Uganda with the Union Skateboarders

and kids where so happy in that tournament because they won gifts and

prizes among them selves through competing them selves and also three

people from Germany like Torben, Titus and Denali who organized the Skate Aid

Tournament in Uganda! New Skateboard decks, Complete Skateboards, Helmets, T-Shirts

and so on plus a Trip to go to Tanzania among the best. Through all this Skate Aid! Titus and Torben

were the Judges on these Competition and the sometime to be a witness of the people in

Germany and anther countries how the Union Skateboarders are good!

People were many and also parents of the kids were so happy as you can see the pictures! Please!

Enjoy them too!!!The Uganda Skateboard Union and Skate Aid, they did much in East Africa to introduce Skateboarding game with in these Countries!!The Union has simple kids whom you can see and they are happy with the Skate Aid because of managing to have similar different skate parks in E.Africa and these brought Competition in Africa!!People in Uganda, they have started to know the Union once we have two Competition each yeah and also parents, are so proud of their kids and they attended the tournaments as you can see them at the skate Park in Kitintale!Titus and Torben plus Daniele, they were the judges from Germany on that day and to witness how good is the Union’s kids they performed!!Faruq won the the tournament and his soon to go to Tanzania for a trip and train kids in That Country!People in Kitintale Community, they didn’t respected such a talent to the kids what they have right now!Gilbert was number third and is Chicken to Night right now!The Union had break dancers and the same time are the Skateboarders! Skate aid Gifts were given by the Kids,Titus and Torben in that tournament were the Judge and the same time to give them what they won!Bashiri also won  in his Categorizes who was second in that tournament. Hand plant were made and so on! people enjoyed and many wants to know when to Compete again!So many people were their to witness and every one were so surprised to see a game which was on X-game Television!!! Tricks  are so many and kids are training so hard so that are nominated to go and improve on his Skills!Muiru Junior was in third position in that Contests and promised to be the best in the coming tournament! Gilbert was in the third position and his the best of the best in the pipes trikesDavid Katerega, his fantastic in hand plants, Airs and so on!Traver And Mubiru Junior, these guys are stable and firm in these game!!! Morse was the second in that tournament and they are the best in young kids!!!Traver,Mubiru and Amusa during their training time, they help each anther!!! Except Jack  in Blue,Torben in White and Titus in Black T-shirts, the rest were the winners of the Contests!!!People in Uganda, Have started to get interest in these game with the Uganda Skateboard Union but the Skate Park is still Small to the Youth and Spectators of the Skateboarders in Uganda.  We need more Supporters to Expand the Skate Park through the well-wishers.Duck x was the first in the Medium cartilages and very determined on his tricks!      Titua , Jack and Torben at Jack’ place near the Skate Park!Dangerous David in the motion during the hard training be for they Compete!Each corner of Kitintale Skate park was full of the Spectators who are interested in Skateboarding game!!Douglas Training during the Contests of Skate Aid Tournament!Mubiru Junior during the Contests and he was performing and he was in third Position!!           Jack,Titus and Torben with the best Cartilage groups which Won the rest of the Best in 2012 the beginning of the year!!!                                         The Uganda Skateboard Union and Skate Aid in Africa!!! Each Conner was so full of people to see how the Kids are Performing in that Contests!!Many different tricks and Skills of the Kids were shown on that day and on-the same time!!! The Uganda Skateboard Union and Skate Aid in Africa,They are fighting much to Expand the Kitintale Skate park and also to set  up a Office and the Store to keep Skateboard Equipments!!!


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