The Union Achievements, The Project Made During COVID 19 Pandemic

The Union together with the african-germany/ICS managed to come up with the Startup-lifting Centre at kitintale Community. Youth in these areas within the communities, to start up their Owen businesses through their talents. For examples; Tailoring lessons, Computer skills lessons, Graffiti Classes, Culture Traditional dance, Bamboo-Sculptures, beads work and finally Skateboarding at our head-quoters(

On 14 July 2021, CNN was interested & visited the Uganda Skateboard Union head office in Kampala at Kitintale Community. To witness about the Union project activates, which is curried out within the community of Kitintale in Kampala Uganda. Jackson Mubiru, one of the three Co-founders/ directors, explained a lot of experiences and challenges Jackson faced during 2005 and up to date.

USU x Embassy of France in Uganda. (The Uganda Skateboard Union is in partnership with the embassy of France in Uganda) Why the embassy was interested to support the USU in these situations, experience union is having since 2005 working had to promote Skateboarding in Uganda and the same time in East Africa. Union also got chance, whereby the next Olympics is happening in France Paris. The Union is now working had to promote skateboarding country-wide in Uganda together with Skate aid Uganda, by supportive from embassy of France in Uganda. (2024-Olympics in France-Paris) The embassy of France in Uganda, invited all their partners to attend the (Uganda-France Connect Party) on 09th/12/2021 at the French Residence Nakasero. The government of France in Uganda, supported & gave a chance to educate/Training directors & Secretaries about project managements within different projects which are working with France embassy in Uganda. Jackson Mubiru & Cynthia Kemigisha from Uganda Skateboard Union attended that course of training at Alliance France offices in Kampala Uganda.

Since all the outbreak pandemic disease of COVID 19. The Union managed at least to keep kids & youth in our communities, by introducing to them things which can divert them away from bad criminal activities. We educate them in different kind of exercise and we gather them together for lesions of classes. Right now, we are looking forward for help of well-wishers, we need to have a library for those kids to have enough room for reading their books, and the same time, a volunteer’s room for staying in during the activities he/she will be doing at the union project.

On 26th /11/2021. The House of Talent Television, Mr. Okila Eddie hosted Mr. Jackson Mubiru, who is one of the Co-Founders of the Uganda Skateboard Union. THE CEO BENCH program concerning with Leadership/Change Management & Transformation in the societies. Jackson inside the studios of this Tv Shows, was trying to let the world to know where the histories of Skateboarding started in California 1960s, And Uganda got Skateboarding birthday in 2005. The Challenges Jackson have been facing since all along with skateboarding scene since 2005 and where we are right now, skateboarding is now in Olympics! 2024 in France-Paris.  

On 01st/12/2021. World Aids Day in Uganda. The Uganda Skateboard Union, hosted the event of Celebrating the world Aids Day at Kitintale Skate Park.  A lot of companies & sponsors, supported these events to take place at the Union home ground at Kitintale Skate Park, a lot of activates took place at that moment & a lot of invited guests from health Centre projects in Uganda were invited on this occasion. Traditional cultural dance, Skateboarding, Breck dancing, Graffiti painting Etc. activities took place on that day of World Aids Day at Kitintale Skate Park(

A lot of visitors always come for the visit to see amazing skateboarding project in Uganda, and where the histories of skateboarding started in East Africa, at the Continent of Africa. Always our visitors come with donations to empower this NGO project. These depends on donations and well-wisher’s world-wild at large.

In this situation of COVID 19 since it started, Uganda Skateboard Union managed to achieve our missions as we listed them out before the epidemic disease happened. The Union managed to have a uplifting startup center together with International Collaboration Society (ICS) / africa-germany project in Uganda, the Union also managed to build a skull bowl together with Skate-Aid Uganda management, And the same time, the Union made it happen for the massive work is doing in the Communities of Kitintale in the Capital City Kampala to become in partnership with the Embassy of France in Uganda. And we are expecting more and more achievements in these coming years 2022 to 2024 in France-Paris. The management of the Uganda Skateboard Union, would like to thank and appreciates a lot to all people worldwide, who managed to support this project, and we are still looking forward for more support to Uganda Skateboard Union. Thank you so much! Management!!  


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