11 thoughts on “CBC Radio Interview

  1. Hi !
    First, congratulations for your involvement.
    I’m a professional photographer, based in europe, and I would like to make a subject about you.
    Please send me an email, so we can discuss.
    All the best,

  2. Please give me an address so I can make donations to your program. What you are doing is wonderful! A very good thing. Thanks.

  3. Hi there

    First, what a great idea and great to see such a positive vibe.
    I am a filmmaker, based in Europe and I would love to make a subject about you.

    Please send me an email so we can talk.


  4. Hi,i have been trying to contact this scate boarding association of Uganda for long now but nobody seems to have their contacts.I work in the median and would like to do a story on them.
    Please contact me on the above email
    Joan L.

  5. Long story short i have been recently been making a street plaza in somaliland, to be more specific in burao.
    It consists of a small manny/ ledge and two banks
    if I could get on the foundation to help bring skating to somaliland then I would extremely grateful
    There is a bunch of land to build on next to it but the plaza that is already there came out of my pocket so i’m pretty much broke for know.
    yous sincerely Guled

  6. Great in nature and even better in your legs. Pretty much the only Skatepark in Uganda and definitely the number 1 destination for recreational use of body and mind in Xtreme Sport. ^^

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