The Uganda Skateboard Union is a group of young ones inspiring skateboarders from Uganda.
For any inquiries you can reach Mr. Jackson Mubiru (USU co-founder) on
+256 752 397 100 Email; skateboarduganda@yahoo.com, website; http://www.ugandaskateboardunion.org P.O.Box 806 Kampala Uganda, East Africa.

We are located at Old Port-Bell Road After Bugolobi Town, Kitintale Stage Zone 12.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi I was was reading a post and I would like to find out on how the skate park has contributed to the young people and the community, we are pushing the agenda of having skate parks in our community. Am wright a collective report this to the government. Vuyo from street culture zambia

    • 1. Skateboarding brings a new sense of joy, excitement, physical challenge, and mental release to those who practice it
      2. Skateboarding keeps the youth busy in their free time and combats the development of negative habits
      3. Skateboarding brings a new form of entertainment to the community, all community members are free to come and watch the sport
      4. Skateboarding brings a new development to Uganda, this project is the very first skateboarding project in the country.
      5. Skateboarding is an internationally practiced sport and now Uganda will have the potential to raise future skateboarding stars that can participate in international competitions
      6. The international skateboarding community is becoming aware of skateboarding in Uganda, this will bring attention to our skaters and the country as a whole
      7. Skateboarding will be of benefit to the nation as it is creating happier children

  2. Hello, I’m a student and i am currently doing a project on a charity and it requires some information that you guys don’t provide on the website. The question Is how much money do you take in on average and how much do you spend on average.

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