The Union Skateboarders are in SKATE the World magazine

The Uganda Skateboard Union Wishes all the people all over the World, who managed to help with effort of support to the mission of the Union, to enjoy X-mas and Happy New Year’s eve! All the Union Skateboarders send greetings to those who supported them since and up to date!
The Uganda Skateboard Union Image, Its inside SKATE the WORLD Skateboard Magazine, Award-winning photographer (Jonathan Mehring), Fore worded by TONY HAWK. Jonathan who spends his career traveling the globe even Uganda Skateboard Union captured in the World-Famous Skateboarders such as Tony Hawk, Mark Gonzales, Nyjar Hoston, Eric Koston and many other Pro-Skateboarders! Douglas Mwesigwa, Peter Kyomuhendo and Nicolas Mugenyi represents East African Skateboarders inside SKATE the WORLD in action packed dynamic collection images which have been published in Top Skateboarding Magazines, and ESPN named him one of the sport’s ten most influential people! Now in his first book, Mehring invited along his exhilarating photo adventures across six continents including Africa like Uganda (The Uganda Skateboard Union), Ethiopia, Morocco and South Africa. Please, Look for SKATE the World with action packed Photographic adventure of hit the streets with 200 exhilarating photographs of the world’s greatest winning photographer Jonathan Mehring took us from New York to Hong Kong to Istanbul to Africa and beyond he set out a capture the heart and soul of Skate Culture on Six Continents.
Since 2005 to 2016, 10 years now! The vision of the Uganda Skateboard Union, at least it has worked! It was the first Skateboard Project in Uganda! And also in all East African Countries! The mission of the Union was to combat the development of negative habits among East African youth by introducing Skateboarding to them! Other things, to give a new window for fun and positive and healthy activity to idleness of youth in those Countries.
East African Countries, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and other Countries, we are in progress to contest for tournaments in order to motivate youth new techniques, art and culture plus education among the youth! Companies which can be involved to sponsor and help for this contest to take place, please we welcome you indeed!
Uganda Skateboard Union, ready for any Contest! And the youth of 10 years to 17 years old, are busy with their daily evening training exercise as you can see them in action! Jackson Mubiru is preparing these Kids of Uganda, to get ready for Olympics in case of Skateboarding!!!


TransWorld Skateboard Magazines

Douglas ,Peter and Nico are proud of the Union! To see them selves in the Skate the World magazines of the Pro-Skateboarders of the world! Ugandan Skateboarders, would like Pro-Skateboarders to come and visit them! Don Robson 2

Don Robson in his free styles during evening training classes at Kitintale Skate Park! They always have challenges with the big Skateboarders like Douglas, Peter, and Nico to watch their trick techniques and skills!

Don Robson 4

Uganda Skateboard Union took time to train these kids up to day! Still we have more dangerous ones like him!

Siragy 1

The Uganda Skateboard Union, together with the heads of the Communities, parents in Kitintale  and the all parts of Kampala, appriciate a great work the Union did to introduce entertainment to youth and makes them busy as you can see the enjoyment!

Kids play

Younger ones enjoy the place and the sametime with Skateboarders too! so we appriciates all our sponsor which helped us to make the Union stand! (Skate-Aid)

Douglas 3

Douglas Mwesigwa, trying to show the few skills to younger ones who need to challage him during the Evening training exercise!Douglas 1

One of the top most dangerous Skateboarders in Uganda!

Douglas 5Regan Bell and Rukundo Morries, they were challaging for the big Jumps!Regan B

Regan Bell, he one of the best ones in the new generation regyms! he is good to make big jumps and also other tricks!

Regan Bell

Very well determined and also love the game of Skateboarding! He is 17 years old!




Next one is Lukundo Morrise. they had a big Jump challages and both of them were nice!


Alot of challenging between the younger ones to see who is the best of the year 2015 Skateboarder!

Morrise 2

The younger ones(kids) are the judges to wintness the Contest as refferees! Next is Emmanuel Mubiru Jounior!

Emmanuel Mubiru 2

These guys are training had to be like Douglas! some time you may meet them on the Skatepark training so that they gain the same skills.

Emmanuel Mubiru 3

Emmanuel likes air tricks and also kick flips on the pipes!

Mubiru E

Uganda in feature, will be having dangerous Skateboarders in East Arica.

Mubiru Jounior 1

Next is Mugabi Daniel! is also anther one to those who are more serious in Skateboarding.

DSCF0303The Uganda Skateboard Union trained a lot the younger ones(Kids) because, is looking forward where Skateboarding is going!


Imagin he is about 9 years old! once he become that age of Douglas, he will be very dangerous Skateboarders!


Trinity is the smallest Skateboarder, he is a brother to Mugabi Daniel! both the love the game Competting during the training at Skate Park.

Trinity,Emmanuel andTom

Tomorrow’s new genaration in Ugandan Skateboarders after the bigger one left!

The New Genaration 4

Right now, the Union is looking far and that is why loves to trian the replacements Skateboarders of tomorrow!

The Genaration of U.S.U 2

These guys get their Skill in reading Skateboard Mangazines!

Skate World 2



The Uganda Skateboard Union, together with the Republic of Uganda! Appreciates a lot to a Republic of Germany Government, to have fantastic Projects which helped Africans and support youth in various Countries like in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and so many an mentioned Counties!
Skate-Aid Project from the Republic of Germany is the subject! This Skate-Aid project since 2010, they are supporting the Union! Skate-Aid did a lot of achievements to the Union, Most of the Skateboarders in the Union, traveled because of the Skate-Aid and the Union!
1st/09th/2015, Skate-Aid, sent donation equipment’s to the Uganda Skateboard Union! Equipment’s includes Skateboards decks (PLAN B skateboards), Trucks, Wheels and Bearings. The Union appreciates the lip services of Skate-Aid! Enormously from the Republic of Uganda, Plus the Uganda Skateboard Union!
The Union to represents Uganda in World Skateboarding Grand Prix Championships 7th to 10th October 2015 Kimberley, South Africa. Recently, we got an Invitation from World Skateboarding Grand Prix, asking the Uganda Skateboard Union to serve as the Official representative to the World Skateboarding Federation on behalf of our Country Uganda and Nominates Ugandan Skateboarders to go to the World Skateboarding Championship in Kimberley South Africa.
Douglas Mwesigwa is to represent Uganda in the World Skateboarding Grand Prix Championship in South Africa at Kimberley! The Uganda Skateboard Union could have taken more Skateboarders but lack of financial status! The Uganda Skateboard Union greatly appreciates the World Skateboarding Grand Prix Championship cooperation of the Kimberley government and the steering committee Mr. Tim McFerran CEO for making this event possible.
A secret, Hidden hobby of Jack Mubiru at Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) where is working, he is the Champion in WOOD ball co-operates tournaments which is under Ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda. He won two medals plus a trophy to UNEB. Examples of co-operates like Kyambongo University, Makerere Business School, Ministry of Education, NCDC and many others. So, Jack is in both Skateboarding and Wood Ball at work!Donation 8

The Union,s happiness with the young ones after receiving the donations at the Skate Park!

Donation 6

The new bland Skateboards( Plan B) Skate-Aid donated to the Uganda Skateboard Union! its a first time to be in Uganda!

Donation 5

Skate-Aid Africa, helped a lot to sponsor organized projects in different corners of Africa! Thank you very much the republic of Germany!

Donation 7

Union kids, are very proud of Skate-Aid in Uganda! because they receive their needs like as you can see and also put more effort in what they are doing!

Mubiru 2

Emmanuel Mubiru, who is in the Uganda Skateboard Union academy, is so proud of Skate-Aid! The reason why, he is an orphan and is being helped by Skate-Aid with the school tuition’s!

Skate-Aid Boards

Fun, very proud manager of the Union with Skate-Aid project! Since 2010 and nice collaborating with Germany projects plus the republic of Germany!

Peter 1

The Tutor / trainer of the Union Academy! Kyomuhendo Peter fixing a new Skate-Aid board to the younger ones after we received donation equipment’s at the Union Office at Kitintale Skate-Park.


Douglas Mwesigwa is to represent Uganda in the World Skateboarding Grand Prix Championship in South Africa at Kimberley!

Douglas B

Douglas, is preparing for the journey to represent Uganda in the Skateboarding Contests in South Africa Kimberley. Date October 7th to10th 2015. The Uganda Skateboard Union could have taken more Skateboarders but lack of financial status!

Jack Medals

Jack Mubiru at Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) where is working, he is the Champion in WOOD ball co-operates tournaments which is under Ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda. He won two medals plus a trophy to UNEB.

Jack Scores

A secret, Hidden hobby of Jack Mubiru, Jack is in both Skateboarding and Wood Ball during his free time at UNEB work!

Wood ballers 2

Sand wood ball at Entebb beach, Jack with the Co-operates! enjoyments and fun at the showers of lake Victoria.

Jack Hit

. Examples of co-operates like Kyambongo University, Makerere Business School, Ministry of Education, NCDC and many others.

Wood ball busy

The Southern high way road from Entebbe Air port, will be near the areas where the Union Skate park at Kitintale zone 12.

Road 6

The wonderful development of roads in a slam areas, a lot of changes is soon to be live and also increasing of investors in Uganda!

Road 5

Uganda is now developing, compered to some years back! New things happening everyday and then!

Creasted Crean

The Uganda Crane! That Bird here in Uganda, is so respectful! Do you know why? It has all the three Colors of Uganda Flag ( Black, Yellow, Red)!  So please, if you want to realize it with your eyes, visit wild life centers in Uganda, its the only solution.

Uganda Flag

This is a Republic of Uganda Flag! its also want to look like that one of the Republic of Germany! both Countries are very nice to each sides!

Tom 2

Tom from Netherlands,giving time to Kids, teaching the younger generations how to fix a skateboard deck, wheels,bearings and the grip! it was a busy serious lesions to the youth!

Tom 1

The Uganda Skateboard Union, thank those who comes with intention ideas to train and teach the Kids about the sports! not to take pictures and makes movies!(films).

Jack and Doughter

If this guy Jack is not Skateboarding, He is a Dad!  His free time, He is with the family! he has two daughters.

Peter and Moreen

The fun and enjoyment of the Skateboarders! Peter and Moreen at the street Skating!


The Uganda Skateboard Union would love to appreciate the donors who made it to donate and helped a lot to send equipment’s to the Uganda Skateboard Union. The Union received same equipment which will be helpful to the Skaters of the Union!We thank those people who managed to donate plus transporting them up to the Union head Office at Kitintale!
The Union also, would like to inform all the people who are Skateboarders only, who may be interested to visit Uganda Skateboard Union, to Skate with Skateboarders, this month of August plus mid-September, Rain is expected! Right now, it rain heavily every morning and evening! Our skate Park same time it floods the all park and Skaters, Now days we go to Street Skating!
Last month of July and this August, We received visitors to the Uganda Skateboard Union! We received two from Czech Republic (Katarina and Muhuwliza), UK. London (Will Miles), Netherlands (Tom).
The Electricity (Power) is now available in to the Union Office! Skate Aid, fund-raise the money for the Power in the Office of the Union! The Uganda Skateboard Union, together with its management, loves to appreciate People in Germany (Skate-Aid Managements) who managed to fundraiser for that Project!
On 1st/August/ 2015, it was a serious day for repairing the Skateboards at the Union Head Office! Replacing New decks, Wheels, Bearings, Grip tape, Trucks, Busch’s, King Pins and also Stickers. The Uganda Skateboard Union always makes it every after beginning of the month! To repair each and everything concerning with Skateboards. On such a day, we have fun and enjoy the day, while also training (Kids) Younger Skateboarders also how they can fix and repair a Skateboard. 1

The Uganda Skateboard Union, received New and Used Skateboards from Fiona who came all the way from England! We appreciates those people who managed to collect Skateboards to the Union! Thanks a lot!!Rain 2

The Uganda Skateboard Union,together with the Skateboarders in Uganda, they would like to inform those people who may need to come to Uganda to Skateboard with Ugandan Pro-Skateboarders, Its raining Heavily since last month plus these month of August and also mid September! so try to be aware of that in Uganda! Willy 3

Last month of July and this August, We received visitors to the Uganda Skateboard Union! We received two from Czech Republic (Katarina and Muhuwliza), UK. London (Will Miles), Netherland (Tom).

The Union Skate Park is so hidden in Kitintale slam area! 2016, The Republic of Uganda, Suggested to have Entebbe Air Port high way express, which is going to pass near the Head Office of the Union! So, the Union will be so easily for location! It will also be helpful for our visitors who will come from airport, direct to Kitintale Skate Park! We love that development in an area!!!

Power 1

The Electricity (Power) is now available in to the Union Office! Skate Aid, fund-raise the money for the Power in the Office of the Union! The Uganda Skateboard Union, together with its management, loves to appreciate People in Germany (Skate-Aid Managements) who managed to fundraise for that Project! The was on the Power Pole trying to Connect power to the Union Office!!

Patience, Halid, Peter ,John

On 1st/August/ 2015, it was a serious day for repairing the Skateboards at the Union Head Office!

John Ray

John-Ray, Jack,Peter and many others, trying to teach younger ones how to fix and repair a Skateboards!

Alex, Peter ,John, Patience

Replacing New decks, Wheels, Bearings, Grip tape, Trucks, Busch’s, King Pins and also Stickers. The Uganda Skateboard Union always makes it every after beginning of the month!

Esscalled, John Ray

To repair each and everything concerning with Skateboards.

Hatwilo Patience SWABUR

On such a day, we have fun and enjoy the day, while also training (Kids) Younger Skateboarders also how they can fix and repair a Skateboard.

Rep 3

The Union is very cool now days more than some time back! life is their and we enjoy the game every evening and then!

Dead Zone Union

The perfect Street Skateboarders in the Union! They are super tough in Uganda! and if you need to witness them,Visit the Union to Skate with them! But we hate Topographers and Film makers to Visit us! Here we welcome those who comes to enjoy the game and we share the Skills and tricks!!!

Doug 1

Douglas Mwesigwa on the Street Pipe at Mutungo Street road near Kitintale town.

Jamie 3

Jamie Tharp! He came to visit Uganda Skateboard Union to Skate with the Boys! Not to take picture and making Films! We love people like him! All the way from England to Uganda Skateboard Union!!

jamie (2)

Jaime had fun to the boys of the Union by then! but his now back to U.k!


One of the younger Skateboarder was training had in the Evening after school ours! His name is Bell.

Douglas Clean

Health is the most first thing at the Skate Park! Cleaning the Park is the first thing before you start Skating! Douglas was in action Sweeping the Skate Park!

Cleaning Park

Moping the Skate Park also is the same, to make our Skateboards to move smoothly without any dust so that to prevent bruises when you are down!

Doug Lamp

The Monster in Uganda! Do you want to feel him?

Kyomu 3

The terrible one is anther one! Peter Kyomuhendo in the Action!

Kyomu 2

Peter is too Confident on what is doing!

Kyomu 6

He is very nice in big Hollis! He is a Monster too!

Nice boy 2

Nico-Nice boy! fantastic Action on the Street!

Robson , Morise

Robson and Morse in Action at the Skate Park!

Silagy 3

Silgy and Mubiru at the serious training at the Skate park!

Go skateboard Day

The Union Pro-Skaters in Uganda!

Traver 2

Younger Kids love Skateboarding, he love to skate with the elders like Peter,Douglas,John Ray

peter bs boardslide

Peter was grinding on the piece of a log wood on Streets of Kampala.

Silagy 3

Silgy and Mubiru Junior in a super action during evening training at the Skate Park.

Donation 2

ETNIES Skateboard, plus other variety type of Skateboards where donated to the Union.

jeff wallride 3

Kampala is very different compered to other Cities! Freedom to Skate in town without any Security officer to stop you!!

Kyomu 1

Kyomuhendo Peter in Action of double flip! He is very perfect!

Traver 1

New Generation can make it. Skateboarding needs to be starting earlier as soon as possible!

Action 1

Skate Or Die! The Action comes from the Word Go!!!! We like Skateboarding game!

Alex, John R, PatienceThe one and the Only, John Ray,Patience and SSerunjjoji discussing about the Skateboard game in Uganda!Morise 1 Kinyenra Morse  at the Tip of the Pipe! He was trying to make a super pipe grinding!

DurkxDarkx also is now perfect on the Pipe! He was grinding seriously on the tip of the Pipe!

The Park 2 This place keep these Kids busy as you can see them! They feel good and Confer-table !

The Kids 8

The Uganda Skateboard Union Prepare Next Generations of Skateboarding In Olympics !!!

The Uganda Skateboard Union together with Skate Aid in Africa, Uganda already started training hard Younger Skateboarders to prepare for the Olympics which may likely to happen in coming years! These Kids aged (8-13) Years old, These Kids will be representative of Uganda by then in Olympics which is soon to happen! Skate Aid Project made a lot of effort in different Countries in Africa whereby helping Kids through Organize and set out to Combat Idleness and Boredom among the Youth of Africa by providing a new, Positive and Fun outlet for them through Skateboarding and make Kids happier plus Constructing Skate Parks, forming societies, Clubs in the Communities. The Union was the first to introduce Skateboarding in East Africa! Skateboarders in Uganda archived a lot! Some companies in Uganda like (PEPIS Cola) Soda Company used the Union Skateboarders for Advertisements like Douglas, Gilbert, Isa, and Ken-man! They are still on Billboards in Uganda Kampala City Streets. So The Uganda Skateboard Union and Skate-Aid Africa, manages to create and support the youth of Africa through Skateboarding and promote Kids Talents in different parts of Africa. Uganda appreciates a lot Skate-Aid (Germany) Project in Munster.   The Uganda Skateboard Union together with Skate-Aid Project in Africa, supported a lot for Skateboarding to expand in East Africa plus anther Parts.Super Kids 4The Uganda Skateboard Union Academy! These Kids are still younger! 8-13 years old! By the time Skateboarding will be in Olympics, These Squared will represents Uganda! As God willing!Wumaine, Mubiru, Robson, Dan and Silagy! They need more Kids to join their Squared! They are terrible in Training!!!Super Kids 7Uganda has a lot of Talents! Please Ugandan, wake up and support your child like how you can see these Kids! they are exposing their Talents!Silagy 1Silagy was in the motion during training at Kitintale Skate Park every evening at 5 after School!Silagy 7  Determination on what you need on your heart! Silagy is perfect on what he will be in his feature! So, he has his Talent!Silagy 11Big airs with Silagy! he nice and encourage age mates at the Skate park to train a lot!Silagy 5Next is Mubiru Junior! is anther confident Kid! he nice too!Mubiru 1He likes big air too like Silagy! they train together at the Skate Park and move together!   DCIM102GOPRO Mubiru and Robson preparing for the Serious training at Skate Park!Robson 2Robson is anther tough Kid who is serious during the training at the Skate Park!George 1He is George! Is the brother to Robson! George also is next to Skateboarders at the Skate Park who love the game and likes training!Super Kids 8 Those are the professionals of tomorrow in Uganda! Yeah, Let us go forward and we continue attracting for Talents!BillboardExposing talents everywhere, ends on the Bill-boards in the Cities! Douglas is very proud of the Union!!!Douglas 6     Douglas respect the Union Management plus Skate-Aid Project! The Union discover the Talent of him to be on the Bill-board!Douglas Skateboarding on Streets in Uganda is Fun!!!! We enjoy a lot! Security officers skate with us! they love the game! Check Douglas from the building! Skateboarding is Freedom! ? The Uganda Skateboard Union together with Skate-aid, managed to keep Children in Kititinale Community in one place through introducing Skateboarding!The Park 3Kitintale Skate Park keeps these kids busy and diverts them from Bad Criminal activities! So we need more Skate-Parks in different regions of Uganda!The Park 4  Kyomuhendo Peter! He is one of the pro-Skaters in Uganda! He is very nice to compare to others!Peter KWeekends is Street Skating in City! and week days after school at 5 in the evening is Park only! ? Big Jump! Peter is so good! He encourages younger Skateboarders to train hard! ? Kampala City Skateboarders, love to jump pot-holes, steers and so on! We love to invite Skateboarders from different Countries to share Tricks! but not Photographers and Film-makers! are not allowed to come!! Deck 1


The Uganda Skateboard Union, Together with Skate Aid Project which is based in Monster Germany, Helped a lot to Support the Union to Celebrate 10 Years Anniversary which took place on 4th Saturday April 2015. The Union together with donors of different Countries in the all world helped a lot Organize and set out to Combat Idleness and Boredom among the Youth of Uganda by providing a new, Positive and Fun outlet for them through Skateboarding.
The Union plans are to extend Skateboard game in Schools and also other areas, Constructing of Skateboard Parks in Various districts of Uganda.
The Union appeals to the Uganda government to reduce on the taxes for the equipment that is donated as this will help to improve and promote the Sport Country wide.
Together with the head of the Community at Kitintale Skate Park, Mr. Godfrey Ndawula and the Committee of this Village, attended Anniversary and they did to give out Prizes to the winners on that day. The Chief Guest was Attorney General of Uganda Mr. Fredrick Ruhindi who was represented by the Head of Kitintale Zone 12 Community.
Local Sponsors like K-2 Telecommunication Network and Centenary Bank also helped the Union on the Anniversary Celebration of 10 Years since!
The Union had young upcoming Skateboarders Contests of age 7 to 10 Years old only! On that Competition, the Spectators show the vision where The Uganda Skateboard Union is forwarding the Sport and also the youth of Uganda at large. Three Kids won and the First one is Robson took a Complete New Skateboard plus 1term of School fees, second was Siragy won a New Skateboard Deck and third was Amusa who won the Fire Spirit Wheels plus S.K.F set of bearing.
The big squad Skateboarders like some includes Peter, Douglas, Gilbert, Faruq, Isa, and Ken-Mans, Dax, Titi, Nico Nice boy, John Lay, Sedrick, Kiaro,George,Samuel from Kenya where entertaining the guest through showing them tricks!
The Union management gave out appreciation Certificates to those members who helped the Union since and up to date! Some of the few people who got the Appreciation Certificates are Mr. Sheal Swart, who made the First step of the Union, Mr. Brian Lye from Canada, He expanded the Skate Park of the Union, Miss. Joyce Nalutaya, the mother of Jack, Late Nsubuga John who Construct the First Half-Pipe in 04/04/2005, Mr.Mubiru Jack who is the Director of the Union and other members who helped a lot!
The weather was not fine and automatically rain dorsal for some time and stopped! People attended well and we had Visitors from Germany (KIARO), Denmark and also three Skateboarders from Kenya our neighbors! People watch the event as usual! Security was fine and good on Union Function!
Different Medias house where around like Vision Group, Record T.V, Star-FM Radio, U.B.C. Everything went on good and smoothly at the 10 years Anniversary of The Uganda Skateboard Union!!?????????????

The time when the party was soon to start! The weather was some how bad and we where expecting rain! but thing went nice and good day time!

Union Kids 2015

The selected younger Skateboarders, where to compete to and expose the Skill to the spectators and the Guests on that big occasion of the Union!

Anniversary 2

People at Kitintale Community, tried to attend the Function and they where very interested to watch younger Skateboarders exposing their skills at the Skate Park and the same time, to see a well organized Project!


The Union always fight a lot to support younger generation to expose the talents because, they are the super stars of tomorrow in Uganda! we had even younger artists of the Anniversary on that day!


The parents who have kids in the Union, supported a lot the Union to buy the Union T-shirts on that function! What dose it mean? the answer is they love Skateboard game (Sport).

Anniversary 3

The Skate Park was over crowded by the people from different areas of Uganda, even outside Uganda like Germany,Denmark,Kenya,Rwanda and so on!

Anniversary 4

On the side of the Ugandan kids, they are very proud of happiness to have the joyful,positive and fun outlet for them at Kitintale Skate Park which  set out to Combat Idleness and Boredom among the Youth in the Community!


Each parent in this Community, came to witness with the necked eyes how the Skateboarders enjoy the Skate Park and the same time to Celebrates with their Kids to gather!


The Head of the Community in Kitintale Zone 12 Local Council 1, Mr. Godfrey Ndawula, was giving a speech to the People of Kitintale at the Skate Park, the way how this Sport of Skateboarding helped a lot in his Community! This game set out to Combat Idleness and Boredom among the Youth Kitintale in his Community!

Invited Guests

The invited guests like Miss. Sunday,Mr.God Frey and the friend from Denmark, enjoyed the 10 years Anniversary of the Union!

Action 2

The big size Skateboarders, where entertainer of the guests and to show people more tricks at the function!


Peter,John Lay and the two Kenyans George and Samuel, where the Judges on that Contests of the Younger Skateboarders!


Robson won the Complete Skateboard and he was the first!,Second was Silagy and he won the New Deck, and the third was Amusa with a new pairs of Spirit Fire Wheels and a set of S.K.F Bearing!


The Germany representative from Skate Aid Mr. KIARO, his the one who was in charge to give them the Prizes which they have won!


The function was so nice and we had nice Security at the Skate Park!


Younger Kids where so proud to watch and see who will win the Contests!


The gave out Certificate to Jack’s Mom! she is the God mother of the Skateboarding in Uganda!


Mubiru Junior got a Certificate for the late Father Nsubuga John who Constructed the Skate Park at the first time!


Jack also got his Certificate! he did a lot to introduce the Sport!


Sedric also got his for working together with the Union!


John Lay was also appreciated for the good work he did for the Union!


Douglas also go the Appreciation Certificate of the best Skater!


The Group picture with the Kenyan at the Anniversary of 10 years since!


The Uganda and the Kenyan at the streets of Kampala Uganda!


The Uganda Skateboard Union, on 04/04/2015, 10 yeas when the Union is operating the system. Uganda Skateboard Union will cerebrate with all the Skateboarders at Kitintale Skate park where the headquarters of the Union are!! Do not miss the contests of Young growing Skateboarders,Break Dance(Be-Boy) and Local upcoming Ugandan Artists on the Stage singing for the audience! On that date,Uganda Skateboard Union management, will need to thank all the people in the all world, who helped a lot and support the Union update! Please thank you very very much and keep supporting because, we are still strong as you can see! What is happening in the Community of Kitintale areas and at large in Kampala the Capital City of Uganda! Uganda now, is recognized on the Continents of Europe in these game of Skateboarding! Although Ugandan government does not support sports, Youth in Uganda fight had in sports to put Uganda on the map of sports in the all world! Uganda Skateboard Union,Net ball,Wood ball,Roller ball, Speed Skating and so many other sports in Uganda, they are not considered as a sports! And that way people in Uganda will not understand other sports! for them they know Foot ball,Basket ball,Cricket,Boxing!  The Union fought much to introduce Skateboarding in East Africa! because no one knew about the game and it was difficult to introduce the sport. On 5/11/2014, The Uganda Skateboard Union, received the The Bright European Award 2014 in Germany, in Munster town! Mubiru Jack, the President of the Union, went with one of the student and received the Uganda Skateboard Union Skate-Aid Charity Award 2014. Jack and Sedrick enjoyed Germany! they skated in various Skate Parks and mate so many Professional Skateboarder,Femurs Film Actors in Germany and so on! Award 1 Uganda now is recognized in Germany about Skateboarding and is the first Country in East Africa to introduce Skateboarding! Award 3 Good young boys at Kitintale Skate Park (Headquarter) of the Union, Nice young trained up coming Skateboarders! Uganda as time comes in 2020, will be with Professional Skateboarders of year!!Silagy 5 Silagy is 10 years old! he is very serious during exercise training at Kitintale Skate Park! these sport need when you are very determined in your heart! Silagy 1 Siragy and Mubiru Junior, they always need to compete and sometime, they need to compete with their Tutor Kyomuhendo Peter! he always trains them well in Jack`s absent! Jounior Mubiru 5 He is 9 years old! His name is Mubiru Junior! Closed friend of Silagy and they skate together! These two boys,Skateboarding is their favorite game! Jounior Mubiru 2 Mubiru Junior and Silagy, they will be in the Contests of East Africa Skateboarding! which is soon to take place! Countries like Kenya,Tanzania,Rwanda be ready for these two kids to Compete your Countries! Jounior Mubiru 4 Skate-Aid,helped a lot in Uganda and still supporting Africa a large! Skate Aid management, Uganda Skateboard Union Thank for the good things you made for Africa!Bell 1 Bell is anther Kid! he is tough in pipes,rails and so on! He is also on the squad which is very terrible on the tricks of the Skateboard! Peter and Bell Peter and Bell when Competing who is the best in grinding! Peter is the tutor but these kids always need competition with him! Tutor Peter 3 Peter the tutor, training them and instructing what to do during the exercise of Skateboarding! All the young up coming kids at the Park, they love Peter with his style of Skateboarding!Tutor Peter 1 He spend time with the Kids at the Skate Park! He always give them chance to Skate because,They are Skateboarders of tomorrow! Why not! Peter and Kids He Site down with them and Counsel them according to the behaviors of those young age!Tutor Peter 5 Bashirl is back! He has grown up now! he was young and is on the first page of the Union when opening the News page Bashiri 1 Peter is training with the kids during the exercise! Peter 4



Finally, the Uganda Skateboard Union and Skate Aid, managed to build the head office of the Union at Kitintale Skate Park. Remember Skate Aid is the head to Sponsor the Office of the Union. This Office Project started on 27 th/03/2014 and ended on 10th/05/2014. Right now, The Union has a recognized Office! If you compare the Union had at the beginning!

Skate-Aid project, which is based in Germany and is helping so many Countries in Africa, Helping the youth of Africa through Organizing and constructing public Skate-Parks, donates Skateboard Equipments and so on!

Uganda is a Country which first introduces Skateboarding game in all of East Africa Countries! at Kitintale Zone 12, Nakawa Division, and Kampala District. Skateboarding game is growing rapidly on the high rate in the Countries of Africa; Skate-Aid project makes African youth to be proud of Skateboarding game! So, This Germany project (Skate-Aid) in Munster, Is very super to help premature projects! Not only in Africa but the all World!

Jackson Mubiru, Who is the President of East African Skateboard Countries, went to Germany (Munster) and received a European Charity a ward 2014 to the Uganda Skateboard Union as a founder of Skateboard game in East Africa! He went with one of his Student called Sedric. Who had been sponsored by COMEGA. The Uganda Skateboard Union would love to appreciate COMEGA managements for what they did to sponsor the youth of Africa to have a chance also to move to Europe and exchange ideas, skills and show off their Talents!

In Munster Germany, where the head quarters of Skate-Aid Organization are, The Union appreciates the Managements of Skate-Aid Organization to well come Jack and Sedric to Germany. Titus, Torben, Max, Daniel, other operators of Skate-Aid managements, also those who support and empower Skate-Aid to generates, please thanks a lot!!

Jack and Sedric enjoyed a lot in Germany. They went to various Skate-Parks like Skater´s Palace in Muster, Back Federal and so many others places to Skate! Jack and Sedric, created so many friends in Germany and these where Pro-Skaters like Julius, Benin, Mr. Wolf, Titus, Daniel, Max and so many other friends who are film actors in Germany! So the guys enjoyed Germany seriously!!!

Uganda is a Country which Cerebrates (World Go Skating Day)! The Union always Organize Skateboarders, enjoy and Compete among themselves! People in the Community; love to watch their kids while skateboarding! With music up to midnight! Security as usual very tight and fine at the Skate Park. Daniel, Piet where the two Germany visitors who came to be the judges and Chris while Jack was acting as Masters of Ceremony (M.c) on that function! The all of the Community was clouded by the people on that day of 21/June/2014.B 3

Skate-Aid supported the Office and storage of the Union at the Park. The office is very close to the Skate-Park. So very easy to look for Jack not like at the beginning
When he was up and the Skate-Park is down words.B 6The address of the Union is now available at any moment and right now, everything was going on well and engineers where Constructing as you can see the diagram!B 8The engineers worked hard in hands, they completed it just in two month only. The office was built in a strong way, because the place where the land is swampy area.Office-2Skate-Aid sponsored The Uganda Skateboard Union Structure of the office, which was started to built in 27 th/03/2014 and Completed on 10th/05/2014.21 June in Uganda skateboard UnionPeople in the Kitintale Community, whereby the Park is located and other parts of Kampala. Always come and enjoy with their Kids on Go Skating Day at the Skate park21 June Uganda Skateboard UnionGuardians or Parents of the Kids love Skateboarding and live what they are doing, to come and watch the Kids at Skate-Park contests.CommunitySkate-Aid Project, which is in Munster Germany, supports the Union events since! Also some time the Managers love those Contests! Like Titus, Torben and DanielContest-2011-2In Uganda, the Union also has the great Skateboarders, compared to the East African Countries! Younger teenagers are so nice, plus the elders like Peter, Dax, Bell.Mubiru Junio, Silagy and Morice.Contest-2011-3Peter is too crazy with Skateboard! He likes to train younger ones at Skate park
Grindings on the pipes, air and so on, is very perfect!SKATE SCENE  EAST AFRICA 20141120_102906The First flash back! Peter when he was just Joined the Union! He loved the half-pipe, which was destroyed by the heavy rain in 2006!Beginnings-2007The Second Flash Back! Mubiru Junior was too young! He loved Skateboard shoes during that time! Right now, he is a fully Skateboarder with the Union!
Understand the work of the Uganda skateboard Union! Young Mubiru 1 (1)You could not expect what Mubiru Junior was doing by then, when he was young. He loved a lot Skateboard, Shoes and so on as you can see him!Young Mubiru 1 (4)Right now, Mubiru Junior is one of the best young students in the Union! These are the upcoming Skateboarders of Uganda!Young Mubiru 4Skate-Aid(Germany) and Union(Uganda), Managed to promote, Built the Talents of the youth in East Africa through introducing a new window game of Skateboarding in Slams areas, where high Population of Kids are! To stop bad Criminal behaviors in the Communities. Contest-2011Torben,Titus,Jack,Peter,Faruq,Dax,Gilbert,Bell,Isma,Hamuza and Mubiru Junior in white helmet. The FlagThe Uganda Skateboard Union won a ward in Germany! (The European Charity a Ward 2014) The Uganda Skateboard Union as the First Country in East Africa to introduce Skateboarding game! Jack, who is the founder of the Union and Sedric, who is a student of the Union, received a Skate-Aid Charity a ward on the stage at Skater’s Palace in Munster (Headquarters) Germany!The A Ward 2014Torben, Jack, Sedric and Titus. Uganda now is known and famous in Germany! Jack did his roll and the next step is to start watching where East Africa Skateboarding is going. The dreams of Jack the founder was to expands the game in Africa. Jack,Sedric,Film ActorJack was charting and introducing to the famous Film-Actor in Germany!Sedric,Actor,JackSedric, The Actor and Jack busy smiling, is taking pictures with famous Film Actor in Germany, at Munster Skater’s Palace! Jack mates various kinds of people and they promised to come for a visit to Uganda.Sedric,Jack,ArtistSedric, Jack and Herbert from Mozambique! He is famous artist musician in Africa. He was also surprised to meet Jack in Germany! Yet he read a magazine about The Uganda Skateboard Union!Titus and The M.CTitus Titman and Masters of the Ceremony at the Charity Night association (Skate-Aid) in Munster.Jack,Sedric,Micheal wolf,Daniel and FriendsJack, Sedric, Mr.Wolf, Daneil, Julius and other friends! Julius took us at Mr. Wolf’s Bowel Skate Park! It was so fun and interesting to skate with all those Pro-Skateboarders in Germany! Skateboarding is the creation of friends! Not creating enemies! Other skateboarders should know this freedom!Jack,Daneil,SedricJackson, Daniel and Sedric! This guy Daniel in the middle. Is doing a great work in Kenya with Skateboarding Society Kenya! (S.S.K) He is based in Nairobi Kenya and has the same idea like Jack’s dream! Kenya let us come together (East Africa) to be with one point of Skateboarding!!!Sedric BusyWhose Fuck is this?
Jack Asked Sedric! (Skate-Aid) Sedric replied the answer! The Uganda Skateboard Union appreciates the Government of Germany and enterer managements of Skate-Aid members in Munster, Thank you for helping Africa at large! Keep on moving forward!Comega 5
COMEGA. The Uganda Skateboard Union, thank the managements of COMEGA at large! To help the youth all over the world, nominates talents in Sports, sponsor them, and unites them together while exchanging ideas plus the skills. In Uganda, COMEGA a pointed one in The Uganda Skateboard Union’s Student know as Kalysubura Sedric to represent The Uganda Skateboard Union in Germany! They toured in different places like this photo in Bunyan Stadium in Germany!Comega 1Special needs! Also participated in COMEGA! He is very serious and perfect in Volley ball game!Comega 2

Nine (9) years back when this boy Darkx was too young! Imagine by then, we had no Skateboards and we use to share two Skateboards! He is now a man! He has experienced the Skateboard with some few skills!

At 01/04/2015, The Uganda Skateboard Union will cerebrate inversely at home ground of Kitintale Skate Park! Everyone who is interested to join and Cerebrates with the Union, please you are well come on that date! Do miss Darks and E.t.c. Duckx 6Memorial’s of Jack’s brother! Late Nsubuga John, who helped a lot in Construction of a Skate Park as an Engineer, Sheal and Brian Lye taught John all Equation, Measurement and Sizes of the Corves plus Degrees. John, who is in Orange T-Shirt, is the father of Mubiru Junior and Rachael! Both are Skateboarders in the Union! Beginnings-2006The introduction of the Union at the beginning was not easy! The behind background half-Pipe, was the first in East Africa in 01/04/2005.The skate park 2Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Southern Sudan (East African Countries).Jack from Uganda, Send greetings and says, its time now to get support from Skateboards!! Yes! You can make it and You can achieve it!Support of SkateboardSome of the few members on the Committee board, the annual end of the year meeting at Yusuf Lule Road, Course View Towers, at the capital City Kampala(Uganda).The Member Meeting


The Africa Skateboarding Magazine, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania! The three Countries are the representative of the East African Countries in that Magazine and so far, Uganda has the best Skateboarders since they started the game in 2005! Right know, they have young Skateboarders (Up coming Skateboarders) the first young Skateboarder is Bashiri who is on the first page of The Uganda Skateboard Union, Duckx the brother of Douglas, Cedric, Morris are some of the young Skateboarders in the Union.

Jack is so proud of the Skateboarding! The game now is going on growing slowly by slowly like his dream use to be at the begging. He could not believe that even the Skateboard Magazine contest can happen in East Africa! Yeah, we love also other Countries to come and participate in this contest.

Enjoyment and life of Skateboarding in the Capital City of Uganda! Kampala is so great on the weekends when no traffics. Security Officers in City also love the game and some time, we train with them on the streets! We Skate while also our selves getting coverage of street movies!

Problem of the Union is the Skateboards, Protective gears, bearing, wheels and others. More tricks and skills, Skateboards get broken! So Skateboards is the major point to the Union.

Replacement of Skateboard! Jack always trains how to assembling of new Skateboard to the guys and Kids. To replace a Skateboard, you first bring the broken one or the one with the Crack and get another one to save life of the Skateboarders.African Morning

People in Europe,Asia and so other Continents in the whole world, they know Africa as a Dark Continent! But we are not!!!!! Check out what you are not expected in the Dark Continent at the side of East Africa!Bashiri 7Bashiri is Back! A young Skateboarder, who is on the first page of the Union blog on the quoter pipe dropping, He is training for that Contest of Africa Skateboarding Magazine Bashiri 9Bashiri is well determined on what is doing and the same time to compete with any one who is ready to challenge him.Duckx 4Anther super tough is Duckx! These are the young ones which the Union has been training since and every days!Duckx 7Duckx is the challenger of the young ones, in fact, he likes even to challenge the brother  Douglas!  Douglas and Brother DuckxThe two brothers who are the Monsters in Skateboarding! the reason is because, they train a lot!!!Duckx's JDuckx enjoy the life style on Streets of Kampala and other Skateboarders!Duckx and SedricCediric  is anther virus up coming Skateboarder! he is also well determined guy who love the game! he is a closed friend of Duckx.Sedric 4Another Young virus is Morise! he very nice and he likes that contest which is soon to happen!Morise 4In more three years coming, Morise and fellow young Skateboarders, they will be more super tough in these game!Morise 3Morise likes the pipes and also to jump the pot holes in the streets of Kampala!Morise,Duckx,Sedric and JeffMorise,Douckx,Cedric and Jeff busy replacing the broken Skateboard at the Skate park!Amusa's D.C ShoesThe Skateboard Shoes of D.C Company, one of the young Skateboarder in the Union used it when it was new up to that level! Even Skateboards, are getting broken as these guys make tricks at the Skate Park!Jack and the Kids 1Jack,Cedric,Duckx,Morse and other kids at the Skateboard Park, trying to fix and replacing back the broken Skateboards.Gilbert and FaruqGilbert and Faruq, Wondering how these Contest of Africa Skateboarding Magazine is going to be happen! They are totally ready to challenge those Counties in Skateboarding!!Gilbert 5Grinding on the pipe, Gilbert is more perfect and skilled in it.Gilbetr 3Kymuhendo Peter! These are the big Super Tough of the Union in fact, the one holding the Union!Kyomuhendo PeterPeter always enjoy the Street and the Skate Park!Peter 4Peter, he waiting for Communication that Uganda is going to face anther Country! He is ready to Challenge any one in that game!Peter 6The Union’s Producer John Lay!! Our producer, Skateboarder. These guy help us a lot! he always Skate both on the Park and Street!The Producer John LayThe Camera man John-Lay when is on the Streets busy getting coverage of the Skateboarders in Uganda. The Crew of SkateboardersGuys site and plan for place to go and get nice Coverage in the Capital City of Uganda-Kampala.John Lay 4Not only getting Coverage, he is Skateboarder! he do both like you can see him! He is a Ugandan!!Jeff 3Jeff! He is also anther supper tough in the Union! he is wonderful on the Park.Jeff 1Douglas trains and very,very ready for that tournament of Africa Skateboard Magazine! He trains the Upcoming young Skateboarders to have a nice tricks like him self.Douglas 5All these tricks you see, you will meet them in that Magazine tournament which they are expecting very soon.Douglas'Filp 2Flips on the streets of Kampala every Sunday. we enjoy the city of Uganda.Jumps of DouglasCheck it out how Ugandan Skateboarders enjoy Skateboards in the Capital City of Uganda.The security guards in Uganda, love the game so much and some time we skate with them at the place where they guard from! The city has freedom to Skateboarders.Group of SkateboardersEvery body on street admire us how we are doing it on the streets!Life 2 on Streets of SkateboardersLife on Street Skateboarding is Waahow!! Easy and cool! Skateboarding is not A crime!!! Enjoy your life on the board!Morise and John LayNext virus is David Katerega! He is super skilled in 360’s in the air! Check him out and he is well confident that Uganda is willing to be on top of these tournament of Africa Skateboarding Magazine.David 3These picture is not a camera tricks! its a real shoot and i pray not to miss to come and watch the super co-founder Skateboarders of the Uganda Skateboard Union.David 5David is anther monster in Uganda! he so good in Air. so do not miss to see these guys live.David 6What a nice dropping! David has a tough confidence in these sport.David 4Gerald Nsubuga, is back to skate again! remember he was very sick and admitted to the hospital! Brain-lye help so much for Gerald and we thank him for what he did to our fellow Skateboarder Gerald!Gerlad in HospitalGerald was in the hospital! Gerald is back in Skateboarding! We appreciate a lot Brian-Lye to help us and support our friend Gerald!   Gerlad 2Gerald now, His is back in the system of the game! he is also ready for the contest of Africa Skateboarding Magazine.Gerlad and DavidHe makes him self busy recovering what he was missing during when admitted to the hospital.GerladYoung ones are also very serious after they had the big ones are soon to have a tournament, they decided to train had so that even them, they may have that chance to be in that tournament. Isma, Mbiru Jounior and JeffThese kids, they are also very soon to become nice and good.SilagyNice Boy Nico! The Super Disease of the Virus! is the next one!Nico 10 Nico is very strong and perfect in the training.Nico 9He is very ready for any tournament which can happen with Ugandan!Nico 8Nik’s Mom Jean,Jack’s daughter Jackie and Helen Jack’s girl friend at new red chill comping hide out in K Kampala!Nik's Mom,Jackie and Hellen 2Skateboard is the major problem here in Uganda we are facing! Yeah, we have tried since we started the sport and we have been getting them through donation and please, if you can help to donate to the Uganda Skateboard Union, we appreciate and we welcomes them please! Skateboards,Guards, helmets,Bearings are the problem which the Union is facing right now!Peter,Gerlad and IsaPeter,Gerald,Isa trying to fix back and replacing the broken Skateboard.Repairing Boards 1The young Skateboarders, trying to fix back the bearing to their Skateboards and enjoy the life!Bell and Group 1Jack always trains with guys during their tough training at the Skate Park every evening after working ours finished.Jack and Skateboarders like GilbertJack also help them to teach them how to make a Skateboard! even to put a grip on the a board!Jeff,Duckx,Morise and Jack


Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, These Countries have managed to introduce the game of Skateboarding. The East Africa Skateboard project is going forward through Skate-Aid which is sponsoring it. Uganda Skateboard Union was the first to introduce this game in Uganda. It’s been transfer to Tanzania and now is in Kenya Nairobi. They opened it on 20th/10/2013.  The City of Nairobi in place called SHANGILIA School of the orphans. Its Located next to MEXICAN-Embassy and back Side of Nairobi School.

Jackson Mubiru, President of the East Africa Skateboarding in these three Countries, was invited to represent Uganda on that date of ground opening of Nairobi Skate Park. People in Kenya where so proud to have that Chance to have a First Skate-Park in their Country. So far it’s the Biggest in E.Africa!

Next years programs are to start Competing with in East African Countries! Skate-Aid played a big roll to help Kids in East Africa through Constructing Skate Parks and makes kids Combat the development of Negative habits among Uganda, Tanzania and Kenyan youth. And also to a new window for fun, Positive and healthy activity to idol E.African youth.

Ugandan Skateboarders are now on the Posters and Bill-Boards on the Streets of Kampala, Small towns in Uganda. Brian-Lye is Busy with Ugandan Movie of Skateboarding Documentary!

Skateboarders in Uganda, they are so proud to have anther Skate Park in Kenya.   Image

Mwesigwa Douglus,Gilbert,Isa and Ken-man are on the Streets and the City of Kampala and small towns in Uganda!Image

Brian Lye and Jackson Mubiru very proud of the Ugandan Skateboard documentary Movie!Image

Uganda Skateboarders welcomes Kenyans in the System of Skateboarding! Ready to compete with them!Image

The Uganda Skateboard Union is so proud that now the game is going on growing and right now Kenya is in the system!Image

Gerald,Morse,Douglas,Peter and Musa! These guys are so proud to have brotherhood of Skateboarding in Kenya! They need the Kenyan attention in the game and also to have a team spirit with friends!Image

Africans wake up!! Its time now to get up from the bed! Remember these Skateboarding started in Uganda at first in East Africa, It went to Tanzania and its now in Kenya so what about your Country?Image

Skate-Aid Organization, Have played a big roll to introduce and construct the Skate park in the Countries of East-Africa. The project helps the children of Africa to Combat them from bad behaviors and also to make them physically in Health! The Uganda Skateboard Union appreciate for that!


THE SKATEBOARDING SOCIETY OF KENYA (S.S.K) Have entered the system of Skateboarding and Skate-Aid helped a lot in the Construction of the Skate Park in Nairobi Kenya! They have Joined Uganda and Tanzania!Image

The City of Nairobi where the Skate park was built!


Castral,Daniel,Jack With the Skateboarders at his arrival in Nairobi- Kenya! Image

Daniel, Jack and Engine in the Studio Plus Skate-Aid office in Nairobi! Skate-Aid Sponsor Jack to go to the ground opening of the Skate Park in Kenya!


Skate Aid did a great work in Kenya! The park has all the Skating Staff!Image

Basket ball court is also on the Park and other items as you can see!Image

Jack, Titus, and Daniel at the greatest Skate park in Nairobi-Kenya!Image

Kids in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are so happy to have these kind of Skate park in East-Africa!Image

Ground Opening at Shangilia School of Orphan were the Skate-Park was built!Image

The Kenyan Skateboard Park is located at the Embassy of Mexico, Germany-Radio and T.V plus the Nigeria High Commissioner’s Residence. So Do not get lost in Kenya looking for the Skate Park!Image

Entertainment by the Shangilia School was Fun and enjoying to watch the young kids!Image

Daniel, Kenneth, Jack and Engine getting lunch in the City.Image

Jack is looking forward where the game is going! he thought that it will end in Uganda but its now in Kenya!Image

People where so many and happy to have that chance to get a Skate Park in Kenya.Image

Titus, Ali, Leo and other Skateboarders of Kenya at the Party!Image

Young Kids at the park were surprise to have a nice park in Kenya!Image

Ali was happy! And he was one of the people who helped the Skate park to Happen!Image

Leo Kilel is one of the best Kenyan Skateboarders! he was dropping into the pull-Bowel!Image

A lot of the People who had about the Sport, brought kids to Skateboard at the new First Skate park in Kenya.Image

Kenyan’s are also good and once they are used with their park, they will be like those ones in Uganda!Image

These guys are so busy now days because they had about tournaments which may likely to happen next year!Image

Shangilia Students were entertaining people on that day!Image

Some of the Skateboarders in Nairobi listening to the speech to the head of Shangilia School of Orphan!Image

Up coming young Skateboarder in Kenya! He love the game and feel so nice when his Skating!Image

Parents brought their kids to join the Sport!


Nairobi City is great! the streets are so nice and fantastic compared to Kampala City!Image

So far now, Kenya is the only Country in East Africa with the biggest Skate Park!Image

Daniel, Jack, Titus and Engine! Discussing about the game in East African Countries and the vision of the game in Africa!Image

Douglas, Brian, Peace and young Jackie! Brian is now back to Canada!Image

Gilbert says bye bye to Brian!




We are about to go into production on the first feature documentary film about skateboarding in Uganda, and it will be made together with the skaters.  We are very close but need your support in collecting the remaining funds to make the movie happen, please visit our campaign for all the information :

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