The three Godfathers Sheal Swart, Brian lye and Mubiru Jackson! Skate-Aid project from Germany supported those three young boys to rise above their priorities ambitions of dreams became true as it’s in East Africa.  The Uganda Skateboard Union and Skateboarding Society of Kenya. ( USU & SSK ) are to meet in Nairobi Kenya Seminary workshop, Friendly Skateboard Contests, and also to see how the two Skate-Aid Projects make their Priorities schedules in East Africa. The Union is easy to move with their Pro-Skaters in that Friendly Contest in Kenya this month of March, 2017. Do not miss East African Skateboarding Championships which Skate-aid is preparing Soon!

The USU is adding more effort on their training after the game of Skateboarding was included in Olympics which is likely to be soon in Japan! Ugandan Skaters are very proud of the game, That is why adjustment was made on training skills and techniques during the evening exercise at the Kitintale Skate Park.

After all along, the Uganda Skateboard Union planted the first Skateboard Park in East Africa; Uganda finally got the second Skate Park outside Kampala!  Its location at the School in Mukono Town!1 Hour Drive from the City Center Kampala.

The Uganda Skateboard Union was invited officially to attend the Opening Ceremony of the second park at Mukono town on 4th/02nd/2017. Two Skate Parks in Uganda now! It’s a priority to Union to see expansion achievements made in Ugandan teenagers!

The USU made its roll to expose and introduce Skateboarding in Schools in Uganda! Don Bosco Vocation Training Center along Bombo highway road to town, Ndejje University, Bishop Cyprian Luzira, Kisubi Technical School Entebbe and other Schools in Uganda are in process to have their own Skate Parks School!

Youth / Teenagers love Skateboarding! Union always welcomes kids at Kitintale Skate Park. From Monday-Friday time at 6:00 in evening after school time, Then Saturday-Sunday time 4:00 Pm.DSCF3605

The Uganda Skateboard Union actor in the famous music video of Nought-boy ( Should Have Been Me) with the Dad at the  Union Head quarters Kitintale Skate ParkDSCF3521

Trinity is among the best students in the Union! He is well talented in Skateboarding. check them out if you have a chance to visit Uganda Skateboard Union!DSCF3581All these kids of the Union is being sponsored by Skate-Aid. True sponsor from Germany to Africa then East Africa to Uganda!DSCF3517The Union together with Skate-aid, they produce the results of the good skaters Uganda, who are likely to play for the nation if international Skateboarding Championships happens!Douglas MweDouglas Mwesigwa is one of the first skaters in the Union since 2005, he trains a lot to gain more Techniques and the skills! is ready for any Contest any where!!IMG_20170313_184548 Douglas,Nico,Dax always have fun after exercise of Skating at the Park.Douglas Mwesigwa

Come when you know that you will meet Douglas in Uganda! he is some how good compared to the Pro-Skaters!IMG_20170220_180206~2

Nicolas Mugenyi! Pioneer in the Union since 2005! easy skater and is nice boy! he is perfect during training at the park!IMG_20170220_181634~2

Kyomuhendo Peter! Super pioneer since 2005 experience in the Union! funny guy anytime you find him at the park!Union Crew

Peter,John-Raymund,Jack,Patience plus the kids during our  funny comedies stories, after training in the evening exercise at the Park IMG_20170220_181543

Super tough when peter is training! he very serious on what is doing. he is also waiting for any contest anywhere!Peter Kyomhe

Enjoyment at the park when we are done with the training! relaxing and look for other games to play with the kids!IMG_20170213_184748

Parents / Guardians  of the Skaters always come and visit the Union during the Competitions which always happen at Kitintale Skate Park! DSCF3516

Kitintale Community Kids are so proud of the park! During and every time we organize the events, they are so happy, The game make them busy all the time and combat them away from bad criminal activities! Long live Skate-Aid (Germany Government) Long Live Uganda ( Union)Kids on the Contest

Everybody now is interested in Skateboarding and that why the game is moving on high speed allover the world!Kids enjoyment

A lot of entertainment at Kitintale Skate park! BMX riders, Break dancers, upcoming artist and so many activities during the event of skateboarding contests!DSCF3576The BMX Riders with the Skateboarders at the Union!DSCF3573Not only entertaining Kitintale Skate Park! The Union also went to Mukono Skate Park to entertain guests  and also to welcomes Mukono Skaters in the system of skateboarding game! Uganda have two skate parks  now!Jack and Crew at MukonoPatience,The ambassador of the Union in Mukono, Ken man and also Jack with the crew of younger Union Skaters putting on  white T-shirts at Mukono Official Skate Park Opening.Union at MukonoThe Union Kids busy enjoying the new skate park in Mukono town! They entertained the people of Mukono Communities and made wonders to the guests at the function!DSCF3596 Kizza David and Gilbert Mwebbe! East and West!  Home is the best!!! David and the brother Gerald Nsubuga ( Goseo) we are one and we share all the Skate parks together! DSCF3611

Gerald Nsubuga and David Kizza also they came and entertain at the Union Skate-Aid Ollie contest in January 2017.


The three younger super tough of the Union!Siragy,Amusa and Mubiru Junior!  They are too terrible as simple as they look forward for Olympics soon!DSCF3588

Munyagwa Siragy demonstrating on the Ollie Contest during the contest.DSCF3594

Mubiru Emmanuel Junior! Like father Dad like son!


The an-mention Raymund, Camera Skater, Video Editor, Pro-Skater and etc. in the Union!


Lucas from Germany and enjoying Skateboarding with the Ugandan! he is also soon to open up a project in Uganda ( skateboarding) he donated a camera to the Union thanking a good work  to the Union and Skate-aid did to Ugandan!IMG_20170304_180659~2.jpg

Lucas, Halid, Don Robson, Nicolas, and Humane! exchanging ideas tricks and skills of Skating on streets!Doug Lump.jpg

Douglas Mwesigwa practicing evening when the sun is setting to the endAfrican Sunset.jpg

The Sun rise setting down at the Union Park Kitintale! Adventures of the Union!DSCF3398.JPGKyomuhendo Peter in the high sky jump action! Remember is the one who won the high Ollie Contest in East Africa! DSCF3408.JPGUganda is ready for any contest of Skateboarding! DSCF3534.JPGJudges to comes and witness the Union Skaters! Interesting project! God bless Skate-Aid project to support youth of Uganda and the sometime Africa!Skate-Aid.jpgThe UnionThe Uganda Skateboard Union also appreciates and thank a lot people who donate and support Skate-Aid to help Skaters a cross the board!IMG_20170220_165700.jpg

NEFF  we always wear neff watches to know the right time for skating! Skateboarding Watch!IMG_20170313_174900.jpg



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