The Uganda Skateboard Union Kids with Naughty Boy ,Kyia and Popcaan Video 2017.

The Uganda Skateboard Union is Shining with the Naughty Boy Music Video know as Should Have Been Me-Naughty Boy Featuring Kyia and Popcaan.

Uganda Skateboard Union as NGO project in Uganda, Introduced and promoted Kids Ambitions with Skateboarding as a main Key which can make day life changes with youth’s behaviors in Uganda. Skateboarding is a weapon which made Ugandan’s to shine with hip pop singers through this cool Organized NGO known as The Uganda Skateboard Union, which introduced the Skateboarding in Uganda plus the all part of East Africa at large.

This-NGO project was introduced by three younger men known as Jackson Mubiru from Uganda-Kampala, Shael Swart from South Africa-Cape Town and Brian Lye from Canada-Vancouver. These three people played a big role in Uganda and the sometime in the all part of East Africa where Skateboarding is introduced. Right now, Skateboarding is on the highest rapid speed of growing in the all world. So Jackson Mubiru, Sheal Swart, and Brian Lye are the Grand Fathers of Skateboarding in East Africa. Respective and salutes to them please!

On 07th/January 2017 Uganda Skateboard Union organized the Skate-Aid Annual Highest Ollie Contest together with Skateboard Jam at Kitintale Skate Park. The first Ollie contest was in South Africa of its kind! Right now, it’s coming in next year, Many Countries of Skate-Aid Projects around the world to host the same day event on 07th/01/2017 In General is the main Sponsor of the Uganda Skateboard Union! B.M.X riders Uganda, Break Dancers and other entertainers, The Union appropriates a lot to support the Union!!

African Skateboarding Magazine is too Impression from all the Skateboarders of Africa.Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Morocco, Angola, Libya, Zambia South Africa and so many African Countries!This Magazine is about the Africa Continent with the best skills Skateboarders. All Countries of Africa like East African Countries Skaters, Central, West African Countries Skaters and South African Skateboarders. They are inside these Magazines! Do not Miss to Check out inside this Mag, Where the origins of East Africa Skateboarding Started from?Who introduced the game?Who helped to spread the mission of Skateboarding in East Africa? Which Country was the first to have a Skate Park?The second, third and so on! Visit http://

The Union is now in Schools of Uganda. To promote skateboarding, art, culture, and education among the youth in schools of Uganda. Bishop Cyprian Khangire Luzira Namaliga Don Bosco Vocational School Bombo,  Ndejje University, Ntinda school for Deaf and Tree Shade Primary School. The Uganda Skateboard Union is targeting to achieve talents and Skills of Students in Schools, in order to get the best skaters who will represents Uganda in Olympics of 2020 in Tokyo Japan.

The Union younger Skateboarders are so proud & happy to have a chance to visit the schools, to have fun with the students! Although it’s difficult to Communicate with those students who makes signs language in that school for deaf Ntinda, but we are trying to make them happy too!


1 Uganda-Kampala Uganda Skateboard Union. Kitintale Skate Park

2 Kenya-Nairobi Shagiria Skate Park

3 Tanzania-Dodoma Don Bosco Skate Park

4 Rwanda-Kigali SOS Skate Park

5 South Africa-Cape Town

5 Denmark-Copenhagen

6 Palestine-Bethlehem

7 Costa Rica-San Isidro

8 Bolivia-LaPaz

9 Germany Munster Skaters Palace.

Skate-Aid projects in the all world had the Contest known as Skate-Aid Highest Ollie Contests. Uganda had a fantastic contest which took place at Kitintale Skate Park. We had visitors from different continents. Africa, America, Europe and Asia. They wanted to witness the Highest Big Ollie Contests.

Here are the few Results the Contests Skate-Aid Projects over the world.

  1. Uganda, Kyomuhendo Peter with 2fts and 9 inches

J.B with 2fts and 8 inches

Mwesigwa Douglas with 2fts and 7 inches

  1. Kenya, Kevin Maina 75cm

Sydney Yongo 55cm

Robin Finkbeiner 50cm

  1. Tanzania,Gideon

Joyce, Ali, Mudi

  1. South Africa.Ryan Naidoo with 99cm
  2. Costa Rica.William Mores with 70 cm

Willy with 60 cm

Jonathan 60 cm

This is the real Union Skateboarders who made up Uganda to shine all over the world. The Uganda Skateboard Union introduced Skateboarding in the all parts of East Africa.

Since 2005, this project has been sponsored by well-wisher donors; Skate-Aid supported Union since 2010 up-to-now! The Union is the Successful project which made Skateboarding visible in East Africa.Right now, Uganda is training hard younger Skateboarders who are likely to be ready in the coming years 2020 Olympics in Japan Tokyo.img-20161017-wa0045

A picture of shooting the Video of Naughty Boy  know as Should Have Been Me-Naughty Boy Featuring Kyia and Popcaan in Uganda with the Union Skateboarders!!!Tent G 2.jpg

Tents and Chairs for the Organizing the Highest Ollie Contest and Union Skating Jam at Kitintale Skate ParkJumping Stand 3.jpg

The Highest Ollie Contest Stand after completing it by Jack.Kids Ollie 2.jpg

Kids busy watching the Contests at the park of Kitintale.Gilbert Ollies.jpg

Gilbert Mwebbe was in the serious action jumping the stand.JB Ollie.jpg

J.B also decided to come from Kenya and compete with the Ugandan. but Kyomuhendo peter won the Contest of the Highest Ollie. J.B was the Second in positionsDouglas H Oliie.jpg

Douglas was the third in the position as you can see him in the Ollie battle of the Contests.Amusa 1.jpg

Skate-Aid was the main sponsor of the event and every one was so proud of the event at the Union Park.BMX Group 1.jpg

RIDERS BMX BIKES 256 made the function hot and they did a lot of their Skills with the Skateboarders at the Park of Kitintale.Gd People a lot.jpg

Compared to the previous contest, this time we received a very big number of visitors at the Skate ParkWiners Younger.jpg

Siragye was number 1 in position,Robson was the second and Amusa in third position. Those are the younger one who participated well compared to the other younger skaters.JB.jpg

J.B could not believe what he saw at the Union Project in Uganda.People are too interested now with the game in Kitintale Community.Ollie People.jpgParents in Kitintale Community,  they are so proudly with the Union Project.The game keeps all the kids in this community together and also to promote their Talents too.A lot People 2.jpgThe Uganda Skateboard Union, right know, need help to Expand Kitintale Skate Park! Kids are too many on the park! so Expansion is needed to reduce also on the accidents on the small park.DSCF2066.JPGThis picture showing how many Skaters on the Park, each one need to go once while others also needs to skate. this is the way how accidents happens at the Park. This is the a daily session training at the Park.DSCF2743.JPG

The Uganda Skateboard Union is still having enough space where we need to expand a big Park! this is the place.DSCF2955.JPGThe Historical place where Skateboarding in East Africa Originated from!! The Union is very proud of Skate-Aid Project based in Germany. Did a lot to promote the sport in E.Africa!!

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