The Uganda Skateboard Union Invites with the joy to all people, Skaters, B.M.X riders, Break Dancers and other entertainers to come and be part of the Skateboard Jam at Kitintale Skate Park on 7th January 2017.

Expecting East African Skaters, Germany too plus other visitors all over the world! This is the Starting of the Union’s calendar 2017 Skateboard Jam.

Mega Milk is the local Sponsors of the Skateboard Jam plus Skate-Aid in General and is the main Sponsor of the Uganda Skateboard Union!

On 07th/January 2017 Uganda Skateboard Union will organize the Skate-Aid Annual Highest Ollie Contest Plus a Skate Jam. At Kitintale Skate Park. The first Ollie contest was in South Africa of its kind! Right now, it’s coming in next year, Many Countries of Skate-Aid Projects around the world to host the same day event on 07th/01/2017

African Skateboarding Magazine is too Impression from all the Skateboarders of Africa.Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Morocco, Angola, Libya, Zambia South Africa and so many African Countries!This Magazine is about the Africa Continent with the best skills Skateboarders. All Countries of Africa like East African Countries Skaters, Central, West African Countries Skaters and South African Skateboarders. They are inside these Magazines! Do not Miss to Check out inside this Mag, Where the origins of East Africa Skateboarding Started from?Who introduced the game?Who helped to spread the mission of Skateboarding in East Africa? Which Country was the first to have a Skate Park?The second, third and so on! Visit http://

The Union is now is Schools of Uganda. To promote skateboarding, art, culture, and education among the youth in schools of Uganda. Bishop Cyprian Khangire Luzira ,Ntinda school for Deaf and Tree Shade Primary School. The Uganda Skateboard Union is targeting to achieve talents and Skills of Students in Schools, in order to get the best skaters who will represents Uganda in Olympics of 2020 in Tokyo Japan.

The Union younger Skateboarders are so proud & happy to have a chance to visit the schools, to have fun with the students! Although it’s difficult to Communicate with those students who makes signs language in that school for deaf Ntinda, but we are trying to make them happy too!Timg-20161020-wa0013

The Union Skateboard Jam on 17th Dec 2016 and also Skate-Aid Highest Ollie Contest on 7th Jan 2017 at Kitintale Skate Park.skate-aid-olile-contest

Do not Miss these two Contests. come and watch with out Blinking! you will be loosing the actions!


This was the in the beginning of 2016 in the first holidays of the students! Do not miss this time because, Skaters have more tricks at Kitintale Skate Park! dscf3293The small kids 8 to 12 years old, gaining air tricks as you can see them training! Jack is very proud of his students! because they know what to do! img_20161119_172924

The Union is training Students in schools how to skate! The sport refreshes the Students brain after the class lesions.(New Windows).img_20161119_171906Siragy and Robson in the action at the school entertaining Students during the Sports days!img_20161119_172241Mubiru Junior in the serious action of jumping the Skate-Aid Board!img_20161119_172224

The Union Tough younger Skaters! Siragy is one of them! he is the challenger!!dscf3184They have fun as crazy as tough in skateboarding! They are so proud of Jack with the Union too!img_20161112_122237Serious lesions at the Union how to service the Skateboard! every one is must know how to maintain his or her Skateboard! img_20161112_121915

Better to train younger one when they are still young! that is why the Union is moving forward successful!union-kids

Relax after Skating! Dream the tricks which you have been doing like those Kids!the-younger-skatersThe Uganda new generation of the Skateboarders! funny kids at the Park! don-robsonDon Robson in the Big air action! He was in his free time training at the Park!mubiru-filpMubiru Junior in Double Flip action! Robson looking over!!dscf2066Some of the Union small weekend Contests in Game of Skate! Skateboarders understand that language of skateboarding!img-20161108-wa0031

Skate-Aid is the Super hero of East African Countries! Skate Parks of East Africa are being Constructed and repaired by that project which is based in Germany! so Big Up Skate-Aid and Long live Germany!tanzania-skate-park

After Uganda Skateboard Union, Tanzania was the Second to have the a Skate park! Tanzania got the ideas from Uganda ( The Union).kenya-skate-park

Kenya was the third Country to have a Skate Park in Nairobi! Still skate-Aid empowering the Sport!rwanda-skate-parkRwanda was the fourth Country to have a Skate Park! it was opened Officially in this year of 2016.img-20161101-wa0002

Kids in Rwanda are now training had by the help of the Volunteers in different Countries like Spain Skateboarders (Gabriel Roma Santos) and Ugandan Known as Patience!dscf5237

Jack,Gabriel and Tom at Rwanda Skate Park during the official Opening!img-20161017-wa0042Peter, Patience and John Raymond from Uganda Skateboarders! At Rwanda skate Park during the Official opening!uganda-skate-parkUgandan Skate Park is now small! it need to expand it! its now a Training Park for the Schools!  img_20161109_160902

This kids in the Uniforms are the Students from the  School for Deaf in Ntinda Primary School.img_20161109_160832

They love Skateboarding! They do not talk! they know sign language only! They usually visit the Park once a week after the School lesions ends.img_20161109_161559 Girls are so interested too! The game is now growing on the rapid speed in schools of Uganda, After the Union introduced it to them!


Extension is needed in order to eliminate accidents of the Skaters during the training exercise.img-20161017-wa0045

Skateboarders filling and enjoying the down slop of road in Mutungo circular Ring Road at Kitintale areas.


Do Not Miss about this coming Skateboard Jam of the Union!



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