The Champions of the Skateboarding in Uganda!!!

11 Years.since The Uganda Skateboard Union Started Skateboarding in Uganda, They have enough experience to challenge and trains any one in Uganda who comes for help with USU in order to achieve more skills of Skateboarding!

The Union gives chance to Kids to train at Skate Park! These Kids are new generation of tomorrow. One of the Kids in the USU Known as Munyagwa Siragy, who is 13 Years old, managed to win Mountain Dew Extreme Tour Skateboarding Championship in Uganda. Siragy won Two millions (2,000,000 Ugs) and other prizes in the First Position, Kizza David Katerega(Mountain Kizza) from Mukono Skating Club was second, he won Five hundred thousand ( 500,000) Ugs only, Kyomuhendo Peter from USU was third in position. He won Two hundred fifty thousand (250,000) Ugs only. Every winner got cash on the Mountain Dew Stage live!

The USU management committee, thank a lot Mountain Dew/ Pepsi Company management in Uganda, to turn up, support Skateboarding & Exploiting talents of the younger teenagers around regions of Uganda at large! Please keep it up!!

Uganda Skateboard Union appreciates a lot Skate-Aid. Is the main Sponsor from abroad (Germany)! Skate-Aid is doing wanders in East Africa! Is now organizing for East African Skateboarding Championship! The east African countries are going to start qualifiers soon!

Uganda National Council of Sports together with the secretary General of Uganda Skating Federation (USF) in Uganda, Mr. Yahaya Kamya plus the vise Mr. Doungu Moses,nominated the local God father/ founder of The Uganda Skateboard Union since 2005 Mr. Mubiru Jackson, to work with them&prepare the National team of Skateboarding which will represents Uganda in Olympics in 2019 or 2020 in Japan!

Skateboarding in Uganda is already recognized by the Republic of Uganda(N.C.S). We have already a federation known as Uganda Skating Federation (U.S.F)Peter K & Siragy

The Champions of the Mountain Dew Extreme Tour in Uganda! Action is better than words!! The New USU 1

The USU younger team managed to compete with other people in different parts of Uganda competing for 2 millions Ugsh.The USU Younger 2Seriously where to tough for that money and they could not allow any one from no where to take that heavy prizes! They made their cation attack!Jack Speach 2Jack with the medias trying to explain how he trains the kids at Kitintale Skate Park to have all the skills. USU Younger Skaters 1This USU Kids are very terrible in what they call Skateboarding! so be serous when you are attacking them in game of Skate!Dax Prizes    Not only the money, but we got even other prizes from the Pepis Company/ Mountain Dew.Skate-Aid Picx

The Uganda Skateboard Union is too proud of Skate-Aid which brought a touch of Skateboarding in East Africa! big up all the Skate-Aid Management!The Dew Park

The Uganda Skateboard Union appreciates a lot also to Mountain Dew /Pepis Company in Uganda, To come out and support Skateboarding in Uganda! we also need more Companies to join Mountain Dew to boost the Talents of Kids in Uganda.Siragy and peter Money

Mountain Dew made it live hand Cash on the stage! check out the money Kyomuhendo Peter & Munyagwa Siragy.Many Skaters 2

Skaters where so many in different parts of Uganda! they came to compete and the Union where representing Kampala region and Kampala the Capital City won Mukono Town in Skateboarding!The Best Of Mountain Dew 1

The greatest Skateboarding Fever in Uganda!!The 1.2.3 Peter

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