The Plan B Expansion of the Union!!!

The Uganda Skateboard Union’s Plan B Expansion in progress right now. Enlarging Kitintale Skate Park. Increasing of Skateboarders in Uganda lead the Union to expand the Park so that Skaters, they can enjoy their life freedom styles of the game.

The Union appreciates a lot to thank those people who donated for the expansion to take place. The Union management & Skateboarders, appreciates Sponsors a lot.  Please keep supporting the Union to transfer the sport to different areas of Uganda. Why? Because the Uganda Skateboard Union is the source of Skateboarding in Uganda and also the First in East Africa to introduce Skateboarding.

Sheal Swart from South Africa-Cape Town, Brian Lye from Canada-Vancouver and Jackson Mubiru in Uganda. The three pioneers, God fathers of Skateboarding in Uganda. These people are extremely proud to see the game growing on high rapid speed in the Countries of East Africa. Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and soon also Burundi to have one.

A cordoning to the Uganda Skateboard union records, this project receives 38   visitors outside Africa. Those who come to visit and also skate with Kids at Kitintale Park per year! Including Pro-Skateboarders.  That’s why Union Skateboarders are good in Skateboard tricks.

Union Skaters makes skateboard tour in all Skate Parks of East Africa. The reason why? Union Skateboarders love to boost other skaters to become good so that in soon contests of East Africa Skateboarding Championship, every Country is super with Skateboard participants. (E.Afruca Skateboarding Championship Contests will be sponsored by Skate-Aid Africa)

The East African Skateboard Magazine is also soon to release out! You need to read the Histories & the Origin of Skateboarding in East Africa, each Country Skateboarders, Who are the Pro-Skater in East Africa, Challenges faced by East African Skateboarders and so on! Do NOT Miss to get one!Plan B UnionThe Uganda Skateboard Union’s Extension plan B at Kitintale Skate Park. the Construction is in progress. That is the plan how changes is goner be at Kitintale Skate Park! This design was made by the Skaters of the Union,helped by John Raymond, Mubiru Jackson and Kyomuhendo Peter.Land Scape 3

Finally,This foundation was stopped to be constructed.After Brian lye used a lot of money to treat a Skater known as Gosem Gerald (Nsubunga) But right now, its under Construction.BRC & Iron Bars

Some of the materials bout for the construction of the Extension. B.R.C and Iron Bars.Bricks

The Bricks which are to be used in Construction of the Park.Concreat Stones

The Concrete stones which will help also during the Expansion.Cement 2

The bags of Cement for Construction of the Extension of the Park.Sand

The Sand types for the mixing molter, Concrete plus building with Bricks. 2nd Build

The First day of the Expansion Construction at Kitintale Skate Park5th Building

The Second day of Construction. We take our time. To make sure everything is accurate! Slow but sure!!!!

Jack busy with the hand Saw try to cut the curves from the ply wood. Sheal Swart and Brian lye trained Jack and Late Nsubunga John how to make the curves of the Skate Park.Construction 18Here is the High of this park! We have made it, to give the younger Skateboarders, the opportunities to have a chance to do tricks after learning from the elders(Skateboarders)Extra land 3

That is where so far we are right now! Expect more pictures which is concerning with the expansion of Kitintale Skate Park.John Bertolaso, Sebastian Tkach & Edward Brial From LandonThe Uganda Skateboard Union, recently we had a very big opportunity, which brought Pro-Skaters to the Union! they had about the stories and they wanted to witness with their eyes! John Bertolaso, Sebastian Tkach and Edward Brial From Landon. They visited the  Union and they had a tough Skateboarding lessons with the Kids of the Union! They were interested to see Ugandan Kids Competing with them at the Park! They came and tour those Countries like Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda! What about you? Try also to come and visit African Skateboarders!Tough Security in Uganda, Kampala CityThe word Skating in Streets of Kampala in Uganda is prohibited!!! Skateboarding, Roller Skating and other type of skating in the Capital City of Uganda Kampala,  is prohibited! After Roller Skaters in the City of Uganda Kampala, Street Kids in Kampala usually buy   rollers Skates and train tricks how to escape, to touch on the moving Cars and so on! After they start bad criminal activities to pull passengers bags,Phones Watches,Laptops inside the moving cars like Taxi’s,Buses Lorries and so on! But Good enough, Ugandan Police came to the ground and visited the body of Sports in Uganda( National Council of Sports) The police visited also the Uganda Skateboard Union to know more about Roller Skaters! Finally Police came in touch with the Union and Federation of Speed Skating and announce that no more Skating on the Streets of Kampala! Once you are caught, straight to the Prison(Luzira Prison).

The Contests    So, Street skateboarding is prohibited! we decided to compete at our home ground Park. we enjoy the game of skate at Kitintale Skate park.Kenyan Skaters 1

Kenyan and Ugandan Skateboarders! the Union Manager Jackson Mubiru, went to Kenya recently to meet Daniel Gee. The Regional Co-coordinator of Skate-Aid in Africa, to see how we can set up a Contest of Skateboarding in East Africa? Jack went with Gilbert Mwebe, One of his student in the Union. They had a small contest as a group.Gilbert won and he was in the five best ones!The Best winners in KenyaGilbert, George,J.B and other winners on that Contest.Daniel,Zelie & Jack in KenyaDaniel , Zelie and Jackson at Shangiria Skate Park in Nairobi Kenya!Daniel at Kenya ContestDaniel, giving out Prizes, NEFF Skateboarding Watches to the first time keeper before the Contests stars!First Gifts Neff watches Out @ the ContestWonderful Neff Skateboarding watches to the Competitors in Kenya!J.B Action

J.B in the action and he was among the best in that Contest! George Performing     George! very determined on what is doing! he was also among the best!Daniel also Contesting

Daniel in the Bowel action in Kenyan Skate Park.Gilbert Contesting 1

Gilbert in the serious action jumping into the Bowel pull in Kenya.Gilbert and Best ones in Kenya Contest

The best of the best in that Contest in Kenya! soon to meet these guys in the East African Contest which is likely to start.George on the Pipe

George the Kenyan on the pipe! Grinding seriously!J.B

J.B is showing you what he won in that Contest.Ssk Skater Contesting

S.s.k is still strong brothers! so do not give up!! Keep it Standing like Uganda Skateboard Union! Work like Bees!!!The Gifts

The Prizes for the participants in that Contest in Kenya!The SSK Group @ the Skate Park

The Squad of the S.S.K team in Skateboarding!Amuza, Edward,Gilbert & Mubiru

Tomorrow’s new generation in Skateboarding in Uganda Skateboard Union! Give chances to younger one too!

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