The New Generation Super Tough Of The Union!!!

Skateboard Union, which is an NGO Project in Uganda, Introduced the game in 2005 when a local Citizen Jackson Mubiru plus other two foreigners Sheal Swart from South Africa Cape town and Brian Lye from Canada Vancouver introduce Skateboarding to the Youth of Uganda! The biggest number of People in Africa, they don’t understand a word Skateboarding! Each one can interpret Skateboarding on their own ways! By the way,
What is Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is an internationally practiced sport that originated in California in the 1970’s. Since its birth it has spread across the world and it reached Uganda in 2005 for the very first time in East Africa. In countries around the globe skateboarding is practiced by people of all ages and international Competitions are being held on a regular basis. In the last few years Skate boarding’s international popularity has skyrocketed due to the televised X-Games. The Uganda Skateboard Union is the first skateboarding project in Uganda which brought the potential for Ugandans and other Countries of East Africa to teach Skateboarding. Douglas Mwesigwa from Uganda went to Tanzania to train the youth how to Skateboard. Skateboarding will help the teenagers of East Africa plus the same thing it does for youth around the globe; it gives them a new window for fun, it gives them a physical challenge, and it gives them a mental release from whatever problems they might be facing.

The Uganda Skateboard Union is constantly dedicating Skate-Aid Project management and supporters, appreciating the great work which this project is doing in Africa! Right now Skate-Aid has extended their part of the missions from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia,Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Sudan and Algeria in West Africa. These are the Countries in Africa Sponsored by Skate-Aid. Remember, they are around the globe to help the youth in the all world. SKATE-AID project, In Africa! NO HATE GO AID!! This project helps a lot of younger teenagers in Africa! Through introducing new window entertainment known as Skateboarding. They do a lot to help Countries which have been sabotaged with the Wars! They construct public Skate-Parks, supporting NGO’s, Helping the refugees and etc.Uganda Skateboard Union, Build a new Strong foundation structure of younger Kids. These are the new generation of the Union. These Kids are tough & Skilled during the training at the Skate Park. As time is proceeding in the coming years, Uganda will be having nice Skaters in Competitions which is likely to happen in East Africa.

Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda. These are the East African Countries which are participating in Skateboarding game. So far, Rwanda’s Skate Park is the biggest in East Africa, followed by Kenyan Skate Park, Tanzania Skate Park is the Second Last &Uganda is the last with a small Skate Park! But soon to enlarge it. Uganda is already in historical records of introducing Skateboarding in East Africa. The Uganda Skateboard Union, managed to train younger teenagers whom will represents Uganda in any Contests of Skateboarding! Check out the some of the few  kids which the Union is Proud of!

Groups- (4) Same of the few new super tough of the Uganda Skateboard Union! they are ready for any Skateboard Contests in East Africa and other Countries!

Kayira 1   Double Filip! He is very confidently on what is doing! younger has he is and in the previous contest, he was third in the position!

Robson SimigoRobson! The tough one also is one of those who won the prizes! he was number second in that previous contest! he is very smart hard training in every day lessons!

Emma Mubiru

Mubiru Emmanuel! He is the Champion of the last previous contest of Mega Milk Competition! he is doing well and he wants to retain his position!

Siragy 1

Silagy! He is train hard in order to be on the first three participants! He is also the tough one on the first elevens of the younger Squads!


Amusa! Very Crazy boy with the pipes! this kid is fantastic for something concerning with pipe grinding! he is terrible Kid!

Goerge 1

George! He is the brother to Robson! These family is also like Douglas family! all the people are skateboarders! George is a simple kid but but very hard in Skateboarding tricks! be ready to face him!  if you have a chance to Compete with him!

Skate-Aid E-Africa

Skate Aid is now in Rwanda! Very soon to organize for the East African Contest of Skateboarding! They are doing a great work in Africa!

Rwanda Construction

Rwanda Skate-Park is done! so less Start the game of Skateboarding i East Africa! Action comes from the word Go!!

Gabriel 4

The Rwanda Skate-park was cool during the Opening! Skate-Aid management where available and had fun plus the youth of Rwanda in Kigali!

Mike,Torben & SOS Members

Torben, Titus, Daniel and  other Skate Aid members where around during the official opening of the Rwanda Skate-Park! Jack went with two Skateboarders from Uganda to represent the Union!

The Group 1  Daniel, Benin and Friend. a Skate-Aid team which worked hard on that day during the Official opening!

Amin, Peter & SOS Managements 1

Amin,Peter from Uganda,Titus, Daniel and other Rwanda Officers in Government discussing about the introduction of Skateboarding in East Africa!!

Rwanda Roko

The Super Constructing Company of Rock-Rwanda plus the Skate-Aid, did a right dream of the younger youth to be proud of their Skate-Park! Peter,Jack and Daniel in Rwanda!

Rwandies Kids with Skate-Aid

Boys and girls in Kigali, where so happy to have a Skate-Park! Just see the joy of those younger sisters how proudly they are!

Daniel is Proud

Daniel welcoming Skateboarding in Rwanda! We are happy to see the game when is growing on the rapid speed!!!

Daniel 50

The action of Daniel doing 50,50 on the pipe! Rwanda is so nice and we enjoyed it with fun! Try it to skate in Kigali!

Daniel & J.B

Daniel forward seeing J-B Jumping the curve!

Gabriel Air 1


Gilbert,Mweb & Kids



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