The Union Skateboarders are in SKATE the World magazine

The Uganda Skateboard Union Wishes all the people all over the World, who managed to help with effort of support to the mission of the Union, to enjoy X-mas and Happy New Year’s eve! All the Union Skateboarders send greetings to those who supported them since and up to date!
The Uganda Skateboard Union Image, Its inside SKATE the WORLD Skateboard Magazine, Award-winning photographer (Jonathan Mehring), Fore worded by TONY HAWK. Jonathan who spends his career traveling the globe even Uganda Skateboard Union captured in the World-Famous Skateboarders such as Tony Hawk, Mark Gonzales, Nyjar Hoston, Eric Koston and many other Pro-Skateboarders! Douglas Mwesigwa, Peter Kyomuhendo and Nicolas Mugenyi represents East African Skateboarders inside SKATE the WORLD in action packed dynamic collection images which have been published in Top Skateboarding Magazines, and ESPN named him one of the sport’s ten most influential people! Now in his first book, Mehring invited along his exhilarating photo adventures across six continents including Africa like Uganda (The Uganda Skateboard Union), Ethiopia, Morocco and South Africa. Please, Look for SKATE the World with action packed Photographic adventure of hit the streets with 200 exhilarating photographs of the world’s greatest winning photographer Jonathan Mehring took us from New York to Hong Kong to Istanbul to Africa and beyond he set out a capture the heart and soul of Skate Culture on Six Continents.
Since 2005 to 2016, 10 years now! The vision of the Uganda Skateboard Union, at least it has worked! It was the first Skateboard Project in Uganda! And also in all East African Countries! The mission of the Union was to combat the development of negative habits among East African youth by introducing Skateboarding to them! Other things, to give a new window for fun and positive and healthy activity to idleness of youth in those Countries.
East African Countries, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and other Countries, we are in progress to contest for tournaments in order to motivate youth new techniques, art and culture plus education among the youth! Companies which can be involved to sponsor and help for this contest to take place, please we welcome you indeed!
Uganda Skateboard Union, ready for any Contest! And the youth of 10 years to 17 years old, are busy with their daily evening training exercise as you can see them in action! Jackson Mubiru is preparing these Kids of Uganda, to get ready for Olympics in case of Skateboarding!!!


TransWorld Skateboard Magazines

Douglas ,Peter and Nico are proud of the Union! To see them selves in the Skate the World magazines of the Pro-Skateboarders of the world! Ugandan Skateboarders, would like Pro-Skateboarders to come and visit them! Don Robson 2

Don Robson in his free styles during evening training classes at Kitintale Skate Park! They always have challenges with the big Skateboarders like Douglas, Peter, and Nico to watch their trick techniques and skills!

Don Robson 4

Uganda Skateboard Union took time to train these kids up to day! Still we have more dangerous ones like him!

Siragy 1

The Uganda Skateboard Union, together with the heads of the Communities, parents in Kitintale  and the all parts of Kampala, appriciate a great work the Union did to introduce entertainment to youth and makes them busy as you can see the enjoyment!

Kids play

Younger ones enjoy the place and the sametime with Skateboarders too! so we appriciates all our sponsor which helped us to make the Union stand! (Skate-Aid)

Douglas 3

Douglas Mwesigwa, trying to show the few skills to younger ones who need to challage him during the Evening training exercise!Douglas 1

One of the top most dangerous Skateboarders in Uganda!

Douglas 5Regan Bell and Rukundo Morries, they were challaging for the big Jumps!Regan B

Regan Bell, he one of the best ones in the new generation regyms! he is good to make big jumps and also other tricks!

Regan Bell

Very well determined and also love the game of Skateboarding! He is 17 years old!




Next one is Lukundo Morrise. they had a big Jump challages and both of them were nice!


Alot of challenging between the younger ones to see who is the best of the year 2015 Skateboarder!

Morrise 2

The younger ones(kids) are the judges to wintness the Contest as refferees! Next is Emmanuel Mubiru Jounior!

Emmanuel Mubiru 2

These guys are training had to be like Douglas! some time you may meet them on the Skatepark training so that they gain the same skills.

Emmanuel Mubiru 3

Emmanuel likes air tricks and also kick flips on the pipes!

Mubiru E

Uganda in feature, will be having dangerous Skateboarders in East Arica.

Mubiru Jounior 1

Next is Mugabi Daniel! is also anther one to those who are more serious in Skateboarding.

DSCF0303The Uganda Skateboard Union trained a lot the younger ones(Kids) because, is looking forward where Skateboarding is going!


Imagin he is about 9 years old! once he become that age of Douglas, he will be very dangerous Skateboarders!


Trinity is the smallest Skateboarder, he is a brother to Mugabi Daniel! both the love the game Competting during the training at Skate Park.

Trinity,Emmanuel andTom

Tomorrow’s new genaration in Ugandan Skateboarders after the bigger one left!

The New Genaration 4

Right now, the Union is looking far and that is why loves to trian the replacements Skateboarders of tomorrow!

The Genaration of U.S.U 2

These guys get their Skill in reading Skateboard Mangazines!

Skate World 2


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