The Uganda Skateboard Union Prepare Next Generations of Skateboarding In Olympics !!!

The Uganda Skateboard Union together with Skate Aid in Africa, Uganda already started training hard Younger Skateboarders to prepare for the Olympics which may likely to happen in coming years! These Kids aged (8-13) Years old, These Kids will be representative of Uganda by then in Olympics which is soon to happen! Skate Aid Project made a lot of effort in different Countries in Africa whereby helping Kids through Organize and set out to Combat Idleness and Boredom among the Youth of Africa by providing a new, Positive and Fun outlet for them through Skateboarding and make Kids happier plus Constructing Skate Parks, forming societies, Clubs in the Communities. The Union was the first to introduce Skateboarding in East Africa! Skateboarders in Uganda archived a lot! Some companies in Uganda like (PEPIS Cola) Soda Company used the Union Skateboarders for Advertisements like Douglas, Gilbert, Isa, and Ken-man! They are still on Billboards in Uganda Kampala City Streets. So The Uganda Skateboard Union and Skate-Aid Africa, manages to create and support the youth of Africa through Skateboarding and promote Kids Talents in different parts of Africa. Uganda appreciates a lot Skate-Aid (Germany) Project in Munster.   The Uganda Skateboard Union together with Skate-Aid Project in Africa, supported a lot for Skateboarding to expand in East Africa plus anther Parts.Super Kids 4The Uganda Skateboard Union Academy! These Kids are still younger! 8-13 years old! By the time Skateboarding will be in Olympics, These Squared will represents Uganda! As God willing!Wumaine, Mubiru, Robson, Dan and Silagy! They need more Kids to join their Squared! They are terrible in Training!!!Super Kids 7Uganda has a lot of Talents! Please Ugandan, wake up and support your child like how you can see these Kids! they are exposing their Talents!Silagy 1Silagy was in the motion during training at Kitintale Skate Park every evening at 5 after School!Silagy 7  Determination on what you need on your heart! Silagy is perfect on what he will be in his feature! So, he has his Talent!Silagy 11Big airs with Silagy! he nice and encourage age mates at the Skate park to train a lot!Silagy 5Next is Mubiru Junior! is anther confident Kid! he nice too!Mubiru 1He likes big air too like Silagy! they train together at the Skate Park and move together!   DCIM102GOPRO Mubiru and Robson preparing for the Serious training at Skate Park!Robson 2Robson is anther tough Kid who is serious during the training at the Skate Park!George 1He is George! Is the brother to Robson! George also is next to Skateboarders at the Skate Park who love the game and likes training!Super Kids 8 Those are the professionals of tomorrow in Uganda! Yeah, Let us go forward and we continue attracting for Talents!BillboardExposing talents everywhere, ends on the Bill-boards in the Cities! Douglas is very proud of the Union!!!Douglas 6     Douglas respect the Union Management plus Skate-Aid Project! The Union discover the Talent of him to be on the Bill-board!Douglas Skateboarding on Streets in Uganda is Fun!!!! We enjoy a lot! Security officers skate with us! they love the game! Check Douglas from the building! Skateboarding is Freedom! ? The Uganda Skateboard Union together with Skate-aid, managed to keep Children in Kititinale Community in one place through introducing Skateboarding!The Park 3Kitintale Skate Park keeps these kids busy and diverts them from Bad Criminal activities! So we need more Skate-Parks in different regions of Uganda!The Park 4  Kyomuhendo Peter! He is one of the pro-Skaters in Uganda! He is very nice to compare to others!Peter KWeekends is Street Skating in City! and week days after school at 5 in the evening is Park only! ? Big Jump! Peter is so good! He encourages younger Skateboarders to train hard! ? Kampala City Skateboarders, love to jump pot-holes, steers and so on! We love to invite Skateboarders from different Countries to share Tricks! but not Photographers and Film-makers! are not allowed to come!! Deck 1

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