The Uganda Skateboard Union, Together with Skate Aid Project which is based in Monster Germany, Helped a lot to Support the Union to Celebrate 10 Years Anniversary which took place on 4th Saturday April 2015. The Union together with donors of different Countries in the all world helped a lot Organize and set out to Combat Idleness and Boredom among the Youth of Uganda by providing a new, Positive and Fun outlet for them through Skateboarding.
The Union plans are to extend Skateboard game in Schools and also other areas, Constructing of Skateboard Parks in Various districts of Uganda.
The Union appeals to the Uganda government to reduce on the taxes for the equipment that is donated as this will help to improve and promote the Sport Country wide.
Together with the head of the Community at Kitintale Skate Park, Mr. Godfrey Ndawula and the Committee of this Village, attended Anniversary and they did to give out Prizes to the winners on that day. The Chief Guest was Attorney General of Uganda Mr. Fredrick Ruhindi who was represented by the Head of Kitintale Zone 12 Community.
Local Sponsors like K-2 Telecommunication Network and Centenary Bank also helped the Union on the Anniversary Celebration of 10 Years since!
The Union had young upcoming Skateboarders Contests of age 7 to 10 Years old only! On that Competition, the Spectators show the vision where The Uganda Skateboard Union is forwarding the Sport and also the youth of Uganda at large. Three Kids won and the First one is Robson took a Complete New Skateboard plus 1term of School fees, second was Siragy won a New Skateboard Deck and third was Amusa who won the Fire Spirit Wheels plus S.K.F set of bearing.
The big squad Skateboarders like some includes Peter, Douglas, Gilbert, Faruq, Isa, and Ken-Mans, Dax, Titi, Nico Nice boy, John Lay, Sedrick, Kiaro,George,Samuel from Kenya where entertaining the guest through showing them tricks!
The Union management gave out appreciation Certificates to those members who helped the Union since and up to date! Some of the few people who got the Appreciation Certificates are Mr. Sheal Swart, who made the First step of the Union, Mr. Brian Lye from Canada, He expanded the Skate Park of the Union, Miss. Joyce Nalutaya, the mother of Jack, Late Nsubuga John who Construct the First Half-Pipe in 04/04/2005, Mr.Mubiru Jack who is the Director of the Union and other members who helped a lot!
The weather was not fine and automatically rain dorsal for some time and stopped! People attended well and we had Visitors from Germany (KIARO), Denmark and also three Skateboarders from Kenya our neighbors! People watch the event as usual! Security was fine and good on Union Function!
Different Medias house where around like Vision Group, Record T.V, Star-FM Radio, U.B.C. Everything went on good and smoothly at the 10 years Anniversary of The Uganda Skateboard Union!!?????????????

The time when the party was soon to start! The weather was some how bad and we where expecting rain! but thing went nice and good day time!

Union Kids 2015

The selected younger Skateboarders, where to compete to and expose the Skill to the spectators and the Guests on that big occasion of the Union!

Anniversary 2

People at Kitintale Community, tried to attend the Function and they where very interested to watch younger Skateboarders exposing their skills at the Skate Park and the same time, to see a well organized Project!


The Union always fight a lot to support younger generation to expose the talents because, they are the super stars of tomorrow in Uganda! we had even younger artists of the Anniversary on that day!


The parents who have kids in the Union, supported a lot the Union to buy the Union T-shirts on that function! What dose it mean? the answer is they love Skateboard game (Sport).

Anniversary 3

The Skate Park was over crowded by the people from different areas of Uganda, even outside Uganda like Germany,Denmark,Kenya,Rwanda and so on!

Anniversary 4

On the side of the Ugandan kids, they are very proud of happiness to have the joyful,positive and fun outlet for them at Kitintale Skate Park which  set out to Combat Idleness and Boredom among the Youth in the Community!


Each parent in this Community, came to witness with the necked eyes how the Skateboarders enjoy the Skate Park and the same time to Celebrates with their Kids to gather!


The Head of the Community in Kitintale Zone 12 Local Council 1, Mr. Godfrey Ndawula, was giving a speech to the People of Kitintale at the Skate Park, the way how this Sport of Skateboarding helped a lot in his Community! This game set out to Combat Idleness and Boredom among the Youth Kitintale in his Community!

Invited Guests

The invited guests like Miss. Sunday,Mr.God Frey and the friend from Denmark, enjoyed the 10 years Anniversary of the Union!

Action 2

The big size Skateboarders, where entertainer of the guests and to show people more tricks at the function!


Peter,John Lay and the two Kenyans George and Samuel, where the Judges on that Contests of the Younger Skateboarders!


Robson won the Complete Skateboard and he was the first!,Second was Silagy and he won the New Deck, and the third was Amusa with a new pairs of Spirit Fire Wheels and a set of S.K.F Bearing!


The Germany representative from Skate Aid Mr. KIARO, his the one who was in charge to give them the Prizes which they have won!


The function was so nice and we had nice Security at the Skate Park!


Younger Kids where so proud to watch and see who will win the Contests!


The gave out Certificate to Jack’s Mom! she is the God mother of the Skateboarding in Uganda!


Mubiru Junior got a Certificate for the late Father Nsubuga John who Constructed the Skate Park at the first time!


Jack also got his Certificate! he did a lot to introduce the Sport!


Sedric also got his for working together with the Union!


John Lay was also appreciated for the good work he did for the Union!


Douglas also go the Appreciation Certificate of the best Skater!


The Group picture with the Kenyan at the Anniversary of 10 years since!


The Uganda and the Kenyan at the streets of Kampala Uganda!

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