The Uganda Skateboard Union, on 04/04/2015, 10 yeas when the Union is operating the system. Uganda Skateboard Union will cerebrate with all the Skateboarders at Kitintale Skate park where the headquarters of the Union are!! Do not miss the contests of Young growing Skateboarders,Break Dance(Be-Boy) and Local upcoming Ugandan Artists on the Stage singing for the audience! On that date,Uganda Skateboard Union management, will need to thank all the people in the all world, who helped a lot and support the Union update! Please thank you very very much and keep supporting because, we are still strong as you can see! What is happening in the Community of Kitintale areas and at large in Kampala the Capital City of Uganda! Uganda now, is recognized on the Continents of Europe in these game of Skateboarding! Although Ugandan government does not support sports, Youth in Uganda fight had in sports to put Uganda on the map of sports in the all world! Uganda Skateboard Union,Net ball,Wood ball,Roller ball, Speed Skating and so many other sports in Uganda, they are not considered as a sports! And that way people in Uganda will not understand other sports! for them they know Foot ball,Basket ball,Cricket,Boxing!  The Union fought much to introduce Skateboarding in East Africa! because no one knew about the game and it was difficult to introduce the sport. On 5/11/2014, The Uganda Skateboard Union, received the The Bright European Award 2014 in Germany, in Munster town! Mubiru Jack, the President of the Union, went with one of the student and received the Uganda Skateboard Union Skate-Aid Charity Award 2014. Jack and Sedrick enjoyed Germany! they skated in various Skate Parks and mate so many Professional Skateboarder,Femurs Film Actors in Germany and so on! Award 1 Uganda now is recognized in Germany about Skateboarding and is the first Country in East Africa to introduce Skateboarding! Award 3 Good young boys at Kitintale Skate Park (Headquarter) of the Union, Nice young trained up coming Skateboarders! Uganda as time comes in 2020, will be with Professional Skateboarders of year!!Silagy 5 Silagy is 10 years old! he is very serious during exercise training at Kitintale Skate Park! these sport need when you are very determined in your heart! Silagy 1 Siragy and Mubiru Junior, they always need to compete and sometime, they need to compete with their Tutor Kyomuhendo Peter! he always trains them well in Jack`s absent! Jounior Mubiru 5 He is 9 years old! His name is Mubiru Junior! Closed friend of Silagy and they skate together! These two boys,Skateboarding is their favorite game! Jounior Mubiru 2 Mubiru Junior and Silagy, they will be in the Contests of East Africa Skateboarding! which is soon to take place! Countries like Kenya,Tanzania,Rwanda be ready for these two kids to Compete your Countries! Jounior Mubiru 4 Skate-Aid,helped a lot in Uganda and still supporting Africa a large! Skate Aid management, Uganda Skateboard Union Thank for the good things you made for Africa!Bell 1 Bell is anther Kid! he is tough in pipes,rails and so on! He is also on the squad which is very terrible on the tricks of the Skateboard! Peter and Bell Peter and Bell when Competing who is the best in grinding! Peter is the tutor but these kids always need competition with him! Tutor Peter 3 Peter the tutor, training them and instructing what to do during the exercise of Skateboarding! All the young up coming kids at the Park, they love Peter with his style of Skateboarding!Tutor Peter 1 He spend time with the Kids at the Skate Park! He always give them chance to Skate because,They are Skateboarders of tomorrow! Why not! Peter and Kids He Site down with them and Counsel them according to the behaviors of those young age!Tutor Peter 5 Bashirl is back! He has grown up now! he was young and is on the first page of the Union when opening the News page Bashiri 1 Peter is training with the kids during the exercise! Peter 4


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