The Africa Skateboarding Magazine, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania! The three Countries are the representative of the East African Countries in that Magazine and so far, Uganda has the best Skateboarders since they started the game in 2005! Right know, they have young Skateboarders (Up coming Skateboarders) the first young Skateboarder is Bashiri who is on the first page of The Uganda Skateboard Union, Duckx the brother of Douglas, Cedric, Morris are some of the young Skateboarders in the Union.

Jack is so proud of the Skateboarding! The game now is going on growing slowly by slowly like his dream use to be at the begging. He could not believe that even the Skateboard Magazine contest can happen in East Africa! Yeah, we love also other Countries to come and participate in this contest.

Enjoyment and life of Skateboarding in the Capital City of Uganda! Kampala is so great on the weekends when no traffics. Security Officers in City also love the game and some time, we train with them on the streets! We Skate while also our selves getting coverage of street movies!

Problem of the Union is the Skateboards, Protective gears, bearing, wheels and others. More tricks and skills, Skateboards get broken! So Skateboards is the major point to the Union.

Replacement of Skateboard! Jack always trains how to assembling of new Skateboard to the guys and Kids. To replace a Skateboard, you first bring the broken one or the one with the Crack and get another one to save life of the Skateboarders.African Morning

People in Europe,Asia and so other Continents in the whole world, they know Africa as a Dark Continent! But we are not!!!!! Check out what you are not expected in the Dark Continent at the side of East Africa!Bashiri 7Bashiri is Back! A young Skateboarder, who is on the first page of the Union blog on the quoter pipe dropping, He is training for that Contest of Africa Skateboarding Magazine Bashiri 9Bashiri is well determined on what is doing and the same time to compete with any one who is ready to challenge him.Duckx 4Anther super tough is Duckx! These are the young ones which the Union has been training since and every days!Duckx 7Duckx is the challenger of the young ones, in fact, he likes even to challenge the brother  Douglas!  Douglas and Brother DuckxThe two brothers who are the Monsters in Skateboarding! the reason is because, they train a lot!!!Duckx's JDuckx enjoy the life style on Streets of Kampala and other Skateboarders!Duckx and SedricCediric  is anther virus up coming Skateboarder! he is also well determined guy who love the game! he is a closed friend of Duckx.Sedric 4Another Young virus is Morise! he very nice and he likes that contest which is soon to happen!Morise 4In more three years coming, Morise and fellow young Skateboarders, they will be more super tough in these game!Morise 3Morise likes the pipes and also to jump the pot holes in the streets of Kampala!Morise,Duckx,Sedric and JeffMorise,Douckx,Cedric and Jeff busy replacing the broken Skateboard at the Skate park!Amusa's D.C ShoesThe Skateboard Shoes of D.C Company, one of the young Skateboarder in the Union used it when it was new up to that level! Even Skateboards, are getting broken as these guys make tricks at the Skate Park!Jack and the Kids 1Jack,Cedric,Duckx,Morse and other kids at the Skateboard Park, trying to fix and replacing back the broken Skateboards.Gilbert and FaruqGilbert and Faruq, Wondering how these Contest of Africa Skateboarding Magazine is going to be happen! They are totally ready to challenge those Counties in Skateboarding!!Gilbert 5Grinding on the pipe, Gilbert is more perfect and skilled in it.Gilbetr 3Kymuhendo Peter! These are the big Super Tough of the Union in fact, the one holding the Union!Kyomuhendo PeterPeter always enjoy the Street and the Skate Park!Peter 4Peter, he waiting for Communication that Uganda is going to face anther Country! He is ready to Challenge any one in that game!Peter 6The Union’s Producer John Lay!! Our producer, Skateboarder. These guy help us a lot! he always Skate both on the Park and Street!The Producer John LayThe Camera man John-Lay when is on the Streets busy getting coverage of the Skateboarders in Uganda. The Crew of SkateboardersGuys site and plan for place to go and get nice Coverage in the Capital City of Uganda-Kampala.John Lay 4Not only getting Coverage, he is Skateboarder! he do both like you can see him! He is a Ugandan!!Jeff 3Jeff! He is also anther supper tough in the Union! he is wonderful on the Park.Jeff 1Douglas trains and very,very ready for that tournament of Africa Skateboard Magazine! He trains the Upcoming young Skateboarders to have a nice tricks like him self.Douglas 5All these tricks you see, you will meet them in that Magazine tournament which they are expecting very soon.Douglas'Filp 2Flips on the streets of Kampala every Sunday. we enjoy the city of Uganda.Jumps of DouglasCheck it out how Ugandan Skateboarders enjoy Skateboards in the Capital City of Uganda.The security guards in Uganda, love the game so much and some time we skate with them at the place where they guard from! The city has freedom to Skateboarders.Group of SkateboardersEvery body on street admire us how we are doing it on the streets!Life 2 on Streets of SkateboardersLife on Street Skateboarding is Waahow!! Easy and cool! Skateboarding is not A crime!!! Enjoy your life on the board!Morise and John LayNext virus is David Katerega! He is super skilled in 360’s in the air! Check him out and he is well confident that Uganda is willing to be on top of these tournament of Africa Skateboarding Magazine.David 3These picture is not a camera tricks! its a real shoot and i pray not to miss to come and watch the super co-founder Skateboarders of the Uganda Skateboard Union.David 5David is anther monster in Uganda! he so good in Air. so do not miss to see these guys live.David 6What a nice dropping! David has a tough confidence in these sport.David 4Gerald Nsubuga, is back to skate again! remember he was very sick and admitted to the hospital! Brain-lye help so much for Gerald and we thank him for what he did to our fellow Skateboarder Gerald!Gerlad in HospitalGerald was in the hospital! Gerald is back in Skateboarding! We appreciate a lot Brian-Lye to help us and support our friend Gerald!   Gerlad 2Gerald now, His is back in the system of the game! he is also ready for the contest of Africa Skateboarding Magazine.Gerlad and DavidHe makes him self busy recovering what he was missing during when admitted to the hospital.GerladYoung ones are also very serious after they had the big ones are soon to have a tournament, they decided to train had so that even them, they may have that chance to be in that tournament. Isma, Mbiru Jounior and JeffThese kids, they are also very soon to become nice and good.SilagyNice Boy Nico! The Super Disease of the Virus! is the next one!Nico 10 Nico is very strong and perfect in the training.Nico 9He is very ready for any tournament which can happen with Ugandan!Nico 8Nik’s Mom Jean,Jack’s daughter Jackie and Helen Jack’s girl friend at new red chill comping hide out in K Kampala!Nik's Mom,Jackie and Hellen 2Skateboard is the major problem here in Uganda we are facing! Yeah, we have tried since we started the sport and we have been getting them through donation and please, if you can help to donate to the Uganda Skateboard Union, we appreciate and we welcomes them please! Skateboards,Guards, helmets,Bearings are the problem which the Union is facing right now!Peter,Gerlad and IsaPeter,Gerald,Isa trying to fix back and replacing the broken Skateboard.Repairing Boards 1The young Skateboarders, trying to fix back the bearing to their Skateboards and enjoy the life!Bell and Group 1Jack always trains with guys during their tough training at the Skate Park every evening after working ours finished.Jack and Skateboarders like GilbertJack also help them to teach them how to make a Skateboard! even to put a grip on the a board!Jeff,Duckx,Morise and Jack


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