Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, These Countries have managed to introduce the game of Skateboarding. The East Africa Skateboard project is going forward through Skate-Aid which is sponsoring it. Uganda Skateboard Union was the first to introduce this game in Uganda. It’s been transfer to Tanzania and now is in Kenya Nairobi. They opened it on 20th/10/2013.  The City of Nairobi in place called SHANGILIA School of the orphans. Its Located next to MEXICAN-Embassy and back Side of Nairobi School.

Jackson Mubiru, President of the East Africa Skateboarding in these three Countries, was invited to represent Uganda on that date of ground opening of Nairobi Skate Park. People in Kenya where so proud to have that Chance to have a First Skate-Park in their Country. So far it’s the Biggest in E.Africa!

Next years programs are to start Competing with in East African Countries! Skate-Aid played a big roll to help Kids in East Africa through Constructing Skate Parks and makes kids Combat the development of Negative habits among Uganda, Tanzania and Kenyan youth. And also to a new window for fun, Positive and healthy activity to idol E.African youth.

Ugandan Skateboarders are now on the Posters and Bill-Boards on the Streets of Kampala, Small towns in Uganda. Brian-Lye is Busy with Ugandan Movie of Skateboarding Documentary!

Skateboarders in Uganda, they are so proud to have anther Skate Park in Kenya.   Image

Mwesigwa Douglus,Gilbert,Isa and Ken-man are on the Streets and the City of Kampala and small towns in Uganda!Image

Brian Lye and Jackson Mubiru very proud of the Ugandan Skateboard documentary Movie!Image

Uganda Skateboarders welcomes Kenyans in the System of Skateboarding! Ready to compete with them!Image

The Uganda Skateboard Union is so proud that now the game is going on growing and right now Kenya is in the system!Image

Gerald,Morse,Douglas,Peter and Musa! These guys are so proud to have brotherhood of Skateboarding in Kenya! They need the Kenyan attention in the game and also to have a team spirit with friends!Image

Africans wake up!! Its time now to get up from the bed! Remember these Skateboarding started in Uganda at first in East Africa, It went to Tanzania and its now in Kenya so what about your Country?Image

Skate-Aid Organization, Have played a big roll to introduce and construct the Skate park in the Countries of East-Africa. The project helps the children of Africa to Combat them from bad behaviors and also to make them physically in Health! The Uganda Skateboard Union appreciate for that!


THE SKATEBOARDING SOCIETY OF KENYA (S.S.K) Have entered the system of Skateboarding and Skate-Aid helped a lot in the Construction of the Skate Park in Nairobi Kenya! They have Joined Uganda and Tanzania!Image

The City of Nairobi where the Skate park was built!


Castral,Daniel,Jack With the Skateboarders at his arrival in Nairobi- Kenya! Image

Daniel, Jack and Engine in the Studio Plus Skate-Aid office in Nairobi! Skate-Aid Sponsor Jack to go to the ground opening of the Skate Park in Kenya!


Skate Aid did a great work in Kenya! The park has all the Skating Staff!Image

Basket ball court is also on the Park and other items as you can see!Image

Jack, Titus, and Daniel at the greatest Skate park in Nairobi-Kenya!Image

Kids in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are so happy to have these kind of Skate park in East-Africa!Image

Ground Opening at Shangilia School of Orphan were the Skate-Park was built!Image

The Kenyan Skateboard Park is located at the Embassy of Mexico, Germany-Radio and T.V plus the Nigeria High Commissioner’s Residence. So Do not get lost in Kenya looking for the Skate Park!Image

Entertainment by the Shangilia School was Fun and enjoying to watch the young kids!Image

Daniel, Kenneth, Jack and Engine getting lunch in the City.Image

Jack is looking forward where the game is going! he thought that it will end in Uganda but its now in Kenya!Image

People where so many and happy to have that chance to get a Skate Park in Kenya.Image

Titus, Ali, Leo and other Skateboarders of Kenya at the Party!Image

Young Kids at the park were surprise to have a nice park in Kenya!Image

Ali was happy! And he was one of the people who helped the Skate park to Happen!Image

Leo Kilel is one of the best Kenyan Skateboarders! he was dropping into the pull-Bowel!Image

A lot of the People who had about the Sport, brought kids to Skateboard at the new First Skate park in Kenya.Image

Kenyan’s are also good and once they are used with their park, they will be like those ones in Uganda!Image

These guys are so busy now days because they had about tournaments which may likely to happen next year!Image

Shangilia Students were entertaining people on that day!Image

Some of the Skateboarders in Nairobi listening to the speech to the head of Shangilia School of Orphan!Image

Up coming young Skateboarder in Kenya! He love the game and feel so nice when his Skating!Image

Parents brought their kids to join the Sport!


Nairobi City is great! the streets are so nice and fantastic compared to Kampala City!Image

So far now, Kenya is the only Country in East Africa with the biggest Skate Park!Image

Daniel, Jack, Titus and Engine! Discussing about the game in East African Countries and the vision of the game in Africa!Image

Douglas, Brian, Peace and young Jackie! Brian is now back to Canada!Image

Gilbert says bye bye to Brian!



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