Uganda is back know on what we call Skateboarding. After Skate-Aid sponsored them and renovate the Skate Park, it looks good and super to skate on it. Ugandan Skateboarders are back in the systems of making a lot of tricks and hope soon to start organizing International Competition between East-African Countries.

Kids are so proud of the Park, They training every evening after School plus Saturday and Sundays around 4:00 PM evening hours at Ugandan time. Determination on these game is needed in order to learn more tricks from anther Skateboarders, the same time to share ideas and so on. Skate-Aid in Africa, has managed a lot to help East African Countries through Constructing Skate Parks in deep villages were by kids of East Africa can be helped,Stopping bad behaviors, being idol and so on. The out come is to introduce Skateboarding. Check out what is in Uganda Know!!!Image

Every kid need to be a Skateboarder! But it depends on the Guardian responsible for the kid to enter the Club.Image  

Not only those kids a round the Community of Kitintale Skate-Park! We have kids who comes from very far like Jinja Town,Entebbe Air-port Community,Mukono Town and so on.Image

 Douglas ever is in air as usual, He is the first priority in Uganda’s best Skateboarders!Image  

He is a super monster!  When he is on training, he is so good as you can see him!Image

He normally makes double flip on the pipe and make it perfect!!!!!Image

Remember Skate-Aid Sponsored Douglas and went up to Germany because of his Talent!!Image

Motion of hand plant, Made by Douglas during his free training time in the evening hours.Image

These guy has a lot of Sweet photographs! But Photographer do not come for him. we Hate Camera men and we need Skateboarders!!Image

Gilbert and Douglas on top of the Kitintale Skateboard Park standing during training.Image

We need know serious Tournaments! Douglas said so!!!!Image

Very nice to see even other Skateboarders like Gilbert! He is also becoming anther wolf in the club of Skateboarding!!!


Grinding on the pipe, Gilbert is now a simple wolf! Image

More training, more experiences! these guys they share ideas during exercise of the board.Image

Gilbert is perfect on the pipe grinding until  it ends! Image

Norse Brant and so on with these guy is cool for him.Image

Next is David Katerenga. He is also nice and he is good to make 360s in air. Image

Air twist, David is super! I understand Uganda also coming to be having super star in young generation of Skateboarding.Image

Deadly grinding on the pipe!! David is a crazy guy!! He very determine on the board.Image

These guys watch Skateboard movies and they train the tricks.Image

Peter!! He is the next chapter! He is nice too!!Image

He like both Street Skating and ramp! Weekends, we normally enjoy the City’s pavements and pot holes of Kampala jumping them double flips.Image

He is anther guy who likes to grind every where on the park and also jumping higher!!Image 

Jumping the humps on the Park and on streets is easily as you can see him!!Image

 We are very soon to organize a tournament and see who is the best of them.Image

  Kyomuhendo Peter is faster in his tricks and jumps! He is nice too!!Image

Fun with the Skateboarders during Jack’s daughter birthday party!Image          

John,Gilbert,Cedric,Douglas,Ken-man and anthers at jack’s place after Skating, they enjoyed the birth-day party fun!!!!! Image

The Skate- Park is cool and fine! Good idea to visit these guys!Image 


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