Skate aid, this project has Dane the most important things in East-African Countries! Where by, they have managed to help these Countries through Constructing Skate parks in slams where most of the people stays with their families and kids benefits out of these parks by leaning how to Skate and also not to be idol and disorderly in most of the City. For example here in Kampala, That is what we are fighting for to stop bad Conduct of behavior.

People in Germany,Canada,Switzerland,U.S.A and other Countries helped but Skate aid project which is based in Germany, helped a lot to renovate the Skate park of The Uganda Skateboard Union to come back in the system. People in Uganda, Appreciated a lot to the People in Germany and also the Committee members Governing Skate Aid Project.

Kids in Uganda, they are very very proud of their Skate park to be renovated and the sometime to Skate again! Enjoy the pictures how the old Skate Park was Started to renovate by the help of Skate Aid Project and up to now is looking like!DSCF9528      This is how the Skate Park was looking like before Skate aid started in to help the Union!DSCF0035Demarcations of the Surface areas Starts for a New Smoothing of the Skate Park.DSCF0032 Tough work was at the park during renovation of the Skate Park.DSCF0005These type of smoothing, has so many precocious to fallow up. Because is the best one of all.DSCF0057    The Name of the Skate Park where designed by those Engineers as you can see those words.DSCF0230The Systems of Smoothing starts by mixing Cement and Stones all together.DSCF0170The builders started to Construct and so many things were changed on these park.DSCF0079Humps and Curves were designed by different colors on these Park.DSCF0177Words of The Uganda Skateboard Union, were also designed and looks good.DSCF0218After that process, anther step 3 came in when the park looks like these.DSCF1188Smoothing these Park using Electricity Machines to Grinding the all part of the Skate park Starts.DSCF1164The Carves were not easy to be worked on! Because it was sliding and also needed a radar to smooth them. Like the ways how you can see them fighting.DSCF1211Every where dust was covered and neighbors were not feeling good.  Yet they need what those people they are doing to Complete the Skate Park for Kids.DSCF1282All the Carves plus the hump, and the Pipe. where smoothed good.DSCF1160Jack was over seeing how the work is going on at the Skate Park until they finish it.DSCF1313         Funny guys with their Machines busy working, hiding their faces as if they are in Jungle fighting rebels!DSCF1301After these Part of smoothing, the all place looked so good and perfect as you can see it.DSCF1202The sides of the pipe all so looked fantastic!DSCF1196Then the next step was to was all the dust on the park. here was not yet washed!DSCF1256When these park was washed clearly , the next process was is to Vanish it with the Polish of different types. To make it shining and easily to wash it during Cleaning it. So, right now, the Kitintale Skate Park, look like these by the help of Skate Aid to Renovate it!DSCF1432The down floor looks nice and good like these!DSCF1456Carves and Humps are so nice! You understand what am saying!DSCF1453The Uganda Skateboard Union, Would like to thank all those people who managed to work with Skate Aid project to fund rise the money which brought back the Union on line. We thank also Germany people for being helped us! Keep that good heart Please!!!DSCF1462We need skateboarders!!  We are not interested in photographers,Video makers and so on!! DSCF1477Kids are so proud of their park!!DSCF1472



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