Since the Uganda Skateboard Union started, The Skate Park floor was very rough texture on the ground floor when boards,wheels friction and also at the side parts of the park was in bad conditions where by Skateboards hit sides of the walls.

So we started renovating the Skate Park and right now its out of Use until get finished. We are looking for donors for help to finish the renovation at Kitintale Skate Park. So far we hard already started but the money is not enough to finish. And right now, we are looking for more help to continue from were we stopped. We welcome anything small you can donate!!!!

Kids were getting better in their talents like the way you can see them on the Park. And right now,They are training on streets of Kampala City. On weekends only. Enjoy some snaps of the kids in the Union.The renovation started already! We removed all the first layer so that we replace a new surface. Extension of the carves plus the surface layer to make it smooth for the boards speed.Kids are so happy for these high for the airs and grinding on the pipes.  The renovation automatically has changed the size high of the Park.  The park will be enjoyable after completing it. Kids will enjoy it well.We are now on these stage! Were the money stopped.So we need to start from here!! When we get help from well-wishers.Kids now, they trains in Kampala City during weekends on the sides of Upper Nakasere road and even at parliament Avenue streets in Uganda. Kyomuhendo Peter on Streets of Kampala near Crested Tower in Uganda.(Nice Boy)!  Nicolas Mugenyi  in action. Trying to jump the channel trench of water along industrial area in Kampala.Peter is so good on street. Because he is a rough- rider on Skateboards tricks.Remember-less of some tricks to be train on the new fashion of the Skate Park.David is ready for new design Skate Park  after renovation it.Douglas is ready too! Airs and 360’s are soon to be made. He he is fantastic in air.Gerald is also great! he training hard to be like a brother David Katerega. Mwebe- Gilbert is thinking how is goner dropping in at the new Shape of the Park. Mubiru Junior is also proud to see changes since he started Skateboarding.

Mubiru, Trever and Derrick  are the upcoming Ugandan Skateboarders in few years coming.Repair your Skateboard before entering the battle of the new shape!Charity begins at home! Young kids love to stand on boards. but age limit is accepted here!Service of the board is needed! Never skate before you check up your Skateboard. Get serious!!NDONGOLE. Chicken To Night at any time! Dreaming when repairing a board!! Skateboarding is a new sens Talent in Uganda!       Pipe is cool while grinding on it. Gerald is practicing it to be perfect.

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