The Uganda skateboard Union and Skate Aid in Uganda!

Skate Aid had the contests in Uganda with the Union Skateboarders

and kids where so happy in that tournament because they won gifts and

prizes among them selves through competing them selves and also three

people from Germany like Torben, Titus and Denali who organized the Skate Aid

Tournament in Uganda! New Skateboard decks, Complete Skateboards, Helmets, T-Shirts

and so on plus a Trip to go to Tanzania among the best. Through all this Skate Aid! Titus and Torben

were the Judges on these Competition and the sometime to be a witness of the people in

Germany and anther countries how the Union Skateboarders are good!

People were many and also parents of the kids were so happy as you can see the pictures! Please!

Enjoy them too!!!The Uganda Skateboard Union and Skate Aid, they did much in East Africa to introduce Skateboarding game with in these Countries!!The Union has simple kids whom you can see and they are happy with the Skate Aid because of managing to have similar different skate parks in E.Africa and these brought Competition in Africa!!People in Uganda, they have started to know the Union once we have two Competition each yeah and also parents, are so proud of their kids and they attended the tournaments as you can see them at the skate Park in Kitintale!Titus and Torben plus Daniele, they were the judges from Germany on that day and to witness how good is the Union’s kids they performed!!Faruq won the the tournament and his soon to go to Tanzania for a trip and train kids in That Country!People in Kitintale Community, they didn’t respected such a talent to the kids what they have right now!Gilbert was number third and is Chicken to Night right now!The Union had break dancers and the same time are the Skateboarders! Skate aid Gifts were given by the Kids,Titus and Torben in that tournament were the Judge and the same time to give them what they won!Bashiri also won  in his Categorizes who was second in that tournament. Hand plant were made and so on! people enjoyed and many wants to know when to Compete again!So many people were their to witness and every one were so surprised to see a game which was on X-game Television!!! Tricks  are so many and kids are training so hard so that are nominated to go and improve on his Skills!Muiru Junior was in third position in that Contests and promised to be the best in the coming tournament! Gilbert was in the third position and his the best of the best in the pipes trikesDavid Katerega, his fantastic in hand plants, Airs and so on!Traver And Mubiru Junior, these guys are stable and firm in these game!!! Morse was the second in that tournament and they are the best in young kids!!!Traver,Mubiru and Amusa during their training time, they help each anther!!! Except Jack  in Blue,Torben in White and Titus in Black T-shirts, the rest were the winners of the Contests!!!People in Uganda, Have started to get interest in these game with the Uganda Skateboard Union but the Skate Park is still Small to the Youth and Spectators of the Skateboarders in Uganda.  We need more Supporters to Expand the Skate Park through the well-wishers.Duck x was the first in the Medium cartilages and very determined on his tricks!      Titua , Jack and Torben at Jack’ place near the Skate Park!Dangerous David in the motion during the hard training be for they Compete!Each corner of Kitintale Skate park was full of the Spectators who are interested in Skateboarding game!!Douglas Training during the Contests of Skate Aid Tournament!Mubiru Junior during the Contests and he was performing and he was in third Position!!           Jack,Titus and Torben with the best Cartilage groups which Won the rest of the Best in 2012 the beginning of the year!!!                                         The Uganda Skateboard Union and Skate Aid in Africa!!! Each Conner was so full of people to see how the Kids are Performing in that Contests!!Many different tricks and Skills of the Kids were shown on that day and on-the same time!!! The Uganda Skateboard Union and Skate Aid in Africa,They are fighting much to Expand the Kitintale Skate park and also to set  up a Office and the Store to keep Skateboard Equipments!!!



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