The Uganda Skateboard Union, have tried to preach the Gospel of Skateboarding in Uganda through participating in big events in Kampala to let people know that we have the sweet-able game in Uganda. We are trying up also to work hard with Skate Aid in order also to introduce Skateboarding in East Africa. Remember these game Started here in Uganda and right now is transferred to Tanzania with the help of Skate aid. Kids of the Uganda Skateboard Union, they are in Tanzania busy training young Skateboarders in Tanzania and are being Sponsored by and Titus Skateboard Company in Germany.Great new to see how the Kids from the Uganda Skateboard Union also Started to invite them on the big function events in Kampala! God is great!!  Mubiru Junior who is 5 years old in the Union is so cool and active in such big events to show up his talents. Many people where surprised to see a young Kid to Competing with  guys at the festival,others were going down and for him was Steady!!!Different Embassies,Companies,and different types of sports were invited to the event at Kyadodo Rugby play ground. Skateboarders like big and medium had fun on that day.                           Kyomuhendo Peter was a challenger among the skateboarders..                   Douglas was also busy enjoying the event and preparing to go to Tanzania.Douglas is so proud of up coming young Skateboarders who will be contesting in Coming International East African Skateboarding Contests.Mwesigwa Dark x, who is the a brother to Douglas, he is like the brother in the Skateboard too! very smart in  some tricks!These young kid is well determined in training and his very nice one among in that age!Kane-Man is anther cool guy who is also coming on the line of the best Skateboarders.The pioneer Kizza David is back now in the system after his suspension was finished. he is good and trying to catch up with the friends during long time without Skating.                              David is very sharp and determined in all Skateboard action.                                  Hand plants are originated by David, he is cool boy now!Mwebe Gilbert in very serious stint of action demonstration at Kitintale Skate park in Uganda.The First friend Anna who use to train with Union kids in 2007 when she was working in D.R.Congo while Skating during her holidays, She is now a great lady in Switzerland she is Skating with anther wonderful friends. so Skateboarding is everywhere!!!!These Festival was sponsored by many Companies exclusively Skate,Titus,Alis and also Tony Hawk  The Union thank all these people who are mentioned and those who are not listed but helped the kids of Africa in these project, please than you very much and please Continue to help the Union.                            Young Morris of 10 years old, Trying to make 50,50 on the pipe.                                   David has  interesting skills when skating at the Park! Peter is good,David is good too but each one has his own Tricks in Skating!Kyomuhendo Peter is so good in air plus Pipe tricks. Nice Boy Nico, he is good also in making air turning like 360s rounds.Jack in red T-shirt, he is very proud of his kids during the festival event in Kampala.    The Super Turf!! Up coming Skateboarder of of Six(6) old. Very serious on the board!!

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