Skate Aid and Titus Companies, have managed to sponsor Uganda Skateboard Union and the kids to have a chance to move and enjoy the game in Germany. Douglas Mwesigwa, went to Germany to represent East African Countries in Skateboarding game. he enjoyed the Contests and he was number third in the position. Guys were so good and perfect which he mate in Germany, He enjoyed life and travel deference Skate Parks. We thank those Companies TITUS and SKATE AID to show people, parents and Local Chiefs in the Communities where these kids of the Union are coming from. They have new window in their feature  through different kind of sport. Enjoy the some of the picture when he was Skating with different friends he created from Germany.Thank you very much for the people Managing these two Companies TITUS and SKATE AID!!!!          The two Companies have played a big roll to introduce Skateboarding sport in E.Africa.Very many people were interested to see a kid who came from Africa to represent East Africa Countries in Skateboarding game.                 All these guys, Douglas managed to be in third position in that contest tournament.People were interested in him to see what he had, but Douglas tried to use those tricks which Jack had been teaching them since they started in 2006. Judges were also happy to see a young Kid challenging those professional who were used with their Skate Parks in Germany.                Africans! We have talents but we lack facilities to expose them out!  Douglas saying so!!  All Medias representative were asking him question like which Country is he from? How many Skate Parks do Uganda have and so on.Titus Company and Skate Aid managed to help Douglas to use these Car for travailing,Visiting different Skate Park in Germany.   Brian Lye who introduced Skateboarding Sport to the Ugandan’s!  He is from Canada, he had roomers about Douglas going to Germany, He went to meet him and see how he compete with the professional guys.                   Douglas created alto of friends,  Because he was very sharp on what he was doing. Douglas is very smart with his family in Germany.he was from the wedding party of his friends.                                                     His free time during evening walk in Germany                 Very many Skate Parks in Germany and very many Skateboarders in that Country.Too much of the tricks you make, more friends you create for you! And you learn also from them.Girls in Germany are so friendly with Skateboarding game as you can see them enjoying. Girls they do these game automatically!          Nice and big Skate Park in these Country and people enjoy it at the right time, right place!                                         Indoor Skate Parks are so nice and smooth like these one!                                                                                                        Some of the friends Douglas left in Germany.Brian Lye from Canada,Douglas from Uganda,Torben and his G-friend both are from Germany.                                                             Nice Conference Halls in Germany!!!! The Uganda Skateboard Union Thank All People Who Managed To Support Us To Keep Standing Up No Now And Managed To Sponsor Douglas To Go To Germany!!! Thank You All


  1. Hellow to all. Am from Tanzania, Dodoma. Skating at skate park of Donbosco. I love all success of Ugandans people. They skate and they create, love you all Ugandans skaters. I also love what they introduced to us Tanzanian skate part at Dodoma. Skater of here they now improve their skills like me but we lucked teachers who can teach us more tricks. I think of 1 day i will reach my dream so am skating hard for it. We need your HELP! HELP US IMPROVING SKATING! am local and am using fake decks, so they breack easly. We don have enterpreneur to create a hard descks for us. please help us! Am Gideon and i love skating and i love thise site and improvement of Uganda!

  2. i like to go to german,and i like to marry a white lady.this is my contuct 000254752022265 john bosco iam a ugandan but rihgt now iam in kenya.

  3. Hi guys.. love ya all. Keep Skating maybe onetime we gonna raise the flag for our nation and continent. Jah Bless!!!

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