The Uganda Skateboard Union has Managed to teach kids in Kitintale, Kampala District.which is a very great to the Ugandan,Tanzania and another Countries which makes up E.African Countries. A young kid Called Mwesigwa Douglas, who is a grown up in Kitintale Zone Twelve(12) in Mutungo  Parish Nakawa Division, has managed to train so had and he was a pointed to be the one to go to Tanzania to Train young Kids in that Country! And the same time to go to Germany to represent East African Countries in the German championship of Skateboarding, the COS Cup (Cub Of Skaters Cup). Also he will represent the Uganda Skateboard Union at a Charity Event, called skate-aid night.

He was Sponsored by the Titus Dittmann Foundation which organizes projects all over the world with initiative called

So we thank that project so much and also people who are managing it to support the Uganda Skateboard Union to keep it stand and  strong up to now!

Douglas is too happy to be the appointed one to go to Germany and tour the Country plus to meet professional Skateboarders whom he use to see them in Skateboard Magazines.

Douglas likes young Skaters to train much so that they have new windows when they are good like the way how he use to be!! Look how Douglas is very serious when skating!The Uganda Skateboard Union Thank all those People,Countries and Companies which have Managed not to take pictures but to help the Union up to these Stage were we are! Thanks a lot and please, Keep it up!!!!!The Union  welcomes any visitors who are skateboarders but not photographers who comes and take pictures! We get fun to visitors who can stay with the kids, skate together like these young man TRENT TAYLOR who came from U.S.A.To have fun to the Ugandan Skateboard Union Kids and the sometime teaching them how to paint the pictures. He made a great work to paint the most interested animal in Ugandan game parks.   He is a nice boy and he is too good in Skating and also in that Talent.He use to relax with the kids,playing with them and so on please thanks very much for that fun with the kids!!!Douglas is too tough in training for that Contest and he can not sleep because of that Tournament which is likely very soon in Germany.He so happy when he is skating with the young one and teach them how to make some tricks like him salve.Skate meats of Douglas feel proud of him to represent them and also to let anther skateboarders in Germany that we are now introducing skateboarding in E.Africa. Young Kids have interest to visit the Union from different Countries at list to Skate with the Ugandan Skateboarders! like these kids came from U.S.A. And we welcomes them, they enjoyed as you can see them busy with the Ugandan Up coming Skateboarders!   Mubiru Junior was trying to direct him how to drop in! By not leave the body behind the Skateboard. The Union has managed to open up a new window to these young Skaters and show up their Talents through these game and anther activities.Jack’s Upcoming Skateboarders in Four years, these kids will replace the open size in 2015,they are too determined and they have interest in the game.He is six years old like our Skate Park. he can skate, get tired and sleep at the park! then wakes up and Continues from were he stopped.He was now tired and he is resting for a moment. Bell is 10 years old! He is very very good too! he won the previous Competition.These young upcoming Skateboarder, are the one to Challenge the visitors be fore the medium size Skateboarder to attack you. Young visitors enjoys good and they feel free with the same aged, were by each one skate while watching a trick of anther friend and they need to learn each other.Mubiru Junior(Emmanuel), He is determined and he likes to skate with the big one even trying the tricks which they makes. He like Gilbert,Douglas and Peter. these are the best friends.

These two boys are serious on what they are meaning!!!!!!Isma is also among the best young Upcoming Skateboarder in the Union!Morse is anther dangerous Upcoming Skateboarder best in Hand-Plants tricks.Fantastic!!!                      Golden Dragon Skateboards in Africa                     Gilbert with the Golden Dragon Skateboard in the motion of action.                       Gilbert flies like Dragon! he is good in airs.                     He wonderful now! he very much friendly to Mubiru Junior(Emmanuel.                       The two best friends! Bob the Bonger!                     The Senior Peter who replaced Douglas!He very nice to the young Upcoming Skater, friendly to every body like you can see him.                      He likes listening music using head phones and so on!                      He is very good at jumping jerrycans,port holes,friends and so on!                    Grinding is too good as you can watch him!Young Upcoming of the Union are some how good! And we have hope that after Completing our  new Skate park, kids will be getting more fun and enjoyable more then now!!             These kids are more and serious determined on what they are doing. see them.                  Parents of the young Skateboarders have fun with the kids at the skate park!She normally bring her sons once in the week to skate with friends but her sons told her to get a house near the Skate park. they are coming from Entebbe side.                 Nice Boy Nico is anther Chapter! he so nice like his name!                     He good in making airs,jumping port holes and jerrycan too!             His best friend is one of the Upcoming Skateboarder Mubiru Junior(Emmanuel).                 Douglas is now very soon to be a visitor in Germany!                  He is going to miss Kids in Uganda Skateboard Union.           We thank Skate Aid to help the Union to Sponsor Douglas to Germany!!!



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