On 25th June 2011, we Cerebrated all together with the people at the Community before our lovely friend Douglas go to Tanzania purposely for Skateboarding.   He will go to teach Tanzanian skateboarders at a new park built by Skate-aid how to skate.  On that day, we had a Tournament among the Young up coming Skateboarders who were Competing for two prizes like a New complete Skateboard and a New Deck. BELL won a New Skateboard and also LEAN. These two kids shown up the audience that Uganda Skateboard Union needs Skateboard Equipments, To let the youth lightening their Talents through these game. We had also young Break-Dancers between 7-15 years old. so the party was so cool as you can enjoy the Snaps.The sites were empty but during the entertainments, people were many parents were so excited and proud because of the Skateboarding at Kitintale Community.     Bell won the a New Skateboard. so Under six years is the Champion of those ages.Mubiru was the second in the same age. he his well determined in skateboarding. may be next time, he will challenge the age meats.LEAN He won the Deck of Skateboard.he never wanted to come to Africa because of these game. he did know that Uganda has a Skate park. after find it in Kampala, he came with the the Mom called RANDI who is a teacher in one of the schools in Kampala. So kids trains with Lean and friendly to them and each weekends, they skate together but he is coming from Norway.He is a nice young boy, friendly to every one and is so good to ask some thing understandable. His two best friends are Douglas and Kane-Man. these are Closed friends and Jack come last.Her Mom Randi, she is so nice lady which drive Lean from Entebbe side to Kitintale skate park. He participated much for Douglas’ party to take place.BOLISE.He a guy who had a party of Douglas and decided to attend the party for his second time to visit the Union. he brought for us ALIS T-shirts on that day kids were so smart and enjoyable.He is from Denmark.Douglas is so proud of going to Tanzania to teach those kids like the way how Jack use to be at the begging of The Uganda Skateboard Union. very soon to have International Competition with E.African Skateboard Championship.

SKATE-AID deserves a very big thank you and acknowledgment, because they are the ones who are building the new park in Tanzania and who have supported Douglas to go and train the new Tanzanian skaters.  We are happy to be working together witih skate-aid for almost one year now.  And we are happy for the future of East Africa skateboard competitions!!

Jack is so happy and very proud of Douglas and anther kids which he started with. To see that they have been exporting them to teach others in different country.Jack and MC Bobby. Break Dancers at the party made people more Crazy. These guys they do two things at ago, Skateboarding and Break Dancing. we had only young one to entertain the guests on that day. His name is TEN years, He is so good with friends during the training.They have talents. Each conner of the skate park, was so many people to enjoy the event.Remember Parents, head of the Community and friends were around to witness the occasion.  Other kids, managed to pressurized the parents to come and watch the game so that the guardian  can accept him or her to join the Club of Skateboarding at Kintintale.  Gilbert feeling small after a friend Douglas is Counting days to leave him to Tanzania.FUN makers and closed friends of Mwesigwa Douglas enjoyed the party as you can see them. Happy and smart.ISA Smart but crazy boy when preparing to skate on that day with his equipments.Nice skateboard Shoes. it makes a lot of Tricks,Friends during using it at the park and on streets only.  Peter. He is a cool nice boy but his goner miss Douglas.Douglas is worried about the language he will use but Jack is so sure that he will make it. Yeah, he was giving out his last speech to friends and parents too.  Douglas is more confidence and he is ready to teach those kids all these tricks he had been training from Uganda Skateboard Union.We just need prayers and very soon Uganda Skateboard Union to Compete internationally in Skateboarding games. he is so good to go higher like these, street tricks and so on.Jack have managed to train all these kids and each kid is good of his own tricks. like on pipes an example the  HAND PLANT. like these guy DAVID. Yeah, These kids are so good but we lack just equipments,Expanding the park to train them to be like professional skateboarders. We have even those one of SIX years old. reaching out of David’s age, he will be excellent in Skateboarding. Like these Kid Mubiru. These kid normally he like to skate like Douglas and he train with them during training.Isa practice how to make hand plant on the pipe. after training it for several time. The last training of Douglas with the friends,Trying to jump and stand on the board of Isa.

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