Katerenga David is back to the Union after the Disciplinary Committee sat and decide to him all that time with out coming at the park and stop the game. He came back to the Union and all the skateboarders were so happy to see him back to skate. He is now behaved good, amble and respect the young ones at the skate park even the way. So Union D,c is very tough to some one who is a long dower. He is back and very tough with the training to recover the missing exercise and anther skills which he used to watch at the past Competitions up to now! See how is training a lot.

Douglas is very soon to go to Tanzania to start his new life of skateboarding and the same time to be a teacher in that Country. We understand every one loves him in the Union but he need to go to work in Tanzania. All the Uganda skateboarder are very sad to miss Douglas in Uganda and we are going to make a Bye,Bye Party for Douglas’ Transfer to TZD. Watch him how happy and making serious tough last touches!!          Douglas is skating his last final touches with young ones at the Skate park.He looks simple but very deadly in Skateboarding high jumpers! He is goner miss friends,Kitintale Skate park and all the Community at large.Next is Katerenga David. David was welcomed by peter and anther skateboarders to come back in the systems.David is back with the Hand plants of different kind and summer sorts.David may be a replaced to Douglas when is in Tanzania.   Yeah, we have visitors who normally come to witness if its true we do skateboarding and the same time to challenge and after we all share tricks and skills like my young friend who came from Norway and he came to skate with a Union’s kids. He is also good in the young ones. But he likes Douglas most and other Skaters. Watch him too! We like visitor who can skate with the kids but we hate visitors who come to take pictures(photographers) with their cameras at the skate park. Be like him!!!!! He is too young but well determined to skate with the fellow kids in Uganda.Remember all the way from Norway to Uganda to skate in the Union! Next is Nice Boy Nico.Nico is a nice boy like his name and friendly to every one.Next is Young up coming skateboarder Morris. The Gundiis stays come and peaceful at their park during resting ours.Kane-man is the next one in the action.


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