The Total number of people who came to witness the competition were 300 hundred. Douglas won the Competition and he won the money instead of the goat. he wanted the money so that can help him to go back to school. He has been staying at home for so long and right now,has already started to school. he normally have evening lesions,he trains now in the morning hours. Douglas is so happy to go back to school. he is apologized to every one,instead of taking a goat and he took the Money!!

These guys they had three categories;- Elders, Medium and Young ones(small Kids) Kyomuhendo Peter was Second and he won a New Deck,Santa Cruz T-shirt and white street wheels of skateboard. The Third one was Kawooya Isa. he was next to peter and he won a Santa Cruz T-Shirt and also rubber wheels. The three big guys,they won interest things!! Next is the Mediums!

Mwesigwa Musa, He won a Turkey ,New Deck, plus wheels and he was so happy for the Competition! H e took the very big bird at home and he is keeping it. Titi Ssekinde was  the Second and he won a New Deck,Santa Cruz T-shirt and good rubber Street Wheels.  Gerald-Nsubuga was the Third in position and he took rubber street wheel plus a T-shirt.Next is the Young Ones!!(small kids)

Bashiri Ngombi, He was the first in young categories and he won a Hen plus a New Deck of skateboard! These young guy was so happy and his already eaten his gift with the family at home!   Second was Amusa,  He won a New Deck of Skateboard and Rubber street Wheels.  Third was Daxs and for him things were not easy at all and he won the Wheels only.  Anther skaters were also good but they never qualified like the Nine guys! Please just enjoy the snaps/Photos how they were fighting to get a good position at Kitintale Skate Park Competition 20/02/2011 . Douglas with his envelop and anther prizes during the Competition speech to the people who came to witness. Next is Musa who won the Turkey and he was so happy as you can see him at the audience Next is Ngobi Bashiri! He won the young group and he very determined on what is doing!These are the three people who took the trophy Competition of 20/02/2011. And very soon to have anther Challenging Competition of the Year Ending. The Turkey was so heavy to carry it at home, He took it home while fighting with the Turkey! Turkey-Man- Musa!!

Next is a Youngest Skater with five years old Called Mubiru-Emmanuel. He likes skateboarding and he compete but he did not won on those big prizes.He train every day and he is assuming next competition to win. These young kid is determined and he was competing with Kyomuhendo Peter, the big size! Mubiru Junior is tough to skate with the elders!Five years Mubiru was Competing with Eight year! Morse. He is a up coming skateboarder and he very smart in the game as you can see both of them.

Anther skateboarders were also good and perfect as you can see the photos like number two and threes. Check out some tricks for these guys!! These are the best Nine and qualified for the finals!!!

Next is the Judge!! Nik Strong Cvetich, Who came all the way from U.S.A in the town called SANTA-CRUZ,he Judged the Competition well and smoothly and remember, He is also a Skateboarder in US. He also tried to demonstrate to the local people how good is he. Nik was a good judge! he had also a feeling to skate with the kids at Competition! You know the game is so sweet! We understand only skateboarders they know what am talking about! So, He show to the people and it was very fun and we enjoyed the Competition.

People were so many and they were three hundred people who came to witness the game. People were on top of the tree to watch the game properly!!! We had no Tent and we enjoyed our sunshine!!! Every corner of the skate park was occupied by local people of different Community around Kampala Town. Girls never skate because they had no time to train! some were buys with studies at school. They were enjoying also to see who is the best from them!! Isa Kawooya in Action but he was number three! David Katerenga was number six. he was good. The Best Nine Kids of the Union Competition which was on 20/02/2011. Wait for the next war Competition at the End of the Year!!!!!


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  2. This is great! I am really happy to see that you are skating in Uganda. The skatepark looks good and the competition looked fun. Keep practicing and teach the young ones. Respect from Luke in London, England.

  3. Hi! I’ll be Uganda starting in October. I would love to come check this out, can you email me some details or contact info? This is awesome!

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