The Union is organizing a simple competition before kids go back to school, A goat competition on 20th February 2011. a winner automatically will take it and the second to take a Turkey and the third one to take a hen! Yeah, kids now,they are so serious on training hard so that any of them can take the goat. Each kid, trying to maintain his or her tricks which is good for him and make it perfect. Very nice to come and see who will Winne the goat!  Because all the kids are so good and perfect on what they are doing. Click out to see these pictures  what each kid is training and also which trick is that!! Do,t miss to come and wittiness the competition on that date!!!The Uganda Skateboard park is in Kampala and that is were the Competition is going to talk place on 20th February 2011.  These was the first competition on 24th August 2007. people were many so you can see and the Chief Guest of Honer was the assistant commissar of sports in Uganda.and it was sponsored by Sprite soda.Company by Coke. The second Competition was sponsored by Mountain Dew (pepis). It happened in 24th March 2008 and we quit from them because, they wanted to use our image for free!!! No helping the kids at all.

So,This is the third Competition in Uganda and we have invited a judge from U.S.A! He is a skateboarder and he came in 2008 during the time Uganda was organizing for the Common Wealth meeting in Kampala. He is now coming back to wittiness the the Competition. Nik Strong Cvetich, He is also a skateboarder but now is going to be a judge on these occasion. His first time he came to Uganda skateboard Union and helped so much in many things even to show how kids to matinee the skateboards, to put a grip on the skateboards and so many things. Each kid have different tricks and skills like the ways how you can see them. their those who are good in hand plants,pipe grinding,flips makers and so on! check out each one who is the best and will take the goat! first is Peter KyomuhendoPeter was the second in the past two competitions, will he manage to take the goat these time? Next is is Nico(Nice Boy).He was forth in those two competition but now, he is improving a lot! He dose not miss evening exercise of skateboarding! Next is Faruq! a Hand plant man!!Faruq is always perfect with his hand plant,grinding on pipes and so on! he need to Winne the tournament! Nixt is Moreen! she is tough like the ways how she is!Moreen she a strong girl and well determined on what she is doing! Next is Dax!   A young brother to Douglas. he is good in he game like he ways how you can see him!In the young kids, these kid won the first competition and may be he can Winne too!! Next is Douglas Mwesigwa!Douglas is the champions of he three competition since the Union started! he is a very tough boy in training!!! Next is young Mubiru Emmanuel. he is now five years old and he wants also to compete in the tournamentDot Miss a young star of tomorrow when competing with the bigger ones!!

One thought on “A GOAT SKATEBOARD COMPETITION!!!!(Third Time Now)

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