The  Uganda Skateboard Union, was invited to take a part at the fastival. This fastival was called? This is Uganda Fastival. It happened at Kyadondo Club. their was so many Companies,Embassy and also people from diffrent Countries. Uganda Skateboard Union took their small quater pipe called Fresh Park. These quater pipe was donated by Tony Hwak in 2006. he was the first to discover were Uganda Skateboard Union is located in East Africa. he sent that quater pipe to the Union in order to preach the words of Skateboard game in diffrent parts of Uganda. Right now, Kids ever prays God to the wel-wishers to donate a bigger ramp so that they contiune to let people that even they can fly with the skateboards in the air. You know people here they now that Union kids have Magics. Yeah,Kids want to teach also them how they can fly like birds. So That is the dreams of the kids in the Union to have a big ramp in Uganda. Kids are proud of their quater pipe.Check out how they enjoyed funs at the Fastival.If Tony Hawk never donate to us these quater pipe, know one was knowing us and it was very difficult to traval, even to be on the bigger fastival like the one.Thanks Tony Hwak!Kids are so proud of their quater pipe! Isa says that in God’s willing, Once they get a bigger ramp, Uganda will be on fire with skateboarders. Not only in town! even in schools and in deep villages of Uganda. Transfering the words of skateboarding.Musa is a cool guy but very commedian to the people and also fellow skaters. he likes to skate on a quater pipe and also at the skatepark too. Next is Peter-K – Senior.He is a nice skater but he dose not talk alot. ever hamble and likes music while skating at the skate park and on streets too. Next is Isa-KawooyaIsa Kawooya is very very dangerious and deadly on the pipes tricks as you can see him. He is a crazy guy and always makes commedy to the skaters at the skatepark. antherwise is a nice boy. Next is Douglus Mwesigwa. Douglus is a simple guy and very cool but not talkertive. He come at the park and skate. After skating, that when you can hear words from him. he likes to teach young kids how to make tricks on the quater pipe and at the skate park too. Next is Kane-Man.Kane-Man, He is a good Skater and he likes training everyday evening,but he has a talent in talking! he is good at making friends and he is nice guy to stay with. Next is Gearld-Gosem.Ayoung star to grind on the pipe, Gearld is good at the pipes and also to make air at the skate park.He is a very hard working boy during the expansion of the skate park. Next is Gilbert-Mwebb.Gilbert is a nice boy,he likes company as you can see him and he participated much during the expansion of the skate park. he was a chief-cook for the skaters at the park. very nice and smart.Skateboarders,and anther people! they enjoyed the fastival which had different types of African art culitures and sports even so many things at the fastival.Amap of Uganda. This map was made out mineral water bottles and comes up with the map of Uganda. that is were Uganda Skateboard Union is originated from in East Africa. The two man’s best friend in opposite, were the most beautyful art at the fastival and ather wel designed art crafts.A love 4 car, it dose not belong to the Union! we used just a sticker to let people know about skateboard game and at the same time to know about skateboarder’s  magzines to read it and know what is going on!!!

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