Kids in Uganda Skateboard Union,Managed to train harder every day in the evening after school hours and enjoy their exercise of skateboarding at kitintale Skate Park. People around the skate park, they normally hung around to see how these kids jump in the air with the skateboards! And many people know that these kids have Magics which they us to fly in air like birds. Every day and then,many people normally visits Jack and asking many questions about how these kids fly with the skateboard without any Glue attached to the shoes? So Jack reply them but many of them can not accept and they say that we have Magics.

360s are the tricks which Douglus demostrates to the people and wander how he can make such a difficult trick to them.

The Union made a wanderful mirachle to the people around the Community to have a sport which has made their kids to be on the News medias and so on!

This weeken we hard a small tounament among them selves, and each one is to demostrate in any trick which he or she knows better. Yeah,they were good and also very nice to have a look of these kids.Douglus Mwesigwa born to skate as you can see him! He likes to watch skateboard movies and that is were he normally hire those tricks and make them in the practicles and also practise makes parffect. He likes also to teach young coming skateboarders. Next is Nico!  (Nice Boy)Nice Boy-Nico. He is also a hard training guy in these game and he watch movies also like a friend Douglus. He loves his kits of the game and have a says that No Pain, No Gain always skate!!! Next is Isa the Commed Star!!

Isa Kawooya is a commed guy and funny boy. He is a good skateboarder,Dose not miss training every day and then. he likes to teach kids how to skate and makes funs to them.He makes the skateboarders to rough while teaching young ones to love the game!! He is one of those who normally watch skateboard movies! Next is Kane-Man(easy guy)Kane -Man .Noramlly is a guy who can skate and he is so good in conversing stories and so on. he love the game and he practise it every day and then! he is perfect to watch skateboard movies and he is too tuff with his skateboard.No playing with his skateboard. Next is Gerald(Gosem)Gerald is one of the pioneer kids during the introduction of the Union. he love the game and their skate park too! Next is Mubiru Emmanuel. Young Up coming kid who loves skateboard sho0000es!!!! Mubiru Emmanuel, He likes skateboarding game and his father was Nsubuga John a late brother of Jack who died and he left two kids a boy and a girl. He helped much in introducing skateboarding game through being a chief engineer of Constructing a first Half-pipe in Uganda (Kampala-Kitintale). This kid love skateboarding but the problem right now is the age. The Union has a age limite to enter the club. Starts from 12 years old upwords. But he is soon to join the Union. He likes skateboard shoes!!!  He graduated from nursery class to enter primary section. He likes to stady too!Young kids always love to come at the skate park to have a chance to skate with the big guys but the problem is age. like these kids,they are young and difficult to contral the skateboard while standing on it. In Uganda, young people have their talents but they are sited on them! Why? the reason is, they lack facilities which encourages them to wake up!! What is your advise to help like these kids, Such a problem to any Country. Now like Uganda.You never know these kids are the Presidents of tomorrow!!!!


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