Skate everywhere!!!  Uganda Skateboard Union, has got a first chance to have American professional Skateboarders to meet the kids who are skateboarders in Uganda.

Uganda Skateboard Union’s dreams have started to become true and serious! Kids use to see these professional guys in Magazines. But now they are with them and skate with the guys like Zacar and friends.

BMX and Motor bikes riders where live in Uganda and people enjoyed so much to see x-Games in Kampala. Wonderful to have more professional to come to Uganda. These formats brings in more interesting of the kids to the game and also to let more people to know more about skateboarding activities in the Country.Isa and Jack with the Professional Skateboarders like Zacar,Ulii plus BMX and Motor Bikes riders at Kitintale Skate Park in Uganda.Professional skateboarders trying to demonstrates to the kids how they can makes good tricks and to have perfect skills at any Competitions.  This parks were made here in Kampala at the place called Kololo Air Strip.Pre-professional Ugandan Skateboarders in action, trying also to demonstrate to the visitors what they have in their skills about the game.Skateboarding and BMX rider made people Crazy in Uganda like the way how you can see them.Motor Bikers also made Kampala very hot on fire! People never seen these game live with their eyes. But watch it on Super Sport TV. But now is live!!!! Wandering what a game is!X-Game is now in Uganda!!!!!!!!!!What dose these pictures shows you if you are a sports fun to your Country?  All these people where happy to see the true dream of these guys and the big numbers knows that these guys have Magics to do these game!!Ugandan Skateboarders still wandering about those professional. they are still having a long journey to have those skills like them. But they do not give up and they have add more effort in training.Jack was also worried how these guys were good. But he knows that every thing is possible. If they can be having a big skate park and also to build more skate parks in different parts of Uganda. Yeah, if you go very far deep in Villages, kids have their Talents but they are hiding them. How can you tress for them? Through creating and put more games in different areas of the Country. And these game stops a lot of Crimes in the communities.Peter and Young Duck x. On the streets of Kampala busy training to be like those Professional.


  1. Hello,
    You must see this video :
    it’s about kids who are doing skateboard in Afghanistan.
    Here the website
    and here to contact them

    They need some used stuffs, boards, trucks, wheels…
    PLease, i’m trying to make a connection between differents organizations or Voluntary association

    Uganda / Afghanistan same fight , saving childs by skateboarding


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