The Uganda Skateboard Union, has managed to build the a new expansion of the skate park at kitintale zone 12. Kids are so happy for their new park and right now, the foundation is already finished and the next step is to construct the carves on top. so the money which people managed to contributes from different parts of the world, ended on the foundation. Yeah, we are still having more hope so that more well wishers can help and we finish it and kids have more fun and also to increase in numbers of skateboarders in Uganda.

Girls and boys were good in constructing a new skate park, them salves were in and under control of operating the mixture machine at the park. View the pictures when the kids are so busy during construction time. After hard cores stones,we puts the hard polythene bag for protecting water which may come from down in the soil. then we add the B.R.C wire mesh.Gilbert and Douglas trying to put the wire mesh in the right order during the construction of the new park.Mixture Machine was brought in order to make the work more easier and simple to every body during the construction.Francis was a machine operator! from skateboards to mixture machine operator.Casting was started as you can see the way how this kids they love their park.Team Spirit in Uganda Skateboard Union is balanced between boys and girls in time of constructing the skate park.No Pain/ No Gain. Always skate and love skateboarding like this kids at their park.Finalizing of the Casting the foundation.The foundation was finished the first step and right now, we want to go for second round but the money is the problem to us to continue the project.So, Right now, the skate park looks like this. in form.Street Skating on Kampala Street. Th Capital City.

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