The Construction,Expanding of Kitintale skate park! Right now,kids have been too busy with the process of building their park and the first step of constructing the foundation is already finished. Now, the next step is to put curves rails on it and anther stuff. But right now, we have no money to complete it and also to make it smooth.

Kids were so happy for the work which them salves what they are doing! Because they love it and also they love the game. They thank people who managed to donate money in order to construct the skate park and the same time to support the Union up to now and is still standing and expanding.

Have a look when kids are under control at their construction of the new expanding park. Kids digging the Foundation before they start to construct. The fist step.After filling big stones, You know the place is swampy and it has too much water.that is why we normally put those big stones. step two.Constructing of the bricks started and kids were busy and seriously as like a rat in cardboard. The Construction is going on well and more kids are ready to join the Union.


  1. dear skaters of the union… my name is john parsons. i am a sponsored skateboarder who is super excited about being a part of your skateboard union and i am planning on moving to uganda where my sister lives as soon as possible.. probobly after christmas
    wondering if you have anything that i could help with ..
    thanks again
    cya sooon

  2. Great job!
    Skateboarding is a universal art, a way to be free and creative.
    I felt it when I lived in South Africa, I feel it now I’m in Portugal.

    I wish you all the best, and hope to see some great skating from Uganda.
    Amazing tricks, photos, story and inspiration!


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