The Uganda skateboard union is trying to make some changes by removing the first half-pipe which was constructed in 2005 by Sheal Swart. This half-pipe was destroyed by heavy rain which normally disturb some parts of Uganda most especially in Kampala areas.

Donors and well-wishers of Uganda Skateboard Union, they have done a big roll by donating funds to the Union,Yet is not enough as per now,we are too happy and that is why we decided to start the Construction and see were the money stops.

Brian,Yann were in Uganda for their second time to see how kids are good in Skateboarding.Yeah, the Union had a visitor called Torben.He came from Germany, in an Organization called Skate-aid. He is also started a project of Skateboarding in Tanzania.He came to meet Brian,Jack and also the kids of Uganda Skateboard Union.

Kids are so happy for their expansion of the skate park and they work too hard to finish the park at Kitintale. Remember these kids are the ones who constructed their skate  park. And right now, they are still in Charge of constructing their park as you can see the photos. Torben with the kids of Uganda Skateboard union at their park before construction took place. Kids in action of digging the foundation of the new skate park they are more busy and no time for skating now days. Having fun and kids busy enjoying lunch time with a strong food of Ugandan people they like during working time(Posh & Beans)Titi,Isa,Morise and Musa are good in currying materials during the process of working at the park as you can see them! The Union is using only one truck to bring Materials like big Hard-Cores,Bricks,Sand and so many anthers.Kids get tired and normally we have a resting hours so that we can continue with the work at the park. Different ways of resting as you can see the kids in their free time rest! Yeah,Kids have Team Spirit to what they are doing! they love their Park and also having fun.   Right now,we do not allow people with cameras to take photos and also taking footage!! we are so sorry for that. Thank you very Much!!


  1. Great project! I’m a journalist and would love to write about your work for a well-known skate magazine. Please mail me with your contact details. Best wishes.

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