The Union’s Trip To Jinja, For A Tour!!!

The Uganda Skateboard Union, Last Sunday they had a strong trip to jinja and also the kids to have fun to skate in jinja town,The soucre of the Nile and Bujaagali Falls. Yann and Brian, they enjoyed the trip which was cool for them and also the kids because, it was their first time to visit those pleases.

People around Jinja town were so amazed to see skateboard game in that, they normally watch the game on televisions only. And here comes when its live for them.

Far deep Villages in Uganda,people they do not know what is skateboarding! Right now, the Union is trying a lot to take skateboarding in those villages so that people now know what new sports is covering the capital city of Uganda which is Kampala. These are some of the photos at Jinja. Some of the Union members at way to The Nile.Rapids and falls in Jinja at the place called Bujaagali Falls. kids having fun and fresh air at the Falls.The place in Uganda, its a Historical, this is were John Speke discovers the source of the Nile were it starts from and goes up to Egypt. Yeah, its a nice place for Comping and anther stuffs of life.Yann and Bashiri who is young star in skateboarding was at the source of the Nile enjoying  the beauty of the place at Jinja.Chewing Sugar cane and having fun that side of the Nile was so great to all Skateboarders as you can see Douglas smiling.A young brother to Douglas. Ducxx is happy and well smart in the skateboard helmet enjoying the life of the Bujagali waves on the falls.Matatoo/ Taxi.  A Van which we hired to our trip to Jinja and coming back home was cool and enjoyable to all the skaters.Brian and Yann who came to Uganda for their second time to see how the Union is expanding and also to realize how good is the kids in skateboarding. Remember who is Brian in the History of Uganda Skateboard Union. Both of them, plus Nik Strong from USA and Nicki Gibson, they have played a big assistance for the Union to keep standing up now.

Yann and Brian were enjoying fun with the kids at the Source of the Nile in Uganda.Uganda normally do both things like Farming as you can see big gardens and also Skateboarding. Sugar can plantation for making Sugar in the Country is available.Brian with the kids trying to demonstrate to him how they can make it in X-Games.

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