The historical aged boy called Brian lye from Canada, Is back to Uganda for his second time. He has spend three years and now his back to see how the Skateboarding is going on in Uganda. Brian has come back to see the Union and empower the kids through diffrent ways like expanding the skatepark,educating about sexual transimited disease and also more tricks of the game.

Kids are so happy to see Brian again to Uganda. But on top of that,kids are so proud of him and after they have had that very soon to start the Construction of expanding the Skatepark.

Challenges between kids and Brian the introducer of the game, He wandered the ways how the kids are super Hero in skateboarding in Uganda.Kids are challenging Brian seriously as you can see these snaps.Brian is very soon to expand the skatepark and kids are so exiated and proud of their park.Brian Lye in action and demostrates to the kids challenges on the street skating in Uganda.Extrem proud and happeness of the skateboarders in Uganda. All kids are too happy of Brian Lye is coming back to visit the Union.Douglus in action and trying to demostrates some of his skills to Brian Lye after the three years missing in Uganda.Nice-Boy-Nicko. Dangerous in pipes grinding,airs and he is a simple as you can look at him.Peter-Kyomuhendo. expose his skill and tricks to Brian Lye since he was the introducer of the skills to them in 2006Nicki Gibson say good-bye to Jack and all the skaters. she went back to U.S.A, she was a nice good girl who stayed in Uganda with her family for one and half year.She has been suporting the Union so much.She has even promised to coutnue and suport the Uganda Skateboard Union.The up coming young stars of Uganda in Skateboarding.These team is too happy and also to skate with Brian, Even to expand the skatepark.He is equal to the Skateboard.What do you think is the next-step? He is to join ………..Jack’s happeness,extrem proud of Brian Lye to come back to Uganda!!!


  1. Hi, I’m currently working on a story about Skating throughout the world for my blog and was wondering if I could do an email interview with someone from the Uganda scene?
    You can send my a reply to the page above and I’ll send out the questions. Thanks and keep skating!

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