Kids Fly And Makes 360’s!!!!!!

These game is very good. But is very dangerious. (No Pain,No Gain) Accidents are so common in these game.So it depends on someone he or she likes most in sports. Like these kids know,They love the game and that why they laern more first to make all these tricks. Yet we us to watch 360’s in skateboard movies. Know we can do it.

In July, we hope to start constructing a half pipe so that kids can have at list a enough space for skating. Have a look on these  photos and wish, if we had enough space for these game.What will be the next step???Douglus has so many snaps and he won the tounament week on 16 May 2010. He is so good in air fly and ather tricks.He is amazing guy!Peter Senior, He was the secand in the tournament and he is alos good too! he normally fly in air and also makes grinding onthe pipes as you can see.Nice Boy Nico, He was the third in the postion of the tournament. he is also very good in fly too. He makes training every day and then. So to become good in every sport, you need to make sure you training every day like them.Gilbert was the fourth, He is nice too on the pipe grind.Kane-Man. He is also tuff and he wants to be one of the best in the Union.Bosco Lypuso. He is perfect of jumping Tins, Jerry Cans, Baskets etc.Amusa. Ayoung Star boy who compete with the helders. he likes to know and asking what he dose not know. He is the best of the young skater and he likes to be like Douglus.

Lusiy.She is anther girl i the Union but she is ever busy with books school.she likes the game so much. The Union has five more girls.


6 thoughts on “Kids Fly And Makes 360’s!!!!!!

  1. Hey guys, this is awesome, I work for son skate in South africa, its part of Christian Skaters and would love to bring some guys up there and skate, how can I get hold of you? thanks

  2. Just came across this blog through a Google. Very cool to find you guys skating over in Africa. My brother died back in January 2010 and we started a little clothing company in his honor. He left behind a ton of art that we are using to create t-shirts,stickers,posters,etc. He also left behind a lot of old skate clothing and shoes. I feel there is a reason that I found this blog and wondered if some of these supplies might help you. Please email me and maybe we can help you guys out over there!! If nothing else, the ramps could definitely use some stickers and the skaters could use some free shirts also!!

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