The Uganda Skateboard Union always thank those people from different Countries who have been helping and donate funds and skateboard Equipments. Kids now are so good making wanderful tricks. we wish if the kids had enough space, these would have been fantastic game for them.

Every evening always hard training and on  Sartaday’s and Sunday’s morning, thats when we watch skateboard video’s to watch tricks which they train during week days.

All in all, we are not so bad in skateboarding and we are ready for any of the International Competition (X-Game). Just look for the tuff training we are doing during our free time.

Nothing is impossible in this world kids enjoy and play the game plus having funs as you can look to those photos.Faruq and Douglus always and after training, they have funs to the youngest kids at the skatepark.Resting after training and busy enjoying jack-fruit while enjoying commedy talks and having a laugh.Douglus has a tusk on what is doing and he always encourages and teach the coming skaters.Faruq is anther dangerous virus man in the skateboarding. He is funy guy and normally likes young stars to join the game. But the place is now small for every body now.Moreen, she a girl who joined us as a joke. But she is one of the pioneer of the Union and she dose not miss training every day. Always ecourage more girls to come and join the Union.  Right now we have five girls in the Union.Musa. This is a boy who entered the Union last year in September.  Right now is becoming a War in Skateboarding and that is why always i says that God is Great in everything.Kyomuhendo Peter. was the secand to douglus. He is anther boy who even comes first at the skatepark to train and makes improvement so that he can be the first in anther tournament.Nice Boy Nico. He likes street skating and using a park. Filping, Pop-Shavite and making air is the most trick which he likes best.Kane-Man. This is a boy who joined the Union last year towords Chrismas eve. Training makes perfect, he is also coming to the lines of the Pioneers in Skateboarding skills. He dose not miss any training everyday. No Pain-No Gain. Very Bad to Skate at night.

Don’t Do what we are Doing, Do what we are Saying!!

5 thoughts on “UGANDA IS READY FOR X-GAME!!!

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  2. Dreams DO come true!

    I am doing my best effort to alert my skater friends and my african-american friends about this amazing phenomenon from Uganda. Every 1$ is important.

    Best wishes;

    Keep Your Ball-Bearings Oiled, Keep Your Grip-Tape Rough, Keep Your Trucks Stable, And Keep Catching BIG AIR!

  3. Hi Todd,

    My name is Detra Palmore of Idesigns Event Services, an event design and production company in Los Angeles. I am working with the California African American Museum (CAAM) on a great event/exhibit coming July 28th –January 2011 called “How We Roll”.

    How We Roll presents four decades of skateboarding contributors, starting with the birth of surfing and it’s evolutions into this universal sport we’ve come to love and pass on to future generations. The exhibit will launch with an interactive Private Opening Reception one day before the X Games who is a supporting partner. The event will be followed by six months of exciting programming at the museum for How We Roll including film screenings, art workshops, conversations, signings, demonstrations, clinics and much more!

    The museum might be interested in displaying information about your organization to the thousands of attendees and guests during the XGames at the museum. I think this a great platform to bring awareness to the skateboarders of Uganda and the needs to support them.

    Please respond back or call me at your earliest convenience of your interest.

    I look forward to hearing from you!


    Detra B. Palmore
    idesigns event services | 5661 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019
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