The Uganda Skateboard Union, Have thank so much to what people in USA to support Uganda in these new game of skateboarding. Donation have been received from different Countries like Canada,Switzerland,Germany,France Japan,England,China and South Africa. These Countries are the introduction of Uganda Skateboard Union. Through supporting until up to know we are still standing and they are still donating more help to the Union.

Golden dragon skateboards have  donated to the Union about 20 complete skateboards. The Union thank all  golden dragon management responsible and decide to donate new brand skateboards to the Ugandan youth to enjoy the game.

Tony Hawk Foundation is also anther Company which has been helping us for so long and donate skateboard  stuff to the Union. Stuffs like new brand shoes and skateboards.

Kids use these equipments which they donate until they move out of their shapes as you can see them. The grip of the skateboard, it can destroy the shoes in few weeks or a month and it depends how you skate with your board.

Jack tried so much to teach the kids how to maintain his or her skateboard to give service after a week. Right now every one knows how to maintain the board.Five boxes of new brand golden dragon skateboards were donated to the Union and some of the skateboarders were happy to receive a package of skateboards. The symbol of golden dragon skateboards Each box had four skateboards and they were five boxes in number and skateboards were twenty skateboards all of the total.Over used skateboards and shoes. Kids use these stuffs when they are brand new until they become old like in these formats.Get the different of a new Bird House Flip Skateboard and the used one which have over used Flip skateboards. A new grip on the skateboard, destroy a shoes very quickly. i know all skateboarders knows these but anther people they don’t know! The replacement of Vans to Vans shoes! Tricks is anther way how skateboards can be breaks. Making airs, grinding on the pipes and anther tricks are dangerous and difficult to make them.Since we started the game, we have collected so many over used skateboards and shoes even the one which we used at the beginning of the Uganda Skateboard Union. when we were five in number. Skateboard maintaining with the kids of the Union, each one  now knows how to operate or to maintain his or her Skateboard and these was a serious training with Jack to teach the kids.Brian lye from Canada, Nik Strong Cvetich from USA  and  Yann Gross from Switzerland. These are  people who taught Jack how to maintain new skateboards and to put a grip on the board, also to give a board service after seven days of the week. Musa trying to fix back the tracks on a new Bird House skateboard. Some of the Union’s tool box for helping  screws and to fix back the wheels of the boards.Bosco Lyso and Kane-Man when their are in action of repairing the skateboards.  life free time of the kids at the park. Titi made his own Getter made out of a small jerrycan and a short piece of wood  plus a strong string of threads. He normally gives entertainments at the skate park during their free easy time. Reading news papers,skateboard Magazines and sometime we watch skateboard movies at the Skate park while Titi ever entertains the skaters. These guy Titi has the creative art of making any thing he likes to do immediately.  So these kids, they are artistic in their mind.


  1. hey USU. I really want to come and train and skate with you guys again! I’ll try to spread the word this side! God bless and keep going! I’ll be praying for Jack and the kids!

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  4. hey wow i love wat u guys have been doin im new to skatebordin an not very good i can only go down the flat bank lol comments on how to improv would be gratly accepted lol im gonna have to come skate wid u guys some day

  5. Im not a skater but I love what you have archieved in the past. You are a good example for all of us. Best wishes for the future. Next time I visit Uganda it will be a must to pass by. May God giude and bless you all.

  6. This impresses me and makes me happy to be a human. Charity is how we build bigger and better for everybody.

    Be careful however; I don’t see head protection

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