Uganda know has the first eleven squad of the club which is the best of all in the Union. they are so going according to rest of other kids. They normally likes to go to streets of Kampala and skate on the pavements and steps of  buildings.

Nicki Kigson always goes with the skateboarders to train with them and the two brothers. kids every Sunday or Saturday that is when they go for street skating. This time they were at Mandela International Stadium in Kampala.Jack was too happy with his first top best eleven of the Team of the Union at Mandela Stadium! Nicki Kigson and the two brothers who are skateboarders always trains with the kids.Gray boy Isa in skateboarding, he loves his board and sleeps next to it. Inside his bed room!!Mwesigwa Douglas  trying to demonstrate how to make a double flip to the skateboarders.Nice Boy Nico, trying also to challenge Douglas in double flip and he is very determined in what is doing during the training.

The grate guy Douglas in air, He prays God every day and then to have a bigger skate park and he learns more tricks and 360s of pro-skaters. He watch just skateboard Video and also reading skateboard Magazines and get the ideas on what he trains at the park.Gilbert Mwebb. he his also amazing guy too! he his so good in grinding on pipes,balancing the board and he likes cycling and he won the a ward of Kampala racing competition. so he very cool in training.Kyomuhendo Peter. Remember he was the second to Douglas and he is also very good in skate.Galaasi is now trying to jump out of the second group to join the first eleven.He training hard to become like Douglas,Nico,Peter,Isa,Musa and others. Nice Boy Nico, He trains a lot and sweats a lot. some times his board always wet, because of the drops of the sweat! Can you imagine what a game is?


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