Many people in Uganda, more especially in slams  around different communities, they are jobless and they just look for some thing to do so that they can live with their families. The Uganda Skateboard Union came up with the  ideas to try to trap the kids through introducing the game to the young teenagers of Uganda to reduce at list the disadvantages which may happen to the Community and even different parts of Kampala.

The Union have managed to full fell the targets with the kids through teaching them the culture and anther things even to let them know how to look for something which can brings in money for the living of tomorrow and then! like Nico. he is a skater but he opened up a Air cut Saloon and he makes people head to be smart. at the end of the day, he makes some small money for his living.

These one they normally fetching water to the Spring Well and get some small money,Have you seen the ways of hunting money in Uganda?Nico is a good skater, he normally have a time-table for skateboarding and if you some comes into his time time-table and wants him to be smart head, he just says sorry for him and to come back later! he is always on time when going to skate.During free time of these skaters, they normally have time to read skateboard Magazines, watching skateboard Movies in order for every one to train the trick he likes mostly. To see these kids here, you get surprised and imagine you say that they are in good conditions but they are not like the ways how you think! They are good as you can see them, Like Douglas. He wants to go back to school but he have not yet got support to go back. yet he is the best of all as you can see him flying. Skate Magazines and skate video makes them to be busy and reading the Historical back ground of the Pro-skaters like Tony-Hawk, Danny-Way,Bobbe and so many anthers.The best of skateboarders is Douglas Mwesigwa. he is good and determined in what he is doing and also encouraging young skaters to train so much and one, Those kids will be like him. Have a look to him.He was on street skating and trying to jump a pot holes along the road.If that guy is on the Skate park, he his very very terrible on what he doing and even friends get shocked on his flips  and getting in air as you can see him.Yeah! Darks is a 14 years old and he is a youngest brother of Douglas. they all love the game as you can see him like a big bro-!!!!He also have the same problem like a big brother. they stay together with him.Skateboarding is very easy as eating food,so long as you train every day and then! Musa joined the Union recently and right know is coming to be the best 20 of the skateboarders.The Union Eva receives visitors and they spend time with the kids, to show them love of the game.Not to take pictures of the kids, like as if kids are in the Zoo!!

These people came from different Counties and visited Union.Not ending to see the website and they wanted to realized to have a look. and Jack welcomes them as you can see. Some people who normally visits the Kids, After going back to their home land, automatically they starts to donate things to the Union. Like these two twins sisters are based in both Uganda and USA. They have helped the kids and donates T-Shirts,Shoes even the boards. Their promises comes true and skateboarders likes the Twin Sisters. These is the second donations from them.imagine.


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