The Uganda Skateboard Union,thank all people in the all world,who have managed to
fund rise and donate somethings to the Ugandan kids. Those people have supported the Union in order to make it strong and to keep it standing up know!

Ugandan kids are so happy and proud of the game because,they have started creating so many things like skills and tricks,friends from different Countries all over the world. These kids have talents as you can see them. But we lack support from the Government. Yet  Ugandans have talents but people they just hide them! And that is why,The Union discovered and  brought Skateboarding to Ugandans so that they pull out skills like these.

Jack was in the motion of hand plant trick demonstrating to Douglas at the park.Do not hide the talents,just expose it like him.Douglas busy grinding on the pipe (rail pipe).He is the best of all in the Union.Douglus is not esay guy,he is now dangerous in his talent a maong the skateboarders in Uganda. as you can see him.Some of the squard which started the game and they are ready to fulfill the word of skateboarding in Uganda.    Uganda now is jumping out of the third world Countries.Why? Because the Country now having the first Skate Park in East Africa. Tourists visit the Union and get surprised to see a skate park in Uganda. It will be cool if Ministry of Tourism in Uganda support The Uganda Skateboard Union and we expand the park plus tranfser the game in different part of Uganda. like in Gulu,Mbarara and so many other areas.Young kids likes the game but we have the age limit of starting, We start from 12 up to 60 and beyond, So long as you are still strong. These place attracts young generations and they are the Presidents of tomorrow in Uganda. So these skate park help them not to go on street to be idol! The game makes them to be busy and also it stops a lot of Claims in the Community. So the out come was to introduce the game to Ugandans. Watch the skills we have started now!Darks. he his a youngest brother to Douglus. the family has three skateboarders plus Peter too! he is 13 years old. he was in the motion action duling evening training at 5PM.Peter his also a bro to Douglus! The all family is a war in skateboarding in Uganda.Their Dad and Mom likes them to be in that game! What of you. Would you like the succese to your son or doughter to expose the talent like these family? Yeah. Peter was making a filp on the pipe.Gerald is 16 years old, He is the best in the Medium size of ranking. He won the trophy last year and he trains harder to matain it again. Gerald practicing the trick called norse grind on the pipe.He is super tuff guy too!These guys,They are too good in these sport and they hide their secretes! why do you think they do all the tricks and flying in air? i know, you don’t know the answer. They always wear Brand New Shoes of Skatebaording. Like;- Varns,D.C-Shoes,Etnies,Supra,Fallen,Es-shoes and also cool,best Skateboards types like;- Bird House boards,Baker Skateboards,Independent boards,Girls Skateboards and others. Yeah, these Shoes are so strong  and you feel so cool when you wear it and go skating. The Varns Skateboarding Shoes.Exellent. Next, Is the fantastic D.C Shoes Skateboard Shoes. Etnies Shoes, Skateboarding  cool tires Wanderful. Circa- Shoes of Skateboarding is now in Uganda Gelbert and Kane-man, where stand-by to dropping in!!

One thought on “THE HORSE KICKS TRICKS ENDED 2009-2010!!

  1. Found out about you guys through a message Tony Hawk sent out. Your park looks awesome and you guys have some cool tricks I’d never seen before! Looking forward to more updates from this blog!

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