Uganda Skateboard Union,have many kids now but the playground, Skate park is too small for them during the practice or training! These  led to have accidents to them selves.The Union is still in action requesting for help in order to expand the skate park. Right now, people who have managed to come and visit the kids, they promised to help the Union to see how they can expand the skate park.

So, those people from different Countries have started to help the Union through donating any thing which can help the kids to make them busy with the game!!

Countries like USA,Canada,Switzerland, France and Czech Republic{skaterock.cz, Free Magazine}.The Union thank all those Countries who have helped and even Volunteers too! Douglas in grinding action, trying to challenge junior Gerald in min contests among the them salves in these manth!Nsubuga Gerald is very dangerous in time of making training as you can see him! He is very very determined in what is doing. Next is Nice Boy- Nico.Nice Boy-Nico, He was also fighting against Peter Mwesigwa in that challenges! Yeah, Watch Peter also good as he!  Wawoo! Peter also is not simple boy as you can see him in the challenges! Next is the Two against one! Musa and Kennedy where Challenging one boy called Isa Kawooya, for them they wanted to be two and add their tricks aganist Isa! Check out them.The first is Kenny- Man and the Next is Musa! Two aginst One!”Skate” or Die!! Next was Isa in a full action trying to Challenge the two guys and which him salve asked to be in these contest. Skateboarding is not a easy game but its enjoyable sports! check out Kawooya Isa!Competitions is so cool to see how these kids they perform so that we can be ready for any international tournaments. So, You have seen them all how they are! A cording to you, Who have seen them, Whom do you expect won the Contest?  No problem to send email to the Union!Northern part of Uganda. Gulu is so cool as you can see the small huts. Gulu Town is good and people are so friendly to every body! Life is so good and people fetch water on the Boar Holes currying on their bicycles as you can see in the action.

Kids in Gulu are so friendly and kind to Visitors! I wish if posible when the Gorvenment help the Uganda Skateboard Union with the funds and bulid a big Skate park with in the Town inorder to make the kids busy as we in Kitintale we made them more busy with the game! Not to think of being on streets in Gulu.Douglus’s training is so cool and very tuff! he make it every day!Kids are good of making super tricks, but we lack protective gears like Helments,kneepads and anthers.  ”Skate”  or  Die!!


  1. i love to skate and happened to see your video…very very cool!! you make me smile when i watch all of you skate. i am going to try and put together a benefit concert to raise money for your organization. i will let you know how it goes. i hope i can send you a bunch of money someday to help you with your skateparks. keep up the great work! peace – Gunnar :]

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