The Uganda Skateboard Union is managing to fight much to teach the kids and Right know, kids are more skilled acording the way how we started the sport in Uganda. These kids have got skills from different visitors  of any Country who knows skateboarding, and the kids open up the eyes widely to see the tricks and the name of the trick, the same time to practise it and at the end of the day, the kid is very good of it.  These kids are well determined for any of the Competitions. See what they are and some of the tricks they learn from  the Visistors.D Sangintor in airNicoHeavy peter 3Gosem GAir sangintormoreenmusaHeavy p 4Mr.Titi 2Skateboarding does not matter what kind of colthes you are puting on! its a dream of enjoying the sport like these kid Titl.Sangintor DHeavy peter 2Mr.Titi 1Back touch DouglusGroups shoesThe Union gives out new shoes to the kids after roll the grips of the skateboard tears the shoes which they have been using for trainining everday and then.musa shoesHajjitiSam shoesshoes nicoair douglusheavy peterSangintor 1NAVIO is one the best Ugandan Artist Musican in laps,he admired the kids to skate in his Video! Why? The answer is kids now are getting good.Naviokampala cityHey! have a short look how is kampala looks like! Have you ever been to Kampala? Just try to visit the Union and also to enjoy the life of the Capital City.