The Uganda Skateboard Union, annaunce the brother of Jackson Mubiru the President of the Union, His brother Nusbuga-Kyakuwa- John, He past away on 29 August 2009. John was a good man and he helped so much in constructing of the first half-pipe in Uganda with the a south-African young teenager boy called Sheal-Swart and then after he was also a chief engineer in the second skate park at kitintale community! John he use to get interest to watch the game but for him he was not a skateboarder!! Down are some of his photos when he was at school of City High in Kampala and also when he was trying to smoothing the first half-pipe in Uganda with Sheal, and on Top of that, he built even the second one with a Canadian Volunteer called Brian as you can see!

So, God bless John in peace!!DSCF3443DSCF3444DSCF3445DSCF3450DSCF3449DSCF6885Yeah, John is the one who made the Union to stand as you can see the way how he constructed the secound park!! God bless him!


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  2. John it is now 6 years since you left us to meet the almighty. You will never be forgotten ma dear friend. God bless your family and rest in peace

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