Yeah, its now fantastic in Uganda! The young kids of Uganda Skateboard Union,where invited at the Louche of Mountain Dew at the Capital City of Uganda Kampala! at the place called Hotel Africana. Many people where at the Louche with their Families and enjoy the entertainment of Dancing,Skateboarding and anther fun!

The Union went with their Mobile Fresh park and assembled it, and after started skating using it and also using the Rails and people where wondering the way how the kids grinding on the pipe and the balancing of body with the skateboard!! News medias like TV stations,News peppers  and so on where available at large on the Louche.

people watchingwatching d gamepeter glindbmxDC Nicopeter enjoyinggirlsDew handdouglusGeraldintrest 2 peopleisa glindkids intrestedNicow-shirtsisa on d bikeHeavy squardnico in action

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