The Uganda skateboard Union,thank all people from different Countries who managed to helped the Union and  introduced skateboarding in Uganda,funding money and the same time donate skateboard equipments up  to now! The Union is still standing and the kids are so good but the skate park is too small for them now, Many parents around the Community, Schools also need students to start joining the game and also use the same skate park! which is small to them,and these may occur accidents to the kids.

So more help is needed to enlarge the skate and i request for help the Union and also the Ugandan youth! Cheak out the view which Kitintale Skate park is holding the kids to enjoy the game. kitintale veiw 1The Uganda Skateboard Union, thank those Companies which helped and donate  Skateboards,Clothes and Shoes to make kids smart as a white Cut and also to make good tricks and skills during the training as you can see them pictures!varns 2varnsDc shoseEtnies shoseX-games Competition is very very tuff! but the Union also fighting much in order may be in few years to represent Africa in Skateboarding Competitions. Yeah,am sure we shall make it but the problem is, We luck just  Facilities only Like Skate parks,Mobile Half-pipes! Try watch out the kids of Uganda!BashiriTit 2GosemMwebeDouglus 4peter 2isaDouglus 1Douglus 7Mwebe 2girlGosem 2Douglus 2patersonpeter 1Tit 1Douglus 6foot ball kidsNambooleUganda is a Country which likes sports,is not so good in football but we fight much to up rise sports in our Country! So these kids are far deep in village football team and for them they have wishes in feature, to play football in Ugandan best stadium called Mandela National Stadium! As also The Uganda Skateboard Union also need to have Mobile Half pipes like king size to assemble it inside that Stadium to people to watch them! and these, helps people to let them know to introduce the game in diffrents parts of Uganda. Douglus 3Douglus 5jack & momSkateboard Mom came from USA to Visit and to have alook at Uganda skateboard Union. Yeah,she is  mom to  Nik Strong Cvetich and Nik is donor who have helped the Union up to now!  So her mom decides to have a tour in Uganda and Visited Jack.


  1. hi this is really cool… but you really need some directions to your place dudes! i wanna check it out cos these kids look far better than me!i need to up my game! 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I’m founder of a nonprofit, Skateboard Moms Inc. We are women who skateboard for fun, fitness and charity. Could you please let that woman who was on a skateboard know about us? Would love to have her on our roster. We aim to spread the skate stoke everywhere.

    p.s. I was in Uganda in 1994 and loved it!!! Friendliest people in Africa.


  3. Hello there –

    I am working here in Uganda and really want to visit your skate park. Whom do I contact to arrange a visit? I have friends back in San Francisco, California that may be bale to donate some stuff as well. How do they go about that (customs etc…). Please email me so that I can come visit!



  4. Hi i have looked over the site and the kids are amazing, i think skateboarding has the ability to teach kids so much, the reason i am contacting you is because i have taught skateboarding at camps and have found that i have a passion for teaching especially kids who want and have a disire to learn i desperately want to play a part in making a difference a better future for kids can you help or know of organization that will, I hope to hear from you soon, thank you so much and best wishes

  5. Hi guys,
    Really enjoy seeing the progression, You are truly amazing. Keep skating every day and you WILL win the x-games at this rate!
    You inspire me to skate and not take things for granted.
    Keep up the good work lads!
    How can I send stuff ? would love to contribute somehow.
    Joe Gavin, Manchester, UK.

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