The Union has a chance of visitors who have managed to visit  The Uganda Skateboard Union at first,and they normaly visit us for the secound time to teach the kids international tricks and skills of skateboarding. These young boy known as Yann Gross and he is based in Switizland, he came when the kids are not so good and he tried alot to teach them how to Filp the board,to Grind on the half pipe, to make 360s twesty and so on.

Yann Gross helped us to bring for us some skateboard stuff and the Union us to Organize the Competetition and these stuffs were given out for the kids during the Competetion Tournaments. And each kid is supposed to get prizes at the Tournaments.

The Uganda Skateboard Union, Thank all those Countries like USA,Canada,Denmark,Switizland,France ,Norway,South Africa and athers that thank you very much to support The Uganda Skateboard Union and also the youth of Uganda.

Check out a young blood of Switizland teaching the Ugandan kids how to make tricks!!!yann teach kidsCrezy group sktCrezy 4 guyskitintale viewYeah, These is kitintale town view where the Skate park is located and all those houses,that is where the kids are coming from to join the game of skateboarding! so it needs to be expand so that even the schools can use the that skate park for the Competition but the problem is funds!peter in airdouglus in airpeter 1 50,50douglus 50,50peter dropsdouglus half pipe 1Although the half pipe was distroyed by heavy rain,kids where in love of it! Up to now, they are still using it but missing something in that half pipe as you can see!board operatorSkateboarding is not a matter of  joke! it starts from the blood when you are young as these kid! He likes a board as a breasts of her mom! why is it not going to be a skateboarder in few years?douglus pipe trick 2bosco on pipe 2nico in airChief on pipedouglus pipe trickvarns shoesNico on pipe1 shoes box 2Yeah,TonyHawk Foundation Donated The Uganda Skateboard Union, Shoes!! We thank you Mr. Tony Hawk to what you have been doing since we started to skate! But the kids they need your visite to Uganda and to see who is a kind man helping them!!!!


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