The Good News to The Union!!

The Uganda Skateboard Union, Has the happiness news about the visitors who  first came to our  skate park at the beginning, They came back to visit the Union and they brought for us skateboard stuffs like New skateboards,shoes,T-shirts, used Decks and anther things!

Kids now they are getting more better in skateboarding as you can see them. This kids thank all people in the all world who have managed to support them in all the ways.Africa game now!!USA Girls Donateskids happy 4 boards etcskaters & visitersCopy of Faruq hand plant 90'Copy of Nick in air 1Copy of Isa on tuffCopy of Musa JumpsCopy of Isa balance 1Musa on pipe 50,50Jasen & GroupDouglus on pipe

2 thoughts on “The Good News to The Union!!

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