The Uganda skateboard Union, have thank Mr. Steen Kelsaa in Denmark, he helped much and donated skateboards,shoes,Ford T-shirts and anther things and right now the Union, has a Uniform as you can see them Smart as a white Cut!!

The Union thank all people who managed to help Ugandan youth! and some of these kids, in fact lost their parents,no funds to go back to school and that why the Union brought up Skateboarding game to make them busy, not to keep on thinking positive things!! See the snap how now they look and enjoying the game! Yeah, even anther kids are so happy to see friends enjoying skateboarding and they want to join! But right now, we have a problem to enlarge the skate park. its small now for the kids to train on it! and these, cause accidents to them!!

Kids now they are some how better and we normally organize a min end of mouth Competition,so that they can put more effort in the game!! These were some photos when the tournament was happened!!ford foundation ford sittingford sitting 2ford whitesford 3ford 2ford 1brother $ sistersview ford parkpark onlyThe Uganda Skateboard Union is in Crissie of their beloved park and we lack funds to expand it as you can see!! kids are now love the game but the space is becoming smaller to them!! They miss alto their destroyed Half-pipe!!cracks of park Dacx and anther kids, use to train on these half-pipe, but now,he is missing it!! that why now changed and practicing these kind of tricks as you can see him! dax motiondax on pipekids on treeThese kids on tree, they wanted to have a clear view to see the skateboarders at the park, for them,they were short to watch the Competitors properly! so these where their answer!!many kids @ trophykids on fence 2kids 2kids 3peter fall

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